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Echo Smackdown (the 1v1 PvP tournament) is now open for registration until Friday! Click Here

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Not gonna bother arguing with a blind person, although you do type pretty good... for a blind guy.  

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On 12/30/2017 at 9:12 AM, winged-one said:


well, you was calling it a "huge leap forward" and i simply disagree to this.

(there is no such thing like a "mono account server". you can still multi)

No matter what, i have to admit i don't know a way to prevent this. (vmware, vpn, etc.)

But i agree this game whould be much better if noone would be able to multi.


I agree that the current methods are inadequate - preventing almost all of multi-accounting is doable with some extra methods, most multi-accounters are just cheating players with no network experience, not some Fancy Bear hacking death squad. I don't think Ankama will employ the counter measures for them yet so I wont mention what they are + one server admin checking connection logs every maint (everyday would be nice.) Ankama devs will definitely already be aware of what they can do to prevent it and I would assume they have plans to upgrade in the future they just won't talk about it until it's happened or after because that's their style. With that being said the mono account server along with all the other changes is still a huge leap forward...


Point is: you can stop most multi-accounting and nearly all of it if you add the manual checking element in the future. There are ways to bypass everything but it becomes much more expensive/less obvious. I actually agree with you, but I still think the mono servers are a huge leap forward. If some loser wants to run 5+ VMs I personally don't care too much because if they're endgame eventually they'll get banned and Ankama should upgrade their infrastructure in the future. 

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Gamakna #6



Dungeon Rusher Survey



GAMASTRUBIEN - 10 Cawwot Fairyworks  (Dofus)
TROOLLOKNA - Troll Lollipop (Dofus Touch)

GAWAKNA18 - Wodent Transformation (Wakfu)

ANNIMAKNA - Gold Pack, Necros Pack, Oropo Pack (Krosmaga)

GELELY - Season 4 Krosbox (Krosmaster)

Edited by Gravestorm

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