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Hit level 199, what should i do now?

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So guys, i used the weekend with double experiencie to level up my team from level 18x to  level 199, but the equipament of my team is now pretty weak( the level of the gear is 185),  i only have 12mk, and have 5 sets to build, so what should i do? there are a decent dungeon that i could do to farm a reasonable set or should i focus on farming kamas ( tips appreciated)? 
Here's my team 
Eni ( using SO, its by far, the worst set of the team haha)

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With 12mk I would start by gearing your main, or the char that deals most dmg. then you can farm more equips, go for the nice 199 sets, grouchy, dana thor, etc etc they are quite easy to hunt and are a great improvement over 18x sets :)

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I can suggest you to gear iop first with some 12/5 set that deals nice damage. Enu doesn't need op set, just 130mp redu + might be good you can just find out 11/6 set with lethal cloak and barba things. The way you can gear your team is probably frigost 3. When you hit 199 on chars you can try dungeons here and get mats from achievements. Dungeons are not that hard if you have a proper team. What about making money and leveling your chars now ? I didn't level for a while any of alts, but I used to do buck dungeons with souls. It was cool way to make kamas, every souls was like 400-600kk ea. I can see it's 399kk now. It's hard to say if it's still sellable, but probably yes. Wish you best luck bro.

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