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[Guide] Turquise Dofus - Furye fight

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I've won this fight 5 times in row, so you should be fine if you read and follow this tutorial.

I don't know how Amos died 1000 times on this, and why @Monology says it's harder than random Bolgrot.


About fight

It looks like tower defence game or Plants Vs Zombies.

You have to protect globes for 35 turns. Then you can cast a spell that ends fight.

You lose if all your globes die. You can't summon turrets if corresponding protector dies.



Cyanoph and Wruckus hit around them linear in all directions +


Our main damage. Hits 6 when it's summoned, 8 dmg on 2nd turn and 10 till end of fight.



The most important summon in fight. It adds 1AP. I ended each fight with around 12-14AP.

I recommend summoning it when you can, until you have at least 10AP.



Block. Cannot be dodged. Useful to manipulate enemy movement.


Explodes when enemy hits it. Deals 10 damage around (it says 9 but I believe it was 10).



Hits very low, -1mp might seem useful, but I only had a few of them.

Just put it if other turrets are on cooldown.



It buffs turret for 2 turns, then the turret dies.

I used it mostly on Verdekelp (block - buffs it's hp to 200) and Norie (explosive - buff dmg to 30).


As soon as you get 6 or 7AP you can start using this on enemies.

It deals 30 dmg, power debuff doesn't really matter.



Reduces cooldown on everything. Useful when you get over 10AP.



Kills Furye.



I never used it. Get AP from Kelp.



Enemies and tips
Crow - it pushes back summon by 1 cell when it hits.


Gobball - hits line of 2 cells, the target and 1 behind it.


Prespic - kills one summon. Make sure it is explosive one, because it dies anyway when it gets hit.

It's good if you could buff it (so will deal 30 dmg around). Also use dmg spell on Prespic (Weaken).


Chafer - got 200 hp. Deals 40 dmg around 2 cells + itself. You need to tank him with blocks for 5 turns and he will kill himself.


Furye - enters to fight after 30 turns. Can kill 2 summons per turn. You need to survive 5 turns.


First 4-6 turns

They are always the same, only spawning spots for enemies will be different.


Put Cyanoph in line with Crow. Keep 1 cell distance between him and globes.



Put Kelp behind it.



Summon block.

You can manipulate enemy line because he always go in front of block if he can reach it.

If he is too far, just try him to move 2-3 cells to right instead of down.



Summon next Cyanoph. I'm focusing on these 2 lines and I will use blocks to navigate enemies here.



Another block. Gobbal moves only 1 cell because it will get locked.

Crow moves in front of summon to hit it - because gob blocked other way.

Both of them moved only 1 cell closer to you and are lined up with turrets.



Kelp now. You got 6AP now. After 7 you can start using Weaken (dmg spell).

I'd focus on these summons until Prespic comes. Then do also explosive summon.




Blocked Prespic with other enemies and it will skip turn :^)


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omg such a nerd-detailed guide i r8 11/9 would bang and recommend

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)








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Thanks Horxy, hope I will do it now. And if not, I will pay to you for doing it instead of me! :D

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[13:10] Nasyna has unlocked the achievement [Turquoise Blue].

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i wish i would of had this when i was strugglin ;_;, very nice none the less :p


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necroing topic to say thanks for great guide! ;-) 

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Priceless guide, thank you! Probably saved me hours of frustration :^)



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