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Before you dive in oysters and chocolate, let's briefly review the year 2016. Tot also takes the opportunity to give you a brief overview of 2017. In short, because all the details will be given to you in Gamakna!



Good evening everyone,

I hope you are well and that you are already planning to enjoy the end of the year.

First of all, I would like to apologize for one thing: we promised you more communication and exchanges and I know that in recent months we have not fulfilled our commitments. The reasons are as many as the projects we have to manage, but in reality there is no excuse to have.
So I'm sorry about our lack of feedback on some topics and I hope to catch up with this "intermediate" topic.
It is not a true "letter to the community", but it will look a bit like it, from a distance, in the mind.

I promised you something great at the end of the year to replace this famous letter to the community, and I am sorry to say that this will not happen until early January. But wait is worth the candle because it is unheard of for a studio ... Well, ok, I may add a little to put pressure on the team, but for us it's still one of the major subjects of 2017 and I will talk about it in more detail a few lines below.

To close this little introduction, know that I will also take the opportunity to make a point with you on the premise of what 2017 will be in terms of content for different games. I want to make it clear that the lines are drawn but nothing is fixed. So here is the opportunity to gather your informed opinions (do not hesitate to leave us comments).


GAMAKNA: The interactive magazine

As I told you a while ago, we've been working a new way to communicate with you, more pro, more efficient, more complete, more regular, more full of things.

It bothers me deeply because I wanted it to be Ankama's "Christmas present" to Ankamians, but the project is so big we're going to be late.

The idea is to make a virtual magazine bimonthly decorated with a few exclusive series. We have invested in a rather incredible solution that will allow us to present our concepts and productions in the form of texts, visuals and videos. The images can be fixed, animated, interactive... We have a lot of possibilities. On the other hand, we just do it, we test the project so do not expect to have all this in the first issue. But gradually, we will try things. Until even maybe place small games in it.

The whole will therefore be as playful as instructive and available as well on computers as on mobiles and tablets. You will discover below some visuals of the work in progress but in general, imagine the Dofus Mag which comes back to life, free and full of information about all the projects of Ankama.

As I wrote above, a few exclusive series will highlight the news. For example, we are already planning a special one for Krosmoz E-sport and another on Krosmaga.
The advantage of this project is that it fits our relationship with you and that it excites (in the right way) everyone in-house.


KROSMOZ 2017: Our thoughts

E-sports / Ouginak class / Level 200+ / Server merging / ...

As every year, we have a global theme for all games related to the Krosmoz universe. The year 2017 will be based on the "
Brotherhood of the Forgotten" in relation to season 3 of the WAKFU series. Whether it is Dofus, Wakfu, Krosmaster or Krosmaga, we are going to have updates that speak of this group of characters that has been raging for centuries in the universe of Krosmoz.

The other more "functional" theme that we will develop is that of E-sport. It's been a while since you've been talking about it and we're going to do everything we can to develop that part as it should. We will give you details very soon on all this.



Thread regarding Dofus 3. (New Dofus 3 artwork)


We announced to you that the video of the conference on Dofus 3 would be available... I regret to announce that our friends of the TGS can not provide it to us (I fear that the reason is "we forgot to record", so the subject is avoided). But it does not matter, we'll do another :). Concerning this project, I would like to share with you the development and the decisions that we will take.

With a little distance and following the first exchanges with you, we decided to use Unity as main technology rather than HTML5 as with Dofus Touch. This will lead us to a longer production, but will allow us much more graphic flexibility. You will have access to the video presentation of the project in the 1st issue of the Gamakna and a dedicated forum will open its doors in the stride to start sharing our tracks with you.



The last one of the studio is like a charm. The baby is well arrived, the dads and the moms are tired but happy. While the game is in beta, you are already more than 40,000 to have tested it and, quite crazy thing, we turn to 15,000 distinct players not day. We take the opportunity to announce that the very first official tournament will be born in January!

The game will be released in official version in the first quarter of 2017 on mobiles with its arena system and its first dungeon. I also take advantage of it to thank all alpha and beta testers (except those who roll me on without shame).



Thank you once again for your tremendous support during the Wakfunding.

The series is progressing well and we are at 6-7 episodes produced. Maybe I miss a step back, but in terms of animation series, I think we have here our most impressive work. It's beautiful, it's beautiful and beautiful! Even if the writer (me) has not written any stuff for it, at least you will have beautiful pictures to put you under your eye ^^.

Good news, we got the agreement of our partners to present the first episodes in preview on some events. And this will be done in January / February for the lucky ones. The series has taken a decidedly more adolescent-adult turn, I hope you like it. In any case, we look forward to your feedback. And personally, I can not wait to see our torturers-critics-background understand that "everything was planned".


PRINCESS DRAGON: The top secret project we won't say much about

Well... I'm not telling you anything, I'm just showing you a little visual. It is a film project that we develop "underwater" with JJ, my pooch pooch. After the non-success of the film DOFUS - Book I: Julith, we launched a pre-production on another feature. History to forget depression, misunderstanding, sons of criticism... Finally story to change ideas.

The project is definitely for children with the idea of going through the classic channels of production (understand: "lower our standards because we took pride on the first film" :)). It's a story we've been developing for a few months, and I'd like to talk to you a lot, but JJ does not want me to show you more than one image. He doesn't mess with people.

We won the right to present the concept to the Cartoon Movie in March and we will tell you more based on the returns. If you're interested, obviously.

Bah, at least in the meantime it will make you a beautiful wallpaper:




Another very important point of next year is our willingness to meet you to do stuff. We have somewhat calmed the salons in the last two years, but with the idea of organizing more competitive events we will resume our tours. We are selecting a series of events, if you have any in mind, do not hesitate to let us know.


Final words:

I suggest you continue the discussion with me on the forum to answer your questions. It's time to enjoy it, I have a week of holidays and I risk getting bored.
In any case, I wish you all a very good holiday season.




Click here or scroll down to read further.

Edited by Gravestorm

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Not a lot of time there to iron out the balancing issues on Krosmaga, release the other classes, and rebalance again... But at least they finally have an E-Sport friendly game in a popular genre to take out for a spin.

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imo it would be more than enough of communication if only they read their own forums a bit, fixed existing bugs and stopped adding new bs updates with new bugs and shits like krosmaga and dofus 3

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Update: Server merging announced for April 2017.

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Good morning,

To help you understand the context and how we work, I will explain a bit on how we work.
Attention this message may be quite long and more oriented on "context / global reasoning" than content.

The annual themes
We work on annual "themes" on our projects to give us a "framework". It may seem superfluous from your, the players, point of view, but for us internally it is essential if we want the teams to work in osmosis and have a common goal.
The games we create are unique in the sense that they are constantly evolving. As you know, they require regular maintenance. And for a game like Dofus, it's not just the development team. There is support, translation, communication, marketing, cm, animation, events... It is huge and these teams intervene on all games even if in each cell we have responsible officials for each of them.

The difficulty is therefore to give a course to all these teams, an idea on which we will be able to build our operations / contents / offers. A "theme" as I said above.
In 2017, we chose the "Brotherhood of the Forgotten" because we believe that our big novelty is on the release of season 3 of Wakfu. Besides, in terms of history, we conclude an enormous chapter. This is a pivotal year for the mythology of Krosmoz and so we naturally will try to build around this before going on a new cycle. And the events of Wakfu season 3 will have a narrative impact on all our current and future games.

This is how we work on "themes".
In short:
1. The theme gives us a framework for our teams and development.
2. The theme adds to the universe of Krosmoz. Each added stone is added to the mythological edifice of the whole. There are very few universes that are developed in this way and we can all be proud (creators, as well as players) of the narrative progression of the whole, year after year.

After this small explanation of functioning, there are the "technical" contents and the "global vision" of what we must do for the sequel.

The "technical" content
In subjects that matter to us for 2017 for example, we have the merge of the servers. For now, and I say for now, the team plans to make the change for the end of March and take 1 month of testing. The servers should therefore be gathered in April. We are working on the schedule so did not take it for cash even though it should not move much.
There are few people who can develop this type of content: server developers. And if server developers work a few months on this topic, it's a few months that they do not have to do anything else. Hence our difficulty in knowing what the priorities are. Should technical content or narrative content be promoted? When you see new game areas arriving in Dofus, in general, this has required few server developers and GD artists. I do not know if I'm very clear, but basically we have to make choices and then put everything in a big schedule...
But as I said above, it does not stop there, it is then necessary to communicate internally so that the energies come together.
All that to say what? Simply that our goal is to build content that will please you and that will enrich the game, as well as that we can not do everything at the same time. And sometimes it's quite frustrating to realize that whatever you do, the content is rejected by a large part of the community. Sometimes rightly, but at the moment we make the decision, it always seems like a good idea... That's why I'd like to find a way to find out what REALLY is most important for The MAJORITY of the community.

The global vision
Vision is certainly the most complex subject. The vision we have of Krosmoz is linked to the vision of Ankama's development as a society. The values of the Krosmoz universe
are the values of Ankama. It is inevitably connected therefore is at the heart of our concerns.
I will only talk about what I think we have to do for a long time. I have talked about this many times, but I will do it again because it has not changed, and most importantly, I would like you to understand the issues.
The DNA of Ankama is to be a Transmedia company. I know some people do not care, but Ankama is "that". We have a universe that we adore and we want to develop it year after year, enrich it and make it evolve to give it a consistency that makes it real. When I work on characters, I know they are successful from the moment I can no longer make them do anything. Basically, they exist when they say "no" to certain things. "Yugo would never do this or that..."
And from those moments, w create lively and interesting characters in the universe. The cartoons and comics allow us to develop these characters and this universe and make them more and more credible. This is why it is important for us to develop the Krosmoz universe on several media.
My dream is to tell myself that in 30 years I will leave saying that what we leave behind is something huge, an unique and original world that will have made millions dream. It is MY personal goal and it is finally I think (I say I think because I do not yet have the powers of Professor Xavier) the goal of many people who work with us.

But to be able to do this for another 30 years, envy is not enough. It is necessary to manage a company and make sure that it behaves well. More Ankama, more projects... It's silly to say, but for me, the notion of business is more to have a ball hanging on the foot than anything else. The sensation of being taken hostage by an entity that needs to be fed regularly.
In this context, the vision of the project is necessarily connected to that of the company and vice versa.
The reflection is therefore incredibly simple in the end. Dofus is a game that already has a big 12 years and although the game play continues to please, technically it is obsolete. It's going to be nice again a few years but how to make sure that in 30 years we are still there?
Adapting is needed. And it's complicated to adapt. It is necessary to reconsider its bases, to adapt to an increasingly crazy market, to adapt to the behaviors of players who are completely different from 5 or 10 years ago... And above all, Intellectually / creatively speaking.

Today, the vision is simple: Continue to propose our "style" of graphical design by modernizing it as much on the creative as technical point.
My personal dream is simple: Having a global platform that will house all our projects. Dofus and Wakfu should not be separate games but different eras in a single game. And series, comics and others must be integrated / searchable directly in this platform. That's the experience we've had with Krosmaga. We enjoyed creating the game, but it's mainly a big technical test. Video integration, Unity learning... With this project we were able to clear up a lot of subjects for the future of Krosmoz in general.
And thanks to that, we will be able to build.

Why explain this to you?
To make you understand that we need to think about several topics and that we need you on many of them. All these subjects put our head in the handlebars and it is sometimes difficult to do our share of communication / exchange. But do not take our lack of answers for disdain. We do not take you high and if someone ever does, it's because he has nothing to do in our common adventure.
The 2017 plan is to prepare this while contenting yourself as much as possible with the games you love today.
I would like us to tell you about the future while still entertaining you on a daily basis. It scares me because the spot is monstrous but there is really something to do and I would like to find solutions.
This is the purpose of this news and message in particular.

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Well... I just swallowed the 5 pages of questions and feedback, I have eyes that flicker and drops of sweat on the forehead...

Three more comments and it was the aneurysm rupture. Just like me, you do not know how to make it simple when you write.

In short, I tried to make a list in response to all your feedback (not in order of importance even if the subject that is discussed most is that of the server merge).
1. Merge servers
2. Ouginak Class
3. Level 200+
4. Spell revamp
5. E-sport
6. Alignment Quest
7. Adding Ebony and Ivory Dofus
8. Class Balancing
9. Fix Osa and Sac
10. Revaluation of low-level content
11. Single account content
12. Redesign shields
13. Alignment Quest


Here is the outline what I get from your posts.

There are other topics about which you have asked but which for me do not really have anything to do with new content while remaining interesting.


1. The game has become far too complex / elitist
2. You want a response on 1.29 (yes, I promised you a response, I asked for this to be done and not checked back, my bad)
3. More responses from the graphical design team
4. That attention be paid to the bugs


In what you want, many things are planned (Ouginak for mid-February / server merge for April / Re-balancing for April / Shield redesign / Esport...). The team also began to floor on a redesign of Sidimote.
I will make a point with the teams on my return from holidays and we will talk about all this early January through the Gamakna and the calendar.

To finish, I will make a point with you on some messages that I read and that made me react.
Some people still blame us for a lack of communication where I feel we have doubled up this year. But in the end, what you want is the daily communication, on the forums. You want to be able to interact with others as we do together today. You often give me pleasure by telling me that you love my spoken franc and I feel that this is what you expect from others. Whether CM or graphical designer. I understand your desire and I would also like it to happen like that.
However, it is very hard for some to come on the forums. For many reasons. You have to spend hours reading messages, spending hours answering them and then spending hours discussing them. I do it on my free time most of the time and I have 15 years of blablage behind me. Besides I write as I speak without having the feeling of having to adopt this or that attitude. It may sound "obvious" but it is not. Now, I think we can find solutions. I will think about it and see in what ways we could move forward on a Mixed GD and CM position.


Dofus 3 (code name) / Dofus 2:
Many Dofus 2 mechanics are very difficult to change today. I had not worked with the Dofus team for years and they (and you for that matter) know that 1000 times better than me. I can bring ideas but I have lost credibility / legitimacy over the years. To summarize, the project eluded me. Attention, I do not say that the game would be better if I stayed on, the question is not there. The question is what I have to do on my side, in relation to what I feel and what the future of Krosmoz should be. I like to discuss with you, I like to develop the Krosmoz and I now feel the need to work on a new game more suited to the market and our players.
The goal remains to continue to support our babies, but concerning some big demands (single accounts, big e-sport...) I am convinced that we can only build things well with a new project.
Or... Or we take advantage of the merge of the servers to create a special one. An experimental one that would allow us to be a little crazy.

In short, we will talk about everything soon.
Good night

Edited by Gravestorm

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Good evening,

There are a lot of topics on this post. It goes in all directions.
And that's normal because there's a lot to say. We will nevertheless have to find a solution for everything to see the future more clearly and to concentrate our energies.
I have a week off and I will enjoy taking some time every day to read your feedback.
Even if one gets lost, there is a big matter and I will try, gradually, to squeeze a little bit to extract the juice and see what can be done. But the concern is simple, there are so many subjects, passives, "everything" in the end, that it has become a true labyrinth for the mind.

Some people in Ankama are starting to be pointed at and I do not think that is very helpful. If we were to summarize, we will simply say that if there are faults, they are to put on the direction. If the game has taken a direction that does not suit me, in the end, I am the most responsible. As they say, the absentees are always wrong.
Now, I also think that the result was almost inevitable. Dofus is a monster full of content and has evolved over the years. Cool concepts at the time may be obsolete today. When we work on a project for so long, it is normal that this one finally escape us.
I really think our biggest mistake, and I also take it for myself, was that we lessened listening/reading the community. Of course, we will not repeat the past, and I will not explain to you how complicated it is to make calm exchanges with you in the middle of our days when they are already being full. That said, looking back, I figured we should have found a system to keep the link and not get overwhelmed as it has been the case.

Be that as it may, let us make 2017 the year of good resolutions.
We end the year on many positive notes at Ankama and I really would like us to learn from our mistakes for 2017. It is a need or a must that I have more than a desire to find a way to put energy back there. What I am going to tell you may seem con, but we are still a few to actually break our ass with only envy, the idea of entertaining you. But when you "sulk" our projects, all our efforts fall to the water. And most of the time, if you sulk us, it's for communication problems. It's really the balls and it has to change. Otherwise, we will always produce in the wind.

In short, I will try to come back to some of the exchanges that we had earlier and try to frame a little debate.

Why make a new game?
This point comes up often and I would like to explain it, that this is not perceived as a "fad". I am very happy that the gameplay of Dofus still pleases you as much. And to tell the truth, I still like it so much. I have the impression that we still have many things to create on these bases.
On the other hand, the game engine itself is obsolete. The server over 12 years and a lot of content we want to develop can not be implemented because of technical limitations. I like the beautiful images, as much to say that with Flash in the client, one has to be satisfied with little. There is no question of stopping Dofus and I think it will always have its audience in mode 2.0, but it is an obligation for us today to go forward, technically speaking. To this is added is our need/strategic desire to develop all our future games for tablets/mobiles/other platforms. It is becoming a rule among us and Krosmaga is the precursor on the subject.

How to upgrade Dofus 2.0?
This point could be disconnected from the top but in reality it is perfectly connected. Deep down, and even if this is not what we are doing, I think that future Dofus 2 updates should be directed towards the ideas of the next game. Not to make Dofus 2 a Guinea pig, but to begin to sensitize you to the continuation while continuing to evolve Dofus 2 positively. Most of the topics you touched on and criticisms you have argued touch me because I feel the same things from lead. And it is from these findings that we work on Dofus 3.


Can we enjoy merging servers to "test"?
I spoke about this in the previous post, the idea came to me as I was writing it. I will leave it to mature for 2-3 days and I do not even know if it is technically possible. But as I was telling you just previously, what we started thinking about for Dofus 3 (yes yes, that's a code name) goes in the "logical" sense of what many of you are telling us as responses on Dofus 2. Since gameplay is the same, I think we have to think about both projects at the same time and do not see them as competitors. Dofus 3 will not see the day for a while and I think if we have good ideas on it, they should be useful to Dofus 2.
To conclude this chapter, I think we should talk about the two games by imagining them as a single entity.
I will talk about it on my return from vacation but maybe we can create a server at the time of the merger, or a little later, to test the different concepts.

The main lines of Dofus 3 (after many reflections in relation to Dofus 2, Wakfu, Krosmaster...):
1. More than a game, it must be a platform.
2. You will be able to play on mobile as well as on computers.
3. The game must be as interesting in PvP as in PvM and players wishing to venture only on one of the two modes must be able to do so without being "disabled".
4. The trades must be reviewed to offer something more modern.

In the course of our discussions, the observation has become blatant... If we want something "balanced", we must banish the rise that the levels offer. For those who read me on the forum wakfu 5-6 years ago, it was already one of my big wishes. And then gradually, we became frightened and we were never at the end of the idea. Yet if we could keep levels that are purely "cosmetic" many points would solve themselves.
1. The fighting would inevitably be easier to balance. Each class could have a hundred spells, it would not be disturbing if you did not install a progression system. Players could specialize infinitely and their "quest" in the game would be to find new spells/game styles.
2. Concerning the balancing of PvP, there is even more subject. As in a game of cards, the one with the most spells leaves with an advantage but will not necessarily be able to roll on a "malignant" beginner player.
3. In terms of a dungeon, and this is perhaps one of the most exciting parts, we could imagine monsters with one and only balancing. But if their behavior is pretty well coded to evolve depending on the actions of the players, each fight might be different from the previous one. Not to mention the fact that a new dungeon will always be for ALL players and not just for a category of them.
4. Concerning groups/multiple accounts. To avoid problems, I think we must see the game in the other direction than Dofus. Instead, the idea is to allow players to play 5-6 base characters and then engage in dungeons with friends by "splitting" the group based on the number of players. We're 2 friends? Cool we play 3 characters each.

In short, I do not know if all this is very clear in writing. The best will always be to make an explanatory video.
But the idea is to try to put everything back (what we do for Dofus 3) and see what we can do for our current Dofus. Again, the idea is absolutely not to shift a game to put another.

PS: I finish quickly on my spelling mistakes, that seem to have shocked some people to the highest point. I'm talking about responses that I had on twitter to my posts. I apologize for that. First of all, I have never been a first class, far from it, but above all, if I wanted to do "better", I should spend 3 times more time per post. And believe me, I already have enough trouble finding time. Thank you for your indulgence.

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Which servers are being merged exactly?

Do we know?

Edited by Sommanker

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We don't know, probably all of them.

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It'd probably be kept to international & fr, there's no way they'll mix all of fr servers, not to mention killing off their biggest tournament in the process ^____^

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Server merging is cool as long as they wont merge us with frenchies, but focusing on Dofus 3.0 is so lame, it sounds like they will just abandon 2.0 and expect everyone to moves into 3.0 which looks like shit

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They will be focusing more on Esports next year, so there will be more various tournaments, Goultarminator might change as well.


Sounds completely the opposite to me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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I'm surprised at how bad Tot is at communicating anything:

Dofus 2 and dofus 3 are diferent games, but it's better to understand them as a single entity.

Dofus 2 will not be used for testing dofus 3 ideas, but dofus 2 will go in the direction planned for dofus 3 and maybe they'll take advantage of the server merge to test ideas.

Dofus 3 will not replace dofus 2, but it's being created because dofus 2 is obsolete and it needs a revamp similar to dofus 1 -> dofus 2.

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I don't get it, how is Dofus obsolete? Works perfectly fine for me.


If they want to do it like Dofus 1 -> Dofus 2, then they should do it exactly like that. They shouldn't make Dofus 3 an entirely different game...?

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imo.. they should solely focus on making high level content that is not way too elitist. casual mono accounter  impossible to group up beating vortex and any dimensional boss.  Everyday i read at french forum, tons of those french players keep bringing up this elitist problem in every dev post. On page 5, finally TOT take not upon this problem and he (promise??) to make something about this elitism issue. 


Lets hope one day on 2017, will be the year where random and casual players (like me) can recruit on chat to " Need find 2-3 hitter (any class) for vortex pm me!" every weekend. 

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2 hours ago, Masive said:

I don't get it, how is Dofus obsolete? Works perfectly fine for me.


If they want to do it like Dofus 1 -> Dofus 2, then they should do it exactly like that. They shouldn't make Dofus 3 an entirely different game...?

No, they should most certainly not do that.

Because 'Dofus 3' is just a codename and it will be a completely different game. If you look at Ankama's original post about it, it has a far smaller world (far smaller) and dungeons are the primary game element. It is nothing like Dofus 2.


When Dofus 1 went to Dofus 2, it was a graphical update with some new features, not a completely new game, starting from scratch.


As for Dofus 2 being 'obselete': Dofus isn't obselete, the engine in which it runs (adobe air) is, meaning that Ankama can't add many features they could in a more modern engine (like Unity, which they are using for "Dofus 3"). As a result, they are making another game in a more modern engine so that they can have a game that incorporates these features, since Dofus 2 will never be able to - unless they move it to a different engine which would probably involve completely re-programming the game. This game is entirely separate from Dofus 2, despite its name, from what I understand.

Kinda how the Wii U was completely separate from the Wii and had nothing to do with it other than sharing a few things in common, but everyone got confused because of the similar names. 

Edited by Sommanker

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I know that already, I actually read the entire thing. Guess I did word it funny... I'll try to explain my thoughts better.


They said they're considering integrating Dofus and Wakfu into CodenameDofus3, though they're likely not going to do that to not blow up their company. In fact, the entire "global vision" thing scares me. These things usually don't end well.


What I am saying is that they should put some time and money into an actual Dofus 3, instead of simply noting the game is outdated without offering anything for the future of that particular game. Instead they say:


I think that future Dofus 2 updates should be directed towards the ideas of the next game.


Dofus is their most successful project thus far and will probably continue to be their most successful project for some time, unless the company hits a marketing jackpot with one of their new projects. Why not work on making Dofus less "outdated" instead of turning it into a side game to some bold ambition?  Yea, I know, "technical limitation". I'm no programmer, so I don't know what the hell that means. My small brain can only handle simple explanations.


Edited by Masive

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Not only is the engine outdated, dofus is bloated with impopular or useless features. They even aknowledge this by stating that the new game will be focused in combat, with quick dungeons and mini dungeons.


AvA is mostly stale.

Treasure hunt never caught on.

1 vs 1 is unbalanced (in part) because the devs try to pretend shields don't exist.

Community challenges were only popular as a way to scam people with impossible fights until exploits were addressed.

Most of the oldest dungeon still have gimmicky rooms that nobody likes (steping on tiles, moving through a room with holes, mazes).

Sets from otomai, ougaa and bworker are too high level compared to their dungeons and underpowered compared to similar level equipments.

There are chaffers invading Eltneg woods because someone thought that made sense 7 years ago even though nobody ever agreed.

Monster aggression makes content impopular and it's never been addressed properly.

Many low level items need rebalancing in terms of crafting after their ingredients changed levels (for example, during the Cania update) or simply because their recipes are awful (blop sets).

Idols don't make low level content more challenging and can't be used to test hard/unique mechanics (Nileza autokill, Klime glyphs, Count rotations, Koutoulou swaps, QoT bombs).

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All I hope for is just two be able to play both and see if I actually like dofus 3 but I don't think dofus 2 is really that bad just the fact it's to easy to level up now and lower gear doesn't really matter and low population Xd

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Honestly, I'd be happy if all those things you said above were removed or fixed (apart from treasure hunting which I kinda enjoy tbh)


The thing is, a mini dungeon game thing isn't Dofus. It isn't an actual MMORPG. It sounds more like something like Vindictus, set in the Dofus universe.


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Dofus 3 we dont want a mini dungeon and just a dungeon crawler dofus 2 should just be improved instead of making some cheesy looking Dofus 3 game graphics look dumb lol

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There's not many ways Dofus 2 can be improved though, besides just spamming content updates that don't seem to make people happy.

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Re-program it from scratch in a new engine.


Imagine Dofus in Unity or Unreal!

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People are upset about the content itself, not the engine Dofus 2 runs on. For Ankama, Unity is just a buzzword to make their cross-platform consistent design choices look a little bit nicer.

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That wasn't my point. It's is true, however, there are many features people are asking for, even simple things, that are impossible in the current engine which is part of the reason Ankama wants to make Dofus 3 in unity - so that they can do these things and are not limited by the engine in which the game is built.


Added to which, Unity isn't a buzzword, it's a game engine oO

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