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Piotr aka Young Boar

The way you can change your "Specialization" before fight.

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I’m not sure how should I start this post. I’ve been playing dofus for a really long time and I hate the fact that you can’t change your characteristics before every fight. (Only if you have an orb or something which is probably the fastest way, but u have to have them first). I have been playing many other games where you could change your specializations/talents tree just before the fight. It allowed you to become a tank, support or damage dealer. Isn't it good to add this into Dofus? 


How it would change Dofus?


I think they might delete all those magical orbs and reset quests. We would keep our scrolled characteristics. 


Why do you want to add something like this?


Take my panda for example. I'm playing Panda since like 3 weeks and she's INT. I have also some other equips that I might use in fights like str/int, chance and other, but it would have probably low damage since I have stats in my main element. I want you to add those specializations to let us setup our elems. It could work like custom sets where u just put the items and save it. 


For example:


You'll choose your chance elem gear and put the stats (300 cha/395 vitality). If you click, it will change your characteristics. Same with any other build. You won't need any orb.


I know that Ankama will lose some money from magical orbs, but c'mon it's end of 2016. Write your opinions here, please


Yours faithfully,



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But come on... orbs are great business... they are 6k ogrines/ea and ogrines = $$$ for Ankama.


No, but to be honest, I kinda dislike this idea. of course it'd make game much easier but I doubt that's the point... If you really need you can do res quests and farm 50of each relic. it take time but pays off if you really want to change char every fight. I like that you must put some effort in things like resetting char (make bunch of quests and then do dungeons) and I don't like the orbs in both; TH chests and also as a product for ogrines. You can't buy dungeons done (of course you can leech, but I'm talking about sth like 10k ogrines = Dark court dungeon achievement), you must put effort to get it and same is with your wanted flexibility... if you want your panda to be able to change every fight imo you should put a lot of effort to get that opportunity

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I don't think it would fit into Dofus:

Firstly, it would promote multi-accounting even more - at the moment, multi-accounting is popular so you can have many classes available for different things. This would make it so that if, for example, you had a str/cha cra and for a particular dung you needed an int/agi cra, you would become even less reliant on others as you could just easily switch between builds. It would also remove having to make a choice when it comes to what build you go, as, at the moment, when you choose your build, you are making a commitment and examining the trade-offs and positives of each build you could go. This way, that is greatly nullified as there is no longer any cost to change build, and it becomes very easy to do. 

However, I can see how it would add something else, as it would, in a way, add an additional element of strategy in that you could also decide what build to go before each fight, and it would mean that each character you get to 200 can be used even more effectively as you can switch them between many purposes with ease.

If it were implemented, it should not be possible to change in the preparation phase of PvP fights (obviously).

Overall, I would say that a feature like this wouldn't be necessarily 'positive' or 'negative', but rather, 'different'. In my opinion, I think it's not a good change for Dofus, but I'm sure many will disagree - and with sound reason.

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I see good points and bad points about doing this. I personally do not like the idea in this game but I could see where it would be useful

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