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PVP: New rewards for amateur tournaments

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This is a post made by the french CCM about player-run tournaments.


I am not going to translate it but will just give you the link and post a summary.




The first point of the article is the Battler Helmet which as you can see from the link ties into the theme from the shield which was already available (and given to the winners of Rosalminator). This item can only be won if you have the Battler Shield in your possession, it is essentially there to provide a reward to those who would not have got a reward if they had won because they had previously won that reward. 


The next bit features class items, this bit is basically a reminder to players that these exist and looks at those few which actually do have a potential role to play. It seems to be a reminder that these exist and showing them to people who have completely forgotten/never knew abut these because they just 508'd there way to 200...... but that's enough cynicism.


There is a list of some upcoming tournaments if anyone wants to watch and also a reminder that there will be a pvp related announcement early next year.


Not really relevant for our community but hopefully of some interest to people.

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With regards to the items I would be shocked if they didn't also get offered to our community, though.

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Oh they will be but we'd have to have pvp tournaments for that to happen

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