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For 10 years it has been appearing to the north of Amakna, covered with pine trees and presents, and the festive monsters that protect them... Get ready, because Kwismas Island is back, December 9th to January 9th!

Whether you are discovering it for the first time or not, exploring Kwismas Island is always a treat! Encounter exclusive monsters like the Abominable Snow Yiti, Wintry Kaniger, and Impetuous Kwismas Dragoturkey, not to mention the Kwismas Minotoball, who will also be making an appearance on Frigost Island! Adventurers who are level 170 and over can try and defeat him to unlock the title of “Kwismas Nutcracker” and win the coveted Wicked Protector shield!

If this is your first winter in the World of Twelve, never fear: Hector Kwismas, a specialized travel agent from Charlie's Agents, will be at your side!

Visit Kwismas Island to Shake Off the Winter Blues!

Travel with Charlie's Agents and discover exotic destinations, receive a warm welcome from the locals and spend time with the natives, who will be sure to give you all sorts of special resources if you know how to approach them...
Don’t miss the three special dungeons in this zone: Itzting (levels 1-70), Half Father Kwismas (71-130) and Half Father Whupper (131-200)! But watch out, if you want to win scrolls or pets you should know that dungeon rewards are fiercely defended by the island’s fauna!
Feel free to invite your friends on your trip: Together, you might even be able to solve the riddle in the mysterious Room of Slabs...
Feel like spending your entire winter holiday on the island? Take advantage of the chance to play a daily repeatable quest and win rare gifts and trade certain items with the Thwee Kings.
Whatever your health when you come back from your trip, you will return to Amakna in a Father Kwismas Cape and Hat!
Young Twelvians, Kwismas Island opens on Friday, December 9th and will remain open until January 9th, 2017. Visit Hector Kwismas to organize your departure!

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And to my shock, it's open on 1.29.

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