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Haven't played actively in about a year, a little less. Game got less and less fun as a result of some changes and the general direction it was heading. F3 to Eliotropes still golden era of Dofus. Started this game in 2006, so it's about time anyway. Fog best class forever.


Shoutouts to all my friends, enemies (there were like 3 but you're all worth a mention) and guilds on the way here. Especially Knights of Fortune, Turqouise Dofus Hunters, Diamonds in the Rough, Winland, Rosalt (despite being a joke). Special shoutouts to everybody who made the official Doomed forums "F*****s of Rosal" list in 2014. Wouldn't wanna type that out, cause I'd probably get banned due to new imps rules.


Catch me on facebook or through a former or current Rosalt member, if you need to. I'll likely keep logging every now and then to see who's online, but not expecting any sort of resub when it runs out. 


-Your Sugar daddy, Tiny-Bastard for the OG Rushuans. 

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Quit? Break? Too lazy to log on?




Move to Zato. Build a wall. Make it great again. Make Solarians pay for the wall.


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I'd be sad but you've logged all of 1hour total in the last year so, see ya cookie


Ps: I'll have to play you and sneh in smash sometime 

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Rosalt never was a joke. You need to exist to be a joke.

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I'm in a dead-end relationship with the dead guild Rosalt.

Things I have left to kill for quests/achievements (25 quests left):

Solar | Bethel | 4 Bounties




Artwork by Pokii, Kaitah and Tawa

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So many people quitting..... Guess it won't be long before I see myself leave as well...



By jooonas my fogger brudder from another mudder :c





Proud member of Fantastic Five!

Rogue(200)/Panda(200)/ Ecaflip (200)/ Eni (200)/Iop (200)/Osa (200)/Sac(200)/ Cra (200)/ Sram (200)/ Enu (200) /Fogg (200)/ Masq (200)/ Sadi (200)/ Elio (200)

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