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Waven (Wakfu Heroes | Dofus Cube | Dofus 3) - Blog

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Interesting direction. People looking for a true MMO successor to Dofus 2 will be quite disappointed. But the overall concept is really neat and I think Ankama will be able to pull it off very well. It feels like a take on the concept of Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer in a way.


That said, I've been fine with Ankama's artistic direction lately but I'm not a fan of the aesthetics here. I could never get into Wakfu's overall aesthetic when it came to how they designed all the areas, and it looks like they take it to the max here.

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I'm interested to hear about the storyline what happened to the World of Twelve after Ogrest's defeat. Seems like our characters in Dofus 2.x are living in the most complete version of the universe with everything getting worse in the future.




Dofus Cube


Next step: Starfu, since the World of Twelve's basically beyond Water World at that point.

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Looks like Krosmaster, Dofus and Wakfu had a Ankamachild. Those first images are insane x.x I love change in this game, even if the change is bad at first, it's change and that's what keeps me interested. But damn, those images >.< Ew.

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So this is an almost "next era" of wakfu. The idea that u need to farm from other players dimension while there are no mobs walking around at all is quite unique. Cant wait for the characters and fighting details

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Looks very interesting, i like the idea of playing a little bit throughout the day on mobile then getting stuck in to a dungeon behind a computer. 

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thanks for sharing details . i like this appoach, in the era of session-based games standard MMO model won't succeed anymore . 


waiting forvard more info :)

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5 hours ago, Inthesky said:

thanks for sharing details . i like this appoach, in the era of session-based games standard MMO model won't succeed anymore . 


Well that's annoying, I like MMORPGs and RPGs in order to escape the session-based games.

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Post from Tot's blog from September 27th, 2017.

Well, I prefer to tell you right away that this article is a horrible mess. In fact I have an emotional (and amused) thought for this poor Humility... Imagining him reading this monstrosity aloud for the needs of his next video. Anyway, I promised you this article about the characters and its "enormity" is related to the fact that this subject touches many others. As I regrouped our notes to share them, I felt compelled to add, essentially for fear of taking 5 billion questions in the comments... I already struggle to keep pace, so try to take a little lead. I hope that by being so talkative, this will make some savings on this side. Anyway, pay attention to your eyes and good reading.
A small point

In our classic MMOs there are spells, items (weapons, mounts, pets...) and each of these subjects has its own interface that has been placed in the course of updates. In Dofus Cube, the objective is to be able to link the set of concepts and thus better rank the different assets used by the heroes. Above all, we want the whole to be clear and fluid. In terms of game design, the enormous challenge of this project is to have a game much simpler but no less strategic than what we have produced so far.

The whole project will go in this direction, including decorations, interfaces, ergonomics, game design... I insist on this point because you will be able to get a quick idea of the rendering through fixed images. These images will not give you an idea of the game, because, as soon as we choose the design, it is to gain ergonomics. This is unfortunately invisible on a screenshot.

We leave with the advantage of the experience of our MMOs but especially, of the recent experience of Krosmaga. Krosmaga allowed us to test many concepts that will be found in Dofus Cube. Some of you are asking us what games we use as references, and I want to tell you that most of the time, it is our own games. Not that they are better than those of the competition, but when you work on a project for a few years, you see all the defects and "unexplored potentials". It makes you think and makes you want to go further...
What is a character?

Under the term Character we can put three big groups:
  1. Heroes
  2. Sidekicks
  3. Monsters
Each of these groups has attributes of their own. We will not discuss the subject of the monsters in this article but do not worry, we will get there soon enough.

1. Heroes

When they start the game, players all receive a hero (class character) of their choice. The hero of a player is his main character, the one he controls. As you can imagine, the hero is very important because it is around him that gravitates all the most important concepts of game design. Heroes are always attached to a class and therefore to a god. For now, you can say "classic, just like in Dofus/Wakfu", so I advise you to read well in order to understand how we will differentiate ourselves from the existing one.
Iop Hero Test In Game:
Moving around the world: The player moves his hero into the universe and to do this he has an interface of 3 Zaaps allowing him to go very quickly from one place or mode of game to another. One of the first wishes is to avoid large movements from one place to another and to allow players to quickly access the content that interests them. You will then move your hero into the world of Dofus Cube and only your hero, even if you have several companions. The companions will arrive in combat according to your good will. This is because we asked ourselves whether we should move only one character or the whole group.
Combat: In combat, if the player's hero is knocked out, the player loses the game.
Spells: Each character class will start with a few spells but will be able to get many other spells as it progresses/adventures. Spells do not unlock by passing levels but by dropping them or getting them during quests. This system will allow us to add new spells regularly in play without having to "reboot" classes each time. But it is not only that, the end goal is to be able to have many different styles for a single class. Each spell will have approximately 10 levels. Levels will affect spell cooldowns. On this point, our current reference is "Clash Royale". But beware, this is a part we still need to think about.
Creation of the spell pool: The player creates his spell pool by selecting 9 spells out of the 50 proposed by his class. Obviously, only an Iop Hero can use Iop spells. This pool of spells is similar to a deck of cards. We will use ideas that we have explored in Krosmaga. However, even if I use the word deck, it is worth noting that in Dofus Cube we never represent either the draw or the discard pile. So we can not really talk about a deck of cards. Moreover, if I have to summarize the concept, I would say that it is more a mixture between Krosmaga and Kromaster with systems of exploration and climbing levels close to our MMOs.
Class change: This point is also very important and also includes ideas related to card games. Unlike our MMOs, as a player you can change your Hero at any time. The goal here is to allow players to change classes without having to recreate a new account. I feel a multitude of questions on the subject. Basically, apart from spells, inventories and Haven Dimension will be "common" (account based). I even imagine an area exclusively dedicated solely for this purpose in the Haven Dimension of each.
Inventory: Once again, we want to work something simple/ergonomic. And for this reason, we will centralize everything in the same place. Whether spells or items, the player will manage them in a single interface.
Hero Inventory Screen:
Leveling: Heroes will have infinite levels. But these levels do not unlock any particular power. They will symbolize the time a player has spent in the game and his success through his achievements (for example) but will not make him more powerful. However, cosmetical rewards will be obtained from gaining levels: Colors, auras, titles, evening with Kam...

Rise in power: This is a fake title to attract you. In reality, we absolutely want to avoid too great differences of power between the players. The differences will only be on the 10 spell levels. Whether Passive or Combat spells. For the time being, we started on a factor x4 - x5 between a character using level 1 spells and another using level 10 spells. Moreover, we wish it to be very simple to reach level 5-6. This choice comes from several observations:
Esport/Tournament: It will be much simpler for us to balance a game for the tournament if we do not have 200 levels of power... Besides you players, you will be able to find yourself much faster without consecrating 50 hours week on Dofus 3. In tournament modes, we can even give you access to all spells and items to come back to a concept closer to Dofus Arena.

Adding new content: All dungeons will be accessible from the beginning to ALL players, regardless of their level and will have 5 levels of difficulty. In our current MMOs, when a new dungeon or a new item is integrated, it is necessarily for a category of players. We have to make choices: Will the next update be directed to players Level 50? Level 200? This created frustration for everyone, both players and creators. The idea here is to assume that all dungeons are accessible and that each time you loop one of them, you can access the more difficult version next.
2. Sidekicks

Sidekick cards allow players to add characters in combat. You can have up to four in addition to your hero. These characters evolve in gaining experience and most of them are as rare as the Shushu Weapon cards. The big idea behind the sidekicks is to allow players to play a group or a hero, depending on their preference or envy of the moment (or just when, with your eyes shining with excitement, you will realize that your hero can not win alone against 3 Chafers). When you return to battle, only your hero will arrive on the field. the sidekicks can then be called by means of a few AP. And to each sidekick corresponds a particular deck composed of 3 spells among the 4 available.

You will be able to evolve them and unlock new spells that can combine with those of your hero. On the other hand I want to make clear that a companion will NEVER be as strong as a hero of the same level.


Sidekick Information:




In the end, and this may seem strange, as it is not the case for heroes, companions earn skill points spread over 100 levels. It is up to you to distribute them.





Through the image above you will have an idea of how a fight with your sidekicks takes place.


  • First, note that your hero is in the center and has 3 spells. On the left is its AP gauge and its HP. On the right, the end of turn button. It lacks the Wakfu gauge that I did not mention to you and which will be the subject of a future article.
  • As you will read below, attacks with Weapons are free for the hero and his sidekicks.
  • Spells, on the other hand, all have a cost. And whether it's your hero's spells or your sidekick's spells, they all pay into your AP gauge.
  • By observing the image above you can see that the companion "Sramette" on the left is transparent. It is simply related to the fact that the player did not play it. Unlike his other three sidekicks.
  • We plan on having 50 sidekicks for the beginning of the game.

This is the first part about the characters.

So here, I advise you to do as I do at this stage and go and have a small coffee to pass all that. Go, motivation, I have eyes that flagadopent (© Tot) in all the senses but I feel that I arrive at the end.



What types of objects and spells accompany my hero?

As I said in the introduction, I felt compelled to add parts to this article. Here we are, it is the description of items and spells. I think this is fundamental if you want to project yourself.
First, be aware that there will be far fewer object types in Dofus Cube than in our historical MMOs. However, this does not mean that there will be fewer in total, but less and less TYPES of objects. In the inventory, we will keep only 3 slots. One slot for one ring, one for a Dofus and one for the weapon. As you will realize very quickly, it is this last element that will be most important for the heroes of Dofus Cube.


THE DOFUS: Each player will have a Minor Dofus as soon as he enters the game. This Dofus has no effect in a fight, it will allow players to power its Haven Dimension. Finding more powerful Dofus will increase the possibilities of its Haven Dimension. There is much to be said on this point but it is not the subject of the day. I reserve a dedicated article on the subject.

THE RING: The ring allows to adjust its characteristics. In the idea, it is very close to the passive spells apart that it does not evolve. The most powerful ones will give 1 AP (this will remind you of memories), increase the damage of the weapon OR spells...

THE WEAPON: As I said above, weapons are very important. In combat this is a FREE action that the player can perform provided that he is within range of attack obviously. Pay attention to this part because it is fundamental to your gambling habits: By "free action" I mean that in Dofus Cube, heroes and sidekicks can use their weapon without consuming AP. The use of AP is reserved ONLY for spells and the invocation of sidekicks. I will explain a little later why this choice, but you will see that it is liberating. It is therefore essential to carefully choose the weapon of the hero in relation to the style of combat chosen. Another very important choice in relation to your habits: the classes will only have 2 to 3 weapons of predilection. An Iop will have the choice between the shield and the sword or two-handed sword. The Osamodas between the hammer and the whip... These two classes will no longer be able to use the bow for example. Some weapons are common to certain character classes. Sacrier and Iop can thus carry the same swords. It is also the only object whose visual effect affects your character.

THE SHUSHUS WEAPONS (And personalization of character): Well, reading the descriptions of the different objects, you had to deduce there was no hat, no cape, no belt... So in the end, no way to personalize the character. I will explain why we made this choice and especially to talk about the alternative. The alternative is the Shushus Weapons. For now we are leaving on it but once again, everything concerning the BG can move. These weapons are very important because if we go on a free-to-play, they will be at the heart of the economic model. Because these weapons will allow you to completely change the look of your character. When I say completely, I'm talking about a new skin that may be much bigger or smaller... I've been frustrated for a while on our MMOs. In the end, all the classes of the same level carry the most effective tools when they get them. In the end, whether you have a Cra, an Xelor, a Sacrier or any other class, you have a 90% chance of all of you finding yourself in the Gobball Set in your first hours of play. And in the end, all classes end up resembling each other. Fortunately, the animations make it possible to find oneself. I am not even talking about the technical and graphic problems that this creates. So the idea to palliate this and allow players to get weapons that change 100% of the look of their character. We can have the templates we want for all classes. In the end, we have no less work but the advantage will lie on a real multiplication of styles within the same class.


Below, many skins possible:












Passive spells: Passives simply increase the hero's characteristics passively (as the name indicates). The player will thus be able to choose to have more AP, HP, Lock, increase its damage... All this seems very good but there are only 2 slots. It will therefore be necessary to choose your passives according to the spells composing your deck. Simple on paper, but much more complex than it seems.
Players must choose 2 Passives.

Combat spells: These spells make up the turning deck of your hero. Spells cost AP to use. With the laying of your sidekicks, it is even the only thing that has a cost. When a player throws one of them, the spell returns under its invisible pickaxe after use. Spells create surprises in combat. They have 10 levels of evolution and define a hero's combat style. For example, an Air Iop will tend to empty its hand very quickly to launch many small damage spells.
Players must choose 9 combat spells from about 50 per class.


Back to Table of Contents.

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all those thing should be done in dofus not in a new game... i mean... right now! 


let's hope something similar might be in the dicember spell update..


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1 hour ago, Angelzeven said:

all those thing should be done in dofus not in a new game... i mean... right now! 


let's hope something similar might be in the dicember spell update..


Nah it's way too late for dofus 2... rather have a brand new game that is also f2p 

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Honestly the game so far sounds good, but not fun. It seems like they want to modernize/simplify dofus arena in the end, and i wish they would do just that. (Or let me play that first version of dofus arena, it was so much fun...)

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Back to Table of Contents.


Post from Tot's blog from October 1st, 2017.



Hello everyone,
I hope you are well. Thank you for your interest in the latest Dofus Cube article and the resulting feedback. It's really nice to read interesting and interesting messages. I also take this opportunity to emphasize the pleasure and pride I feel in watching your writing efforts, both in form and substance. I'll admit you something, I've always been a baddie at school, my obsession was the dictations in which I systematically got zero. I had to work like crazy to reverse the trend and strangely, today, I especially appreciate the beautiful texts. It's stupid, but I think for the time being, we're all making a good start together to do something clean.

The initial idea of this blog was to communicate with you and, for me, to put pressure on the various projects. Because to have ideas, it is not the hardest. The hardest thing is to sort them out and put them into practice. Thanks to the exchanges we have here, I ask myself some rules and a framework. When I explained my intentions internally, at the beginning I was advised to make videos. The main argument (which I can hear) is that most young people no longer want to read and prefer the ease of watching. Finally, the argument underlying this reflection is that I was going to have less visibility with a blog linking the articles written than with a youtube channel. It made me think 3 seconds about the purpose of my approach. I quickly realized that my goal was not to have maximum visibility but to share with you the information, read your feedback and be stimulated. And then, I crossed my fingers so that your comments are of quality. And that's the case. Finally, the writing allows to discuss with REALLY interested people. Thank you, again, for the quality of your feedback.

Let's move on. As I said in one of the comments, I will try to regularly publish a Q&A article by taking your most relevant questions into account. We tend to get lost in the comments, so I'm going to try to centralize things here, especially because some concerns often come up on the same topics.


1) Change class/god/character
While rereading all your comments this morning, I got the impression that this was a bit of a blocking issue. You are a few to explain that you need to attach yourself to your character and that to change it poses a real emotional problem. I certainly did not explain well then. The goal is not to replace one character with another through a class change to the Dofus. It's just that in your Haven Dimension you will have the ability to play all character classes. You will be able to start with Bibi the Iop of Ice and after some time you want to play a Cra. In this case, you will create a new character and you will always have the opportunity to find Bibi.



2) The open world/History
On this article as on the previous one, many of you seem to regret the lack of scenario, world to explore or potential adventures. I never said there would not be a world to explore. I said that this part would be reserved for PC gamers. This is a part that we are considering and on which we will make great efforts. On the other hand, what I absolutely want to avoid are the too large areas in which one loses oneself. There are hundreds of ways to explore without spending hours crossing maps... Some also asked if there would be a solid scenario. Thing to which I reply that we will work a story to rally to the next possible season of Wakfu.

Ahyron worries about not being able to play an Eliotrope which is his favorite class. Well, for the time being, we're going on a 10 eld of gods (so classes). The Eliotropes are not in it but nothing tells us that we will not be able to play the Eliatropes... I have to go into the details of the scenario before I can answer precisely.

3) Fighting and character customization
This topic also comes up fairly regularly. You find that 3 slots of objects and 2 passives is too little to personalize the style of combat of your character. Maybe you are right. The initial idea is to go to the simplest for, and if necessary, to evolve the thing later. As such, we have not planned extraordinary equipment such as mounts or pets. During the fighting, someone asked if it would be possible to group with other players. The answer is of course :).

Another interesting question: How many attacks can be done with the Weapon per turn? I was telling you that the attack on the weapon was free. So there will only be one attack per character.

Heloise wondered what became of the MP because I did not mention them in the article. Well seen from him. For now we start on the idea of limiting the MP to 2 per character and adding spells of displacements. Since the combat cards are much smaller than our historical MMOs, we must reduce the movement a bit. Besides, strategically, it's easier when you know that all characters have the same basic movements.

Aorn, you seem to worry about the combat part too much compared to the RPG side. What we have to understand is that for the time being we have only talked about combat because it is ultimately what is most important to me. What I say important is not in the sense better than the rest, but important in the priority sense. To have lived it on our past productions, if the fight works, the rest flows from source. This is the most complicated part at all levels. So I focused on this for the first few articles but that does not mean that the exploration part will be set aside...

A bonus freshly made artwork by Xav:



Back to Table of Contents.

Edited by Gravestorm
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Back to Table of Contents.


Post from Tot's blog from October 5th, 2017.



Hello everyone,
This week, I propose a shorter article than usual but that will not, I hope, be less interesting (even if I feel it will create controversy;)). I had planned to give you a detailed point on the area of Bonta and the exploration part since it is a rather recurring subject in your comments, but it was too hot to deliver the whole in the week. Besides, we have begun a lot of discussions about the characters and the fighting, and there was one subject that I did not mention to you: the Wakfu gauge. I had deliberately set aside this aspect because it was not mature enough from my point of view. But in the end, by reading your comments, I realized that I could not explain the concept of fights/spells without talking about this subject.

To explain the implications of the Wakfu gauge I will use the example of the Xelor below to introduce some of these spells. Be careful, these are only examples and everything risks of having a change in the coming months. For now, we are looking for the global concepts, the final spells of each class will be presented separately and will each be entitled to an item when we are ready. Keep in mind that these are only examples.


Why a Wakfu gauge?

Let's start with this simple question: what is it for? Before answering everything in detail I would like to share with you the reflection that accompanied this choice.
I do not surprise you much when I tell you that in Ankama we specialized, years after years in turn-based games. Personally, being passionate about board games and other tactical video games for a while, I find that turn-based, in addition to being underrated, allows one to take his time and enjoy the company of others. The turn-based of our historical MMOs allows for more discussions during the fighting, which brings players closer together. In short, turn-based, I like it and I think we still have plenty to do on the subject.

However, there is still a trick that scratches me and that scratches any player normally constituted, it is the slowness of certain fights. And the slowness of some fights are quite often related to the slow play of some players. This therefore extends the parties in addition to arousing nervousness. The objective of this Wakfu gauge is therefore to accelerate the parts. To make sure to install a rhythm in the fights that will place the players under pressure.



How does it work?

Ah but here is a good question... How does it work? Well the idea is to have a gauge to the right of the screen. You have a model below to glance at (it is a MODEL that will be reworked). This gauge will consist of several elements:

The end of turn button Which allows the players to pass their turn (I specify, one never knows...). The end of turn button is at the bottom of the gauge. The players will all start to the side when they start the fight. In this "end of turn" button you also have the elapsing time of your game turn.
Skull Well then, if you have an idea for an icon, we are the takers. We placed a skull as it symbolizes that it is "not cool" to get up first, but we will have something else.
Timeline The gauge displays a total time of 2 minutes. Be careful, this does not mean that the fight will only take two minutes (fortunately) but that we will place a bonus/penalty once a player reaches the 2 minutes of game time.
Character icons These icons let you know where the players are on the time bar. We will also use them as shortcuts. By clicking on it you will have the opportunity to display more statistics of the selected character. Attention, the sidekicks are not represented, we represent only the hero of each player. Above the icon of the first player we display +24s in the example. He played 24s more than his opponent. This information allows to quickly know the difference of time of play that separates the opponents.
The gauges of each player Each player has a gauge of a color that is specific to him to find himself.

In the end it is quite simple, this idea amounts to wanting to reward the players who play more quickly and to spin a penalty to the slower players. The gauge ranges from 0 to 2 minutes of game time, so we can deduce that before arriving at the top, players can play X turns for a maximum of 3 minutes and 59 seconds. Once a player reaches 2 minutes of total playing time, penalties and bonuses apply and both players return to 0 to resume their race.


There are several things to understand for the future:
The goal is not to get to the top first, on the contrary. This is perhaps the most disturbing element... In any case when I explained the idea internally I was entitled to big eyes. It is a race in which one must be last to have the bonuses... Hence the interest of this skull...
The number of turns of the game has nothing to do with the time of play: For each turn of the game, you will have around 60 seconds. If you use up all of that time, in 2 turns you will be at the top of the gauge. If two players play very fast (less than 10 seconds per turn for example), they can do 10 turns each before one of them arrives at the top.
The loop: Once a player arrives first at the 2 minutes of playing time, the effects apply and both players return to the start of the gauge.


What kind of consequences are applied?

First, there is an intermediate effect. Each time a player plays less than 30 seconds during his turn, he gains 1 point of Wakfu. This is very important because even if you arrive at the top of the gauge first, you still have the possibility to recover many Wakfu Points during your race.

And when a player comes first at the end of his 2 minutes of game time, a penalty applies on his next turn (and only his next turn). For now I can only think of a -3 AP penalty. His opponent, on the other hand, would gain a bonus of 3 Wakfu Points. For now only the prototype of the fight will allow us to settle this in detail. But that gives you an idea of how it can work.


The goal is not to do anything very punishable and must remain reasonable. Faster players will thus have a slight advantage and maybe in terms of game education we will get more dynamic fights. In any case I am curious to test this mechanic.

Of course, all this makes no sense if I do not explain what Wakfu Points are and what they serve. You have an idea on how to get them but not how to use them.
In Dofus Cube you will have the AP gauge to cast your spells and a second gauge, the Wakfu gauge, which will allow you to increase the effects of these spells. The Wakfu gauge starts at 0 and fills up according to your playing time, it can go up to a maximum of 10 points. You pass in less than 30 seconds on the first turn? Your gauge gains 1 Wakfu Point. Some spells make it possible to recover Wakfu Points, especially on the side of the support classes.

To finish, the Wakfu gauge does not reset at the beginning of each turn like the AP gauge. Once spent, Wakfu Points must be recovered again via playing quickly.

Action Points = AP
Movement Points = MP

Wakfu Points = WP

Example of a spell for the Xelor:
Frost: Costs X AP to inflict X Damage. Consumes 5 WP to freeze the target.
In this example, whatever happens, this spell will inflict damage. On the other hand, if you have 5 WP, you will spend it automatically to freeze the target. This is a powerful extra effect that you will not be able to apply in the first round. The freeze effect freezes the target character's deck and prevents him from casting spells on his next turn.

Hourglass: Costs X AP to inflict X Damage. Consume all of your WP to give you the same amount of AP during this turn.
Same kind of effect as the upper spell, but it allows to benefit from an AP bonus.

Accuracy: Costs X AP to inflict X Damage. Costs 1 AP less if you have at least 5 WP.
Regarding this particular spell, you do not need to spend WP. It's just that the cost is lower if you have at least 5 WP.


These are just examples, but the idea is to play with the Wakfu Points to develop many concepts. What pleases me in this idea is what, potentially, we can dispense with cooldowns and other systems of this type that I hate. I hate that because it often prevents you from reading the fights easily when there are many participants. For me, a good player is not the one with the best memory but the one who makes the best choices. Rereading myself, I think you may not see the relationship between the cooldowns and the Wakfu Points. I would like to point out that often, cooldowns are placed to limit the power of certain effects or spells. An example from Dofus, after teleporting, the Xelor needs to wait 6 turns (2-3 at the max level) before being able to recast that spell again. During this time, you can not play this spell again. This limitation is related to the power of the spell because if you could use it every turn, it would give you an advantage that is too obvious... The idea with Wakfu Points is to have spells whose power adjusts...

Another example of possibility: Summons. Let us take the example of an Osamodas that wants to invoke a Tofu. I think we could have something interesting by basing the power of that Tofu on the number of Wakfu Points spent by the Osamodas. If the Osamodas summons the beast by not having any Wakfu Points available in his gauge, it gets a Baby Tofu... If it consumes 5 Wakfu Points, it gets a Big Tofu and if it consumes 10 Wakfu Points, it could have a Royal Tofu. It will therefore be necessary that the Osamodas has a choice of having a weak beast played quickly or a big beast if it has some patience. Through a single spell, the possibilities are multiplied tenfold.

For PvP: This gauge will work for PvP because the players leave tied. This will not be the case in PvM. For PvM the system will adapt but I will talk about it later.

To conclude, I wanted to present this concept to you because many of you were skeptical about the idea of having only 9 spells for a hero. In the end, it is not 9 spells you will have but potentially more as many of them will have complementary effects.


Back to Table of Contents.

Edited by Gravestorm
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An interesting concept. I think i like the idea of having less spells, but when and how to play them in combination with the WP's.

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Back to Table of Contents.


Post from Tot's blog from October 13th, 2017.



Hello everyone,
Time flies, this blog has already been going for 1 month. Thanks again to everyone who follows and reacts on the various articles posted. As I explained earlier, the idea of this project, which is always intact, is to share with you our thoughts and, above all, to force myself to explain as simply as possible our ideas about this new game.
The exercise is very complicated because I often forget to clarify some points in the articles... Besides explaining concepts of game design to writing on a community game of this magnitude is part of the course of the combatant. Well in the end, step by step, it advances and your comments lets me know where it's stuck. I take this opportunity once again to thank the various contributors because this formula forces me to really advance and not fall into the tragedy of routine.

Well, I propose to attack in the heart of the matter with this new article the purpose of which is to explain to you in what ways we will create our exploration areas. Because all our areas have a common base, that of the background. First of all, I want to remind you that this part will only be available on computers and not on mobiles. For those who disembark, I recommend you read the first note that dealt with the subject. Basically, we want a beautiful game with beautiful FX and worlds that, although not as extensive as Dofus/Wakfu, allow for nice walks and discoveries. And it is obvious that it is almost impossible technically speaking to have the rendering we want without burning 90% of the phones. The open worlds are reserved for players on computers therefore.


Flash history

I have already spoken of this, but a small point scenario is nevertheless necessary to understand this new article. To avoid any spoilers, I will remain fairly evasive on the subject. Do not be too angry, but if I develop I will crack cartridges for a potential season 4 of Wakfu.
In Dofus Cube, the inhabitants of World of 12 face the events resulting from seasons 3 and 4 of Wakfu. Each nation tries to survive in a world ravaged by a war on the Krosmic scale. Entire regions have been swallowed up and only the power of magic has prevented a complete destruction of the World of 12.
The game will therefore take place a few decades after the season 4 of Wakfu. The impact is considerable and thanks to the various events related to the background of the universe, we will be able to tell the things in simpler and more linear ways. This will be the opportunity for us to take over all the bases of the Krosmoz. Be careful, I'm not telling you that I've already written season 4. But the main guidelines are there and whether we have the chance to realize this new season or not, we will start from this base to build the background for Dofus Cube.

Concretely at stake? Well the level design will completely absorb the history to propose a more chaptered exploration. The major geographical areas and historic cities of the world of the 12 will be reworked and adapted in a post apocalyptic version (forgiveness of the term, but I think it sums up the concept nevertheless). The goal of level design is to keep, as in game design, the sap of what we have created in the past. As a result, cities have become bridge towns where you can experience new gaming experiences without losing hours on unnecessary journeys.


Focus on the City of Bonta

Below, you will discover the macro version of the area. As explained above, you can observe that the city is now placed on what might be called a big island. The level of the water to be mounted and each new decoration produced, we will keep this idea in mind.
To respect the work of Poolay I will systematically put your original version before that with my notes (and then you never know, in case you would like to make a poster).

Overview of the Bonta City:



Isometric view of the Bonta City:



Annotated version of the Bonta City:



When Poolay works on this type of visual, it is only for the team, for our pre-production part. You will not find them in play but they are nonetheless extremely important references for the continuation of our project. This allows us to set our vision and coordinate the various people who will intervene on the construction of the area. Whether it's decorators, screenwriters, character designers...
Animation has taught us, over the years, the importance of doing things in order and therefore, the importance of pre-production. Personally, compared to before, I will tend to mature more concepts before producing them.

Thanks to this image you have, like us, a first idea of the general rendering of the Bonta area. Obviously, I will not describe 100% of the place (by the way, today I would be incapable) and we will focus on a specific part, namely the first part of the city.

Zoom on the Big Port of Bonta



Isometric view of the Big Port of Bonta:



Annotated version of the Big Port of Bonta:



So, as mentioned above, we will be talking about a part of Bonta, namely, the port. At first, we work on the major places. Here we can find 5 that are listed as fundamental.

1. Zaap, arrival area of Bonta
This place is an obligatory passage for the players disembarking on the Bonta City (Besides all the other areas will have a point of reception of this type).
At the center of this decoration is a Zaap of arrival. The word arriva" is not hazardous because, unlike our historical MMO, it will not necessarily have to go back to its Haven Dimension.
A Zaap interface will be available and a simple click will allow you to go home. I spoke about it in my first note and explained fairly quickly that we wanted to avoid major displacements. Past the pleasure of discovery, wandering the world for hours can be quickly re-released. The overall idea is therefore to have Zaaps all over the world. In addition, a system of achievement rewards for those who discover them all. Some will necessarily be very simple to obtain and others much rarer.

The discovery of new Zaaps will necessarily make it possible to access the new areas much more quickly, but once again, it will not necessarily have to be placed on one of them to go home. That said, I do not dwell on the subject that will have its own article.

Note on the achievements related to the discovery of Zaaps: In Dofus Cube, the discovery of a Zaap will have a very important place. As the world has suffered the worst cataclysms, some areas have become virtually inaccessible. Players will have (hopefully) at heart to explore the game and bring back the vestiges of the old world. I imagine this part very close to the star collection system in Mario and some Zaaps will be particularly difficult to find...

Atmosphere: When arriving at this area, players must be directly immersed in the colorful atmosphere of what is going to be Bonta. Obviously, the idea is to do something quite simple at the start and make it gradually increase to the most impressive places to discover. The advantage of working on cities is that in terms of structure, we can propose a fairly linear journey and thus work the narration and the visual where we are interested.

Leaving the area of the arrival, the explorers will arrive very quickly on a larger part, the Big Port of Bonta:



2. The fishing tavern
Here you will discover a place of (all relative) relaxation. The fishermen, who are hard leather, come to drink a moss between two fishing sessions. Around the tavern we will have small stalls highlighting seafood. The tavern has a look that comes close to a covered market. Poolay and myself being of the 62 and more precisely of Le Touquet/Etaples, a reference that often comes back is that of the port of Etaples. Our discussions are often supported by our liabilities and our references...
We also imagine a rather special place in this tavern. Indeed, the underground seems to shelter a grouping of big coars who like to test.
Basically we will place a parody of the Fight Club:



3. The lighthouse
Here we want to tell a story of villains. The owner of the lighthouse suffered a home-jacking and found himself locked up in his home, forced to lodge bandits of the worst kind. The latter use the lighthouse to attract ships and have them run aground on the reefs and then strip them of their wealth.

4. The boat of the king
The king built a monstrous boat that is reminiscent of Noah's ark. Numerous questions arise around this ship and many begin to fear a new cataclysm, suspecting the king to prepare his escape.
In the meantime, as an adventurer wishing to pocket a few Kamas, the shipyard officials will regularly propose to you to empty the holds of the ship under construction... Indeed, the latter are infested with vermin:



5. Expeditions
The idea around expeditions is to have a concept that will be found on all cities. It is a global exploration mechanism that will allow you to get your hands on places mythical and more or less rare. I will try to go into the detail of this concept and explain to you why these choices and what determine them.
First of all, in the previous episodes, you read our desire not to have fighting in the open world. Fighting, there will be many and everywhere, but our desire is to work them with small onions. Currently in our MMOs, you can trigger fights wherever you want. This has its charm but compared to what we want to do in Dofus Cube, the subject lends itself less. The problem of placing battles in the open world is that often the maps are not necessarily intended for that.
The objective here is to categorize things well while keeping a share of surprise at times. The expeditions were therefore reflected in this spirit.

In each city you will meet many NPCs who will propose you to go to sea. These characters will have ships more or less effective/solid and your choice will be according to your means and the areas that you want to explore.

For example:
Nikole Ahuho will offer you, for some Kamas, to take you to explore the vestiges of the Sadida kingdom. Everything has not been completely engulfed and sometimes islands even re-surface. Going with her, you will discover, always randomly, new areas. It can be a secret dungeon, an island with an unhappy creature that will join your team, a village of survivors with cannibal mores... Or you will be attacked in the open sea by pirates collectors of slips or sea monsters in rut and your adventure will stop as fast as it began (or will take a new dimension closer to your secret phantasms).
The idea behind all this and to have many concepts of this type that add to the discovery and fun in the fighting rather than end up squattering eternally the same maps to face the monsters that give the most experience.


In my opinion, this system has only advantages:
1. It promotes discovery and exploration. As players you will be able to leave by boat and discover the new face of the world. And to pass on this feeling to you, we do not necessarily need to duplicate the 12,000 Dofus maps... What was basic was one of the biggest worries when we were talking about a new graphic porting of your favorite game. We would have spent more time embellishing existing content than working on a new game

2. Socialise on one side and fight on the other. Social areas will thus be reserved for the social and zones of action to action. Yes, it's silly to say but I think it will allow players to meet more easily, compared to their affinities (I feel it will still make us full of Dofus babies...).

3. It allows us to modify, add or remove zones very easily. On our side, in relation to a single expedition, we can work on as many different events as we wish. You will embark on the adventure and randomly fall into one of these events. Some may be rarer than others. But most of all, if it takes us the desire to add 5 events during a shift, we will be able to do without having to rework all the level design areas. Each event being an instance that we can delete or add at our discretion.

You will have understood it gradually, the overall idea is to place the fighting in instances and to separate them well from the rest of the world. Of course the players will always be able to challenge but even this way, they will be projected in a zone dedicated to the duels.




This is another big topic of the open world part. We want to do a particular job on NPCs to make them particularly alive. In fact, our reference is the work we did on animation. We want to ensure that each NPC has its own voice for more immersion. Working years on our cartoons allowed us to realize the monstrous importance of sound as an immersion tool. In the end, our goal is to make each set a scene so alive that it could be a plan of a cartoon episode. We want live NPCs, lively sets, beautiful cloud passages, voices and soundscapes that make the whole addictive and alive.
It's a big challenge to get back on a 2D production but it's definitely our trademark and we want to continue to try to give back to the 2D in the years to come:




Well, here we come to the end of this article, which I hope has plunged you a little more in the project and especially, in the atmosphere that we try to put in place. At the risk of repeating myself, our natural evolution comes almost to consider Dofus Cube as a video game realized with intentions of tone and atmosphere very close to our cartoons. Moreover, it is no coincidence that a large part of our designers and animators of Dofus Cube have also worked on our films and series.


Back to Table of Contents.

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I'm super excited for this! I want to try it out so bad. Would love more information / gameplay. Both work for me! :D

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So far it seems ok, but I'm getting way too much of a mobile games vibe from this and that is a bad thing.


+ streamlining to be account based and not char based

+ asynchronous combat

+ spell deck, passives and customization with it

+ exploration (hoping there won't be annoying RNG stuff with it, but it seems solid)


+/- less mp. This should speed up fights, but they will need to do a good job with their spell pool if they want movement to be as big a part of the strategy as in normal dofus.


- lack of gear (I guess we need to see the type of gear they make before reaching a final conclusion)

- wakfu gauge. This mechanic makes no sense in a mobile environment. If mobile combat is just going through haven world (which I'm guessing is solo), they should ditch the turn timer in that situation. I also am not a big fan of it in pvp, but the reasoning behind it is definitely valid.


? drops and professions. Are they going to exist (less gear and recovery items are an outdated concept IMO, so what can we realistically expect from profs)?

? solo vs multi. If sidekicks are less powerful than heroes, isn't this going to create the same multi problem as dofus? Will we have an ogrines-ish system for purchasing access to multiple heroes w/ the game currency (will we even have markets and kamas :o)?


I really hope they don't let mobile game limitations drive too many of their design decisions...

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Hi there Gravestorm. Thanks for doing god's work with those posts and keeping up with the weekly promise, translating and all that. I'm very excited seeing each new post, getting us closer and closer to what is the development process the guys at Ankama are going through with this new game.

Can't way to try it when it finally comes out.


A couple of "ideas" and comments here and there (and some insecurities) about the content they already showed if I may...altough I feel like nobody will read them because I'm not french, heh:


First off, for Gravestorm: Would it be possible for you to do the same kind of "Table of contents > Posts" thread where people can discuss etc on other places like, for example, the Wakfu forums? Either that or contact the CMs (I know...that might be kinda impossible) for some official translations of those posts to put them on their forums.

I know it doesn't really fit Wakfu  (or Dofus) in the specifics, but the Wakfu guys are really going through some dire times these days and when people asked for "new game" info, they always got dismissed or got their threads buried under 300 other threads about complaints and "Is my multibox party comp optimal?".


It would be really nice if people who abandoned both the game and faith in Ankama for a while now (like me) would have this slight glimmer of hope that they can cling to, in the form of those "news". I know many would appreciate it for sure, and since Ankama, as usual, only caters to their french playerbase, there's no way we're ever gonna see proper translations of a blog post from one of the main devs, unless it's some gimped form in a GAMAKNA vol. (but even then, we'd have to wait atleast 1-2 months for the translation from french to english even for that).

Thanks in advance.



Regarding what we've seen about the game: Yes, the concerns for it being heavily mobile-focused are very real, but just like any other questionable "feature" they showed (like player-made bots made legal), it's all subject to change.


Do you all remember how Wakfu used to look like in the very first trailer? I treat those features just as "temporary" as that artstyle was. Now, obviously they are set on the artstyle, which, to be fair, started to grow on me. At the beginning it seemed like a lazy way to transition from Krosmaga to this new game, but again, as usual, the artists working there are crazy good and know how to make stuff look cool, they're amazing! Big props to them (They always "carried" the whole company real hard imho).


We'll see...I'm not too keen on the "limitation" of equipments either: You don't want everyone to either look the same or buy a costume for real money; That would be kinda scummy.

You want your players to feel powerful and unique...limiting this to 3 items would make it kinda tough...don't streamline too much to the mobile market please; Apply the "scene" rules you're using for NPCs and cities to combats and equips aswell...that would be my big suggestion.

We all know how "events" turned out to be into Wakfu (Kick 10 fluffballs or whatever). I just hope they really focus more on making the whole game feel fun and rewarding other than just having an alright time on mobile...and hopefully on desktop not just a "play the mobile version but on a bigger screen" (which doesn't seem to be the case for some elements, atleast for now).


As my last "plea": Please please please don't allow multibox and don't make the "1-man-army" you have on Wakfu/Dofus a thing. I know they already revealed that multimen will be a pretty big part of the game, and the fact that they won't be able to be as strong as a player while also kinda "hindering" you for playing more than one (spending AP to summon them and from what I got, shared AP pool?) is a big yes for me.


Wakfu/Dofus for me and others who played during the betas & stuff were mostly about: Social, Combat and Exploration, in that order. Make partying up with people FUN and rewarding. Don't transform this game into another singleplayer game that you have to pay for if you wanna compete at high levels or even just have good gear/progress...that's not fun,





With that said, thanks again for your amazing work, hope we can arrange something on the other forums. Would like to see what the people there have to say about it ^^

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Wow thank you for keeping this so up-to-date and at such high quality :o

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On 10/14/2017 at 3:40 PM, Archangel-xx said:

- lack of gear (I guess we need to see the type of gear they make before reaching a final conclusion)

On 10/14/2017 at 4:09 PM, Musicist said:

We'll see...I'm not too keen on the "limitation" of equipments either: You don't want everyone to either look the same or buy a costume for real money; That would be kinda scummy.

You want your players to feel powerful and unique...limiting this to 3 items would make it kinda tough...don't streamline too much to the mobile market please.

They prefer releasing the game faster and then building upon it if needed.


On 10/14/2017 at 3:40 PM, Archangel-xx said:

I really hope they don't let mobile game limitations drive too many of their design decisions...

On 10/14/2017 at 4:09 PM, Musicist said:

Regarding what we've seen about the game: Yes, the concerns for it being heavily mobile-focused are very real, but just like any other questionable "feature" they showed (like player-made bots made legal), it's all subject to change.

I just hope they really focus more on making the whole game feel fun and rewarding other than just having an alright time on mobile...and hopefully on desktop not just a "play the mobile version but on a bigger screen" (which doesn't seem to be the case for some elements, atleast for now).

So far they've split up the Exploration part from the mobile game for a better experience, maybe they'll be able to add some other differences instead of sacrifices.


On 10/14/2017 at 4:09 PM, Musicist said:

Please please please don't allow multibox and don't make the "1-man-army" you have on Wakfu/Dofus a thing. I know they already revealed that multimen will be a pretty big part of the game, and the fact that they won't be able to be as strong as a player while also kinda "hindering" you for playing more than one (spending AP to summon them and from what I got, shared AP pool?) is a big yes for me.

Wakfu/Dofus for me and others who played during the betas & stuff were mostly about: Social, Combat and Exploration, in that order. Make partying up with people FUN and rewarding. Don't transform this game into another singleplayer game that you have to pay for if you wanna compete at high levels or even just have good gear/progress...that's not fun,

There's less socialisation now, so they need to do something to make the game still playable, there will still be social areas and grouping up will be a bit beneficial as well.


On 10/14/2017 at 4:09 PM, Musicist said:

Gravestorm do thread.

I'm too lazy to do that, though feel free to use the main post or its table of contents anywhere you want.

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3 hours ago, Gravestorm said:

I'm too lazy to do that, though feel free to use the main post or its table of contents anywhere you want.


"Gravestorm do thread" makes me look like some kind of caveman xD (Next time *snip* it properly lol)


Anywho, it'll be a pleasure to share it with the Wakfu and other communities aswell, thank you very much.

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2 hours ago, Inthesky said:

any information about release date\month\year?

its still in dev so prob like mid 2018

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Back to Table of Contents.


Post from Tot's blog from October 19th, 2017.



I shiver, I sob, I sweat... Why so many emotions? For the simple and good reason that we will begin to tackle big pieces of game design, starting with the Haven Dimension. It's been two days since I thought about this article with this question in mind: "How do you explain this concept simply in writing? ". I made diagrams, powerpoint pages, sacrifices and sniffed markers without finding the ultimate solution. But we have to go through it. So I start, typing these few lines of introduction to give me the courage to undertake this adventure worthy of Indiana Jones.

As its title indicates, the subject to be addressed today is the Haven Dimension. It is a game design element that is important in the project because it is the center and common to all players. It is also in the Haven Dimension that you will begin the game. Needless to explain the importance of a tutorial in a video game.
The stakes are therefore multiple in the short, medium and long term. The difficulty with this kind of idea is that it is not necessarily the sexiest concept of the game but still part of the things that absolutely must not be missed. You're going to tell me it's contradictory, so before your little fingers go all the way on your poor keyboards, let me say: in a game, there are the things that impress you right away: fights, characters, boss fights, storytelling, big voiceovers, female characters with little cover... It's usually the big pieces of bravery that we put in trailers to unleash the crowds. A bit like cinema, we present you a big trailer that makes you vibrate and when you discover the movie it's a bit of a let down. For example, when I discovered the "Clash of the Titans" trailer, I waited six months as a moron for the film's release, quivering with excitement as a beginner actress posing in front of Harvey Weinstein. When I left the session, I just wanted to cry... How can one put the hype at this point and make everything fall apart like a castle of magic cards?
For the same reasons one can get fucked on a video game. Because video games are hard. Even more difficult than creating a series or a film, which is already extremely complicated (I do not want to start a debate, I did both, and that is my humble opinion. Steven Spielberg gets angry and sends me a bad mail). Whatever the creative project in which one starts, there are plethora of ingredients to be taken into account. The tone, the DA, the narration, the intentions/themes... It's pretty monstrous and true alchemy emerges when all the different teams respect and are inhabited by the same vision.
But in the video game industry, we must add the server devs, ergonomics, the client devs, developer bugs, technical limitations of developers, developer humor and finally, game designers (which are, from the point of view of developers, incomprehensible creature species). There is also the idea that players will spend hours on your video game (unlike a movie) and a whole bunch of settings that can make you lose your project without you really understanding why.
To go to the end of the reasoning, I personally assume everything we have produced in series/films. But that's not the case with our video games. Each time, there is something that prevents me from enjoying 100% of our final product. Warning, regularly our games work and please, but I do not know, there is always that frustrating little trick in the background. A little voice that says "hey big, if she were to redo this part, you would do the same?"... And the answer is "NO, shitty small voice in my head, I would not do the same... We would do it differently... We would do it all differently. Tell me little voice, why do I want to cry?".
We are never completely satisfied and it is really a horrible feeling when we spend years on a project. Oh yeah, the worst part is that sometimes there's your little voice... And when she says the same thing as the one we have in her head, it's worse than anything... press the head of a drowning man, offer a rope to a depressive person or eat a rib at the bone in front of a vegan.


Well, you are wondering why I'm getting drunk with my moods. Already, I gain time with the subject of the article which makes me freak and then it is to make you understand that sometimes the most important things in a game are not the most fun to show. I said sometimes? No, it is rather often. Often the tricks to do and the least sexy are the ones that really make a game. Today's article talks about one of these topics. It's not super sexy, not super fun to do compared to the rest but if you don't do it, the game is dead.
This Haven Dimension is at the heart of the whole mechanics of Dofus Cube. That's why it's called Cube. Before I go into detail, you must also know 2 things:
1. This article will be modified over the months. I will talk about the concept and a first part to start and the other tracks will be added gradually.
2. Contrary to previous articles that give a real direction of the project, this Haven Dimension part is likely to completely change. So do not attach too much to what is going to be told here and take these descriptions as idea sharing.


Concept of the Haven Dimension

We quickly spoke of it in the first note of this section. The Haven Dimension is the player's hub. If I make a whole hay of this mechanic it is because it is at the heart of the game. It is the starting point and the point of arrival of any situation. Whether you are visiting a city, starting a PvP fight, managing a guild or even deciding to change character, everything will happen from the Haven Dimension. One of the fundamental ideas is to get as many interfaces as possible by placing as many interactions as possible in the decorations.
The Haven Dimension is also customizable and each part can be enlarged/modified within the limit of the 8 initial blocks.
Finally, whether you are mobile or computer players, the Haven Dimension is always the same. It is largely for this reason that we wish to limit it to 8 cubes. On the computer we could have a bigger one but the idea is to make compromises so that it can run on mobile.
Given the difficulty I have to explain this concept in writing form, I will summarize it with the help of images and there will even be, at the height of modernity, a video...



The Shushu

In each Haven Dimension, you will have a Shushu. This Shushu will guide you in discovering and apprehending your Haven Dimension and should, if you know how to tame it, become a good friend. The Shushu will bring us a very interesting layer of very fun background, but above all we will be able to explain many concepts while remaining in the story. We quickly tackled the topic of the tutorial above, I believe we have our narrator.
The long term goal would be to imagine that you can have several Shushus, with their own character and therefore choose the tone that it will use to talk to you.


Exterior and interior of the Haven Dimension

Each player starts the game on an abandoned cube that will become his Haven Dimension. The Haven Dimension of a player is his area, his little home. At startup you will discover a blank area. We took a visual example based on Bonta but you will have a choice to customize your Haven Dimension. The choice of your home will influence the appearance of the Garden.
If you opt for a Brakmar Haven Dimension, your 3 major Garden cubes will look like black volcanic soil...
If you opt for a Bonta Haven Dimension, your 3 major Garden cubes will take on a white paved floor look...
At the beginning you will only have 4 major cubes to move (an area of 36 boxes). But of these 36 boxes, 9 will already be occupied by your house. You will have 27 moving boxes.
Very quickly you will be able to unlock the 4 cubes which are below. These will come to place on the sides to double the size of your Haven Dimension surface. You will be able to move there as you wish and even have shortcuts to arrive directly on the cubes/pieces that suit you.

Regarding the interior, you will be able to customize each room according to your desires/needs. However, and it is also the strength of this concept that we can evolve as we see fit, I am much less sure of myself on this part than on the first one. What is very important to understand is that, thanks to the concept we are working on, we do not have to define every room in the house immediately and accurately. For once we have not been too con, as I explain why. Each piece of the interior of the house will be worked under the angle of the 8 major cubes. That is to say that for each piece, you will have the possibility to have a surface as large as outside. Our concept of cube to fold/unfold your area to infinity, we will not be obliged to precisely define the level design and can add new parts when needed. Well, it's probably not very clear, so I invite you to watch the video of the article for a better understanding of the system.


Here is the exterior of your Bonta Haven Dimension as you will have it at the start of the game. 1 House major block, and 3 Garden major blocks. 4 other blocks are available under the top blocks, waiting to be unlocked:



Here is what it could look like after a few hours of play. A Zaap block has been added as well as a block to access your dungeon. You will notice that there are 2 blocks that you can always use later for other functions:



Detail of the outer cubes:

  • 1 major cube for your House.
    • You will be able to personalize and go inside it to access other numerous content. I will talk about it below in the part intelligently named interior (Sometimes I surprise myself on this overkill to find the right headings...)
  • 3 major cubes for your Garden.
    • This part will be reserved for personalization purposes related to the house but will also allow you to meet particular characters, in the form of events related to the daily quests. In Krosmaga (and other games much less well and less known as Hearthstone), your daily quests are displayed in interfaces. Here, the idea is to send you random characters who will propose you missions. Some of these characters will also have the look of merchants who will come to visit you to offer some promotional items (must we try to get from you a few euros.) I know, it's a subject that annoys, but we need to think about it too...)
  • 1 major cube for your Zaap.
    • This cube is the place from which you can leave to join the different modes of play that suit you. Attention, as explained above, some modes will not be accessible on mobile. Thus, on your mobile you can attack, asynchronously, the dungeons that the other players will have built in their Haven Dimension and the 1v1 PvP mode. From your computer, other modes will be offered. The exploration mode (presented last week) as well as the 3v3 PvP mode.
  • 3 major cubes for each of your dungeon pieces.
    • Bwalors there it's downright crazy. Here you will have access to your three dungeon rooms. Each Cube being linked to a room, you will unlock them gradually. This is a very big piece that will have right to its own article (I regale myself in advance).


This video allows you to understand a little what kind of transition we want to put in place. This is just an example to give you an idea and we looked at the dungeon part. You will be able to discover the 3 rooms of the skeleton dungeon. You can see (if it does not go too fast for your small eyes) that the first room has only 4 major blocks on which your opponents can fight. The second room is made up of 6 battle blocks and the last of 8 blocks. The idea is to increase the size and therefore the number of monsters or traps you can put to defend your dungeon. But, again, the idea is not to explain now the dungeon system but to present you the idea of transitions:

Detail of interior cubes:
  • Entry hall.
    • Will evolve from 2 to 8 cubes. You will start small and decide if this is the place you want to enlarge first. In this hall you will be able to welcome friends and chat with them and it is also here that you will be able to interact with your first storage box.
  • Temple.
    • Big chunk here. Rather than having to leave the game to return to an interface, you can change characters directly in your home with this piece. In general, the idea is to have a statue of your God here and to access the characters of the corresponding class. You play the character you want, the others being in pose, praying before their god. If you want to change your character class, you will change the statue of the God of your temple and access the corresponding characters. This is the typical example of what we want to do to minimize the interfaces and simplify your life. Moreover, the idea of the temple came by reading your most doubtful comments on the class changing part. Many thought there would be a lack of background or attachment to his hero, I hope this idea corrects this part a bit.
  • Office.
    • One can imagine here the list of achievements.
  • Barracks.
    • The barracks keep all the sidekicks you recruit in the game warm. Remember, you play a hero as you move around the world, but you will also be able to get help from (up to) 4 sidekicks in combat. The barracks will house them and perhaps a training room will allow them to gain experience even when they are not fighting.
  • Stable.
    • Here the objective is to store your mounts. But beware, the mounts do not have the same function as in our historical MMOs. You will not be able to use them for your hero. I know it will be disappointing but it's really hard to produce and sometimes you have to make choices. No, the idea here, and this is just an idea, is to use mounts for other purposes. The stable allows you to be able to send sidekicks that you do not use to adventures for a given time. These sidekicks will go to attack the dungeons of the Haven Dimensions of the other players without you controlling them and to bring you items and surprises according to their success. In this context, the mounts will offer them bonuses for these missions. More HP, possibility to adventure longer... For those who had followed the conference I had given to the TGS last year, we are in the same type of approach. In your comments, many people talk about trades. I take this opportunity to answer your questions and confirm that we do not want trades in Dofus Cube. Have characters that will work/harvest for you: Yes. Have a farm mechanics of trees or minerals: No, no, archi no.
  • Dungeons.
    • You will have dungeons or prisons in your house. Prisons will allow you to lock up one of the sidekicks of a player who came to break your teeth in your dungeon for a few days. The objective is primarily linked to the background and what it will tell you as history. Your characters will experience adventures and take risks. For now I imagine this part about the secondary sidekicks that you will send to the stable. They may be less valuable sidekicks for you. Under certain circumstances, they may find themselves locked up with another player for a limited time. It's up to you if you want to get it right away for ransom or leave it in the hands of a sadistic potential for a few days. I may dream a little, but I would love to be able to commit some abuse to our prisoners that remains on their character map... "You must pay X Kamas to recover your character or I will torture it." (note of the dev who rereads, the one who corrects mistakes: it has been for years that he wants to sell it to us, the sexual service on a character of another player). If the owner of the sidekick in question does not accept the ransom, he will find him several days later trembling, a blanket on his shoulders and will be able to read what happened to him...
  • Guild.
    • Concerning this part, I think we will have another Haven Dimension named Haven Guild (there is not to say, I am inspired today). It would be a place apart and completely different from your Haven Dimension. This would make it possible for you to meet up with other members and put a lot of things in common without finding yourself with squatters at home. In the same way, for guild versus guild battles, it seems to me that this could be easier to manage by differentiating the places.


Well here, dear friends, we come to the end of this article. I hope you have been able to follow the different ideas proposed here. Again, I do not know how much I can pass on our intentions. I just hope it's not too disjointed.

PS: And to finish on a colored key, here are some updates on the area of Bonta. Last week you had a lot of sketches, have fun replacing the screens on the map.
Starting point:
A small intersection:
This area is not very welcoming:
For those who want sushi:
You will need to confront the guards before going any further:
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Post from Tot's blog from October 25th, 2017.



Hello everyone,
Today we are going to focus on character animation. This article will contain many visuals and animations, which will allow me to rest my poor little fingers following all the exchanges triggered by my cynical humor on Weinstein. So let's leave the society topics to adults and stay in the futility of video games.

Well, first of all, know that this article will be more technical and will project less in the game design than usual. The idea is mainly to explain what artistic choices we made about the characters. In rereading I tell myself that this is the kind of article that may appeal more to the apprentice animators than players, but what do you want, it takes for all tastes.


2D Characters vs 3D Characters

When we started working on the project, we asked ourselves a lot of questions about the graphic part. It's been a while since we thought to move to 3D because, it must be admitted, this technique provides a lot of flexibility. Not to mention that our needs/desires in game design have oriented us quite quickly on 3D sets (remember, movements of scenery of the Haven Dimension). But while the choice of 3D sets quickly proved to be an obligation we remained skeptical about the subject of the characters and wanted to do tests.
So we sat down and thought about it all. I do not believe it's a spoiler by telling you that we ended up opting for 2D. The game will have 3D decors and 2D characters.

Regarding the tests in question, we worked with our friends from Supamonks whose work you will discover below. The idea was to be as close as possible to our 2D renderings. Krosmaga fans will recognize both characters as examples. Of course the rendering is flattering and could not be of this level in a video game, but frankly, basically we were very excited. Supamonks had rendered our characters well and 3D had the advantage of offering us many advantages. Whether personalization/additions of equipment and especially from my point of view, the reuse of assets for other potential games. Unlike 2D, a 3D character can be rotated around and reused quite easily. Conversely, if we wanted to use our 2D characters in a platform game, we could not get anything back.


Sram/Cra Character model videos:



So, tell me, why did you give up 3D?
Well, the answers are multiple.
1. First, the costs that explode compared to the expertise we developed in 2D. We would have had to recompose a team of 3D modelers and 3D animators in-house or outsource all production to an external studio.
2. The second and most important point is the flexibility of the updates. We are able, today at Ankama, to quickly deliver many beautiful animated
2D sprites. This strike force is important when you are working on a community project that has a duty to offer regular updates.
3. The reuse of assets in our different games. It's a sweet dream that I've had for a few years now. Just like Wakfu, Dofus, Dofus Touch and Krosmaga, Dofus Cube is a game in ISO and even if the artistic direction changes, we can imagine characters common to all these games. Today we make the bridge almost only between Dofus Cube and Krosmaga but I do not despair...
4. Keep production and quality control in-house. The production of a video game is often complicated and it is a real advantage to be able to work side by side.
5. Expertise in 2D development. Because our developers have also created, over time, tools allowing us to optimize our 2D assets. They learned a lot about Krosmaga production using Unity for the client part and even developed their own tools to improve the performance of our 2D animations...
6. Being the closest to the visuals of our cartoons. It was another huge goal. As much, on the decoration part one does not see the difference, as much on the character part, the 3D, whatever its quality may be, is noticed. One of our main objectives is to be faithful to the rendering of our cartoon animations, this also weighed in the balance.

For all these reasons and despite the magnificent 3D test, we have stayed on our achievements. I do not despair of working one day with the artists of Supamonks but in the end, the world of Krosmoz was not necessarily the universe on which we will collaborate.
In explaining this choice, I wanted to share with you the reflections we went through.



Creating a 2D Character in Dofus Cube

When we create a character in one of our games, there are several steps to follow, which are quite similar to the ones we cover in our animation studio. Dofus Cube animators and artists have all worked on video games and cartoons, and the majority of them are old-timers who have become more powerful over the years. I hope you will feel their contribution in this new game.


A small bonus for those who have seen Wakfu season 3. Two of these 4 sprites illustrate our desire to be close to the rendering of our audiovisual productions:



It is the designers who intervene first by doing several character searches. We started on the Iop class (as usual) and that gives this kind of research:



Most of the research is really excellent and will certainly resurface thereafter but we are looking for a classic and easily identifiable Iop. So we opt for the one placed lower right and ask William to rejuvenate it a little bit:



Since then Guillaume refines his research with some poses and begins the vectorization of the baby. Vectorization is a crucial technical step because it will then allow the animator to play with different slips... Uh clips. Not to mention which allows to unify the rendering/style of our designers. For Dofus Cube, we wanted more dynamic positions on the poses of the characters, the idea being, in part, to give the illusion of attack even when the characters are waiting for their turn.


On the right, definitive rendering of the vectorized Iop:



Even in small the character must remain visible:




List of different animations in combat

Before going on the animations of our friend Iop, it was necessary to determine a style and list the work to accomplish by character. Here again, the Krosmaga experience allowed us to change our minds and experiment with new things. Our animators applied themselves to the animations but we gradually understood that once the discovery passed, what mattered most was the speed of reading animations. If it was redone, we would do much faster animations on Krosmaga. Damage resolution sometimes taking too long. It feels more than it can be seen but if you win 5-6 seconds per turn (Iop and the opponent) on the playback of combat animations, finally, on the 10th turn you have saved 1 minute. And 1 minute in a game of 10-12 minutes, it's huge. In terms of time but especially, as I said above, for the feeling.
I make you aware of the subject so that you understand why we chose the dash or the race for the movement of characters in combat:



The idea is to gain dynamism while keeping beautiful animations.

By the way: the article about the Wakfu gauge that many of you worry will have impact from combat animations. You fear, rightly, that certain spells are unfairly wasting time. I take this opportunity to tell you that we will stall the spell animation time compared to their AP cost to avoid any problem.

Here is in situation our wills concerning the movement of the characters. Ah, and before you get into the look of the strange black-headed figure, know that he is only a test character. Our crash test dummies that you will never see in the game. It's a little bit the lining of all our characters, the one who does the dirty work while the others have fun... So please, leave him alone...











Now that the dummies have worked hard and allowed us to experiment, we can start adapting some animations on the Iop:











NPC animations and giving life to decorations

As I explained in the previous article, the goal is also to have a very lively world. The minimum goal is to animate the NPCs but we are trying to push the cap further. In order to mark the place where you can fight. We will use this rendering largely for quests and other special adventures:




Back to Table of Contents.

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