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Wakfu Heroes (Dofus Cube | Dofus 3) - Blog

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They probably spent the rest of the development money on trying to hire Steven Spielberg to make a feature-length film depicting the creation of Ankama too. 

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pls dont make sadida here broken please. we already have that in dofus and wakfu... smh

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Boardgame images from Gamakna:



















Concept drawings from Gamakna:


créatures - gardes.jpg















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Post from Tot's blog from March 2nd, 2018.





Today, it is not a note that I propose to you but a video. And, I'm telling you, it is not a video produced at Ankama. We shared, at the beginning of the year, the idea of having, from time to time, explanatory videos on this blog. I had explained that it was not necessarily in my personal desires, but well aware of the impact that these could have. So I promised you a video on the prototype of the Dofus Cube board game after the Cannes Film Festival. The board game has the ambition to have exactly the same rules as those of the video game (on the PvP part).
I had planned to make this video next week, a little backwards, I admit... But here is this morning, a young lady sends me the video she shot on the Cannes show this weekend. She had come with a friend, asked for permission to film and tested the game. So I discovered the video this morning and the first thing that came to my mind was, "That's great!". Augaroma (nickname of the lady in question) completely assimilated the set of mechanics in the video below:


Translation of the video.



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Does anyone speak French and can translate what that nice French lady was saying in the video?

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Summary & Translation of the video:




The girl is a fan of board-games. She went to a Festival in Cannes and had the opportunity to test the Dofus Cube board game.


About the game:


- They played 1vs1 matches

- They could choose between two classes Xelor and Ecaflip

- Board is of 6 x 6 size, you start by placing the character in opposite corners of the board

- The hero is your main character, if your hero dies, the game ends even if summons/sidekicks are still in game

- Most important card is the hero card, gives you info about: HP, Damage, Range and 2 attacks specific to the class.

For example,

Xelor: +2 damage per Sinistrofu in game and AP reserve (stack AP, use them any turn),

Ecaflip: more damage depending on the amount of ennemies next to him, rolls a dice: 1 = -2 hp to the Ecaflip, 6 = picks a card.


- Xelor has 2 range, Ecaflip had 0. Range is fixed. The Xelor, which had 2 range cannot hit at 1 range or more than 2, he can only hit at 2 range. No Line of Sight, no Lock, no Dodge

- Every hero has 2 MP

- MP and actions are played in 1 time. Either move and after action or action and then move. Not both (use 1 mp, action, use remaining 1 mp)

- When a spell is played, it goes back to a deck

- AP correspond to the small blue dices, 6 AP's per turn, they are used to cast spells

- Each summon has different spells, AP's, MP's, Damage


- Elementary bar that you can charge, 1 point corresponds to a small golden dice. If you have a certain amount of elementary points in a stat, you can summon a sidekick. 4 different sidekicks per player. 

- Each sidekick has different abilities. 

- To summon "Yugo" for example you need 2 strength elementary points. 

- It's very important to keep track on how you charge your elementary bar.

- You have to create your decks taking into account which combos are the strongest.


- IMPORTANT: Dofus Cube video-game might come out as a first version by the end of this year (November-December 2018). Dofus Cube board-game in at least a year (February-March 2019)


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This real life companion board game bit baffles me... There's not exactly a proven track record of success with their board games. They had difficulties the whole time making Krosmaster Arena work, at least from a non-French perspective, and I feel that trying to keep up a board game in tandem with their online game dragged down both. French perspective or otherwise, Krosmaster Arena totally fell out of existence trying to make the game work on either platform...


In other words, they're absolutely overextending trying to make tabletop + mobile + pc all work at the same time. There's no way they can maintain parity between all three. The results will be disappointment.

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Back to Table of Contents.


Post from Tot's blog from March 15th, 2018.



The more assiduous of you will notice that I have trouble keeping my commitment of one note a week. There are many reasons for this. Basically, we take the time to do things right and it makes it difficult to have something interesting to tell every week. In addition, for "Transmedia" fans, those who follow our adventures/projects, you have recently discovered that things are moving at home. We have combined a few teams and are trying to merge ideas and creativity for our different games. This is not the reason for this article but if you are interested to learn more, I suggest you follow Dofus Dungeons.
To end this introduction, I also announce that Dofus Cube will soon leave my blog to have its own site. It's sooner than I thought but as the project begins to evolve seriously, it's time for it to leave its cradle to embark on the adventure. Of course, I will push the notes on that new site and we can continue to communicate as we do. Suddenly, I do not know what I will have to write on this blog... We'll see and I do not worry, chatty as I am, there will always be a subject :).

But let's go directly to the festivities.This week I propose to make a point on the graphical situation of Dofus Cube. We are moving forward on many varied and exciting topics, and I think those of you who have been following us from the beginning will take pleasure in seeing these developments. Indeed, on this blog you have discovered, since October, many models. Today, I will present some videos and images that symbolize the evolutions/advances of the latter.


1. Interfaces
Big topic for the last few weeks for us internally: the interfaces. You could see my first tests, those of Arnaud and now, Franho's interfaces that go into finalization. We work like that in general. I try to put a first base that seems effective for my graphical design, I present it to Arnaud who sees what does not work with his tiger eyes.Then they are made in the form of SWF (to test movements and ergonomics). We do and redo and when we start to say that it smells good we send it to Franho for finalization. Even in this that I show you today, we know that many things will still change.
Yes, the video game is not an easy way friends... Too bad our dear Nordic mines have closed, we would have had an easier job.
So, what you will discover below is what comes closest to what you will have in the end... But it's still not over...
You also have to take into account, and I stress this point, that we are working on mobile interfaces as a priority. We will then adapt them for computers. If you look at these interfaces on your computer you will find them, naturally much too big...


Top right, the interface of the opponent. Below, from the left: Your character, his reserve (special class power), his spells, and his Sidekicks. On the bottom line: Your name, the AP reserve (6 for everyone at the beginning of the fight) and your elementary gauges (to summon your Sidekicks ):



The same with the opposing interface unfolded for more information. The Shushu (your Shushu) will also be present and will act as an end-of-turn button. He will talk to you in combat and out of combat and accompany you in your adventures. The Shushu will have a commentary role in your battles and will encourage you. During the opponent's turn, your Shushu turns around and leaves room for the opponent's. For a few hundred euros, you can change the look and dialogue of your Shushu:



Details of one of your spells:



And finally, the creation interface of the Deck (yes, I know, I have not decided on the name yet). Well, between the time I write this article and its publication, we made an interface meeting and this Deck creation interface could change a lot:



So, it certainly sounds easy and all that, but I can assure you that we have already cried tears of blood to get to this point. I can not wait to introduce Haven Dimension interfaces to you so that you discover the overall logic that we are trying to put in place.

2. Animation of Characters
We are developing, among others, the combat part. And for this first functional prototype, we take the boardgame prototype as a base. Remember, the figures in figurines are:



Regarding the Dofus Cube platform version, we are thinking about a Kickstarter that will take place at the end of the year. We will try to couple it with the release of the beta. This is not confirmed, but the idea will be, perhaps (and I say maybe) to offer the first beta keys to those who will encourage us on the Kickstarter. As soon as we are clear enough on the subject, I will announce it. I would like to introduce you to the project and its price in order to gather your opinions and to evolve our work. The problem with the Kickstarter is that we do not have the right to make mistakes and I will count on you to help us make the right decisions. We'll talk again in 2 months.

Some characters in the game:



3. Ambiances
I read, even recently on the Dofus forums, posts of players who regretted our old 3D graphics tests. The people in question judged our first tests much more conclusive than what we can propose today. I understand the appeal of the images we showed you at the time. We were ourselves very satisfied. But as I repeat quite regularly, the video game is a puzzle. This is my point of view and everyone is free to think what they want, but I firmly believe that a good video game is based on the perfect alchemy between the graphics, the game design, the devs, lore design, etc. I included even the economic model. Each party must serve the whole. This is a reality that we are only beginning to equate at Ankama. It seems stupid to say like that, but how many games focus on their graphical rendering to offer a poor experience on the rest? How many movies and series work like that? So I think a good project is a balance between all of those parts. What good is it to have beautiful and big muscles if the heart is incapable of supporting them?
Regarding our graphic research and our vision of Dofus Cube, we made choices. And do not think that these choices are simpler than the previous ones. What some take for "too childish" rendering
are actually real technical challenges. It's much more complicated to obtain simple and elegant decors that emphasize the game design than realistic sets. I emphasize this point. In addition, one of our big motivations for Dofus Cube, as you know, is to have a multi-platform game. The set must be readable and relevant on computers and mobiles. Compared to what we want to do, it is a monstrous challenge, each element must be effective on all media.
And finally, the style we work with allows us to play on the environment. Okay, this little paragraph can give the impression that I am trying to convince you of our choices. That's probably the case, but what I'm trying to make you understand is that before making a judgment on a rendering, whatever it is, you have to take into consideration the whole image. This may be the only setback when we present our pre-productions.


Water test video:



Rain test video:



Shadow test video:



In the water test video, you have a quick overview of what our national Paul is able to add in terms of rendering. Paul is a technical artist, like a dev who knows how to do beautiful things. Yes, I know, where does the world go if the devs become capable of artistic prowess? I do not know friends... Maybe it's just the end, Walking Dead style...
The decorating teams drool to get this report but frankly, I think it gets the job done. In terms of narration, we will be able to play on the weather and unleash the elements if it's needed. Dofus Cube being, chronologically, after Wakfu, the water level has almost finished covering the world of 12. It was therefore very important for us to be able to play different renderings of water. Whether waves or renderings related to the transparency of the water. All this can be played and appear naturally as you go on your adventures. Of course, this first video is a mix of a lot of effects but it allows you to project on the possibilities.


In the shadow test video, perhaps the one that impresses me the most, shows you the interaction between 3D sets and 2D characters. This video impresses me because the shadows that are projected on the character gives the feeling that it is also in 3D while obviously, this is not the case. Lovers of the very first Final Fantasy Tactics on Playstation, I'm glad that we can follow their path. Twenty years ago, these crazies had already worked this way and it is by watching, still today, this "old" game, that we told ourselves that we could follow this path. It's somewhere back to basics, since it was the game that had influenced us the most when we started Dofus. I will be honest with you, personally, I am tired of this race to the 3D technique that we observe on the various audiovisual media. I'm sure there are still a lot of things to do with 2D renderings and we will fight as long as we can in that direction. Our next film, Princess Dragon, is also intended to go completely in this direction. Yes, I know, I have a side of an old fool, but what do you want, you must know how to preserve and defend certain values when they are considered to be in danger.

Back to Table of Contents.

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18 minutes ago, Gravestorm said:

Then they are made in the form of SWF (to test movements and ergonomics). We do and redo and when we start to say that it smells good we send it to Franho for finalization. Even in this that I show you today, we know that many things will still change.


ehm...game engine is still adobe AIR? seriously?

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It's Unity.

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That's starting to look more and more mobile-centered than I expected and it's worrysome.

I was personally hoping in a true Dofus/Wakfu 3.0, but that doesn't seem like the case AT ALL.


As usual, the art department is one of the best around there (imo), wasted with poor game design choices;

What to say, typical Ankama: They can't stay put and do 1 thing good...They have to go out of their way to screw themselves, trying to do 3 different things (mobile, desktop, physical boardgame experience) and not excel in any of those, especially because mobile and boardgame in particular will bring many limitations to the table that will inevitably influence heavily the PC/desktop version.


All the stuff about worldbuilding had me really interested; Not many games give that much importance to immersion and creating certain "moods" based on cities themselves by using unique NPCs with neat little traits/animations is a dream come true as an old-seasoned MMORPG player;

The differences of playstyle based on a class/race element etc was a good sign of not leaving out the hardcore tactics-heavy playerbase who fell in love with Dofus back in the day...but the more they show, the more we see the limitations of an overly-simplified combat system (probably to ease playability on handheld/mobile devices);


Another pretty big fear I have is that they didn't touch much on the "Social" aspects of the game other than your little expandable heavenworld...What about running dungeons with our guildies?

The sidekicks seem pretty "rooted" into the whole gameplay (and they talked about 'em plenty of times already), but not much info about playing with other players.

I guess the "limitations" of the systems are kinda counterbalanced by having to control (I think) up to 5 units total, but, needless to say, this pretty much kills player individuality (and socialization itself obv). It seems like the "Hero" service on Wakfu didn't teach them anything about player alienation and how a social sandbox rpg tactics game became a solo pay2enjoy game.



I still have high hopes for this game as there's NOTHING on the market like Dofus/Wakfu but themselves...and the MMORPG genre is begging for a proper sandbox-y game...too bad this doesn't seem to be it...


It'll just be yet another mobile-centric game, bastardized on PC I fear T_T

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I have been traumatized after the change from 1.29 to 2.0.

That's why whenever I hear a new game launch from ankama, and/or radical update regarding dofus, I except a catastrophe.


I feel like there's such a strong connection between Ankama new launches/updates and Murphy's Law.

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Post from Tot's blog from March 23rd, 2018.




I hope that you are well and that the approach of the weekend gives you a smile. No long texts this week, but a video, the one promised 2 weeks ago at the Cannes release. Between the lives and this video, I think I beat my record of time spent in front of a camera... Even Squeezie is worried about it.
We will present with Kam, the boardgame version of the game. Obviously, this is our first prototype and even if the main lines are there, we still have a lot of things to work on.



Back to Table of Contents.

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Post from Tot's blog from May 17th, 2018.


I know that disappointment or expectation (or both) is high among some of you. I have seen, week after week, your messages usually filled with love and encouragement turn into reprimands.
It's been almost two months since I gave any news of Dofus Cube. I admit that all this lacks humanity, especially after having nourished you with all these delicious notes, sharing at the same time the needy process of creation.

Not that nothing happened dear friends, quite the contrary... It is even rather in front of the avalanche of events that I relegated my notes to the not priority status during these last weeks. I was caught in a strange infernal-beneficial spiral (do not try to understand, right now, this sentence does not mean anything and you will be more enlightened by reading my adventures at the end of the note).

Attention, that does not excuse my failures. For the latter, I'm just going to apologize and prostrate myself like a carpet man and write you down the biggest note you've ever read. In any case, know that the project continues its momentum. We have not had any bad surprises and everything is going smoothly. For the next notes, I'm going to have a tendency to give you a little overview like today. For now, we are moving forward on the details of the concepts I have already presented to you. We are moving forward on all subjects at the same time and I think you are starting to understand where we are heading. I think that by this summer we will be doing something a little more global rather than detailing particular features.


The State of the Game

Before you start reading the various elements, I think that a small roundup of the project is needed. First of all, so that those who worry are reassured, the project continues to advance correctly and the different pieces of the puzzle are being assembled little by little. This is a particularly important step during which the concepts and desires become concrete. Fantasising is finished, we gradually see the result of what we have produced in recent months. Of course, we are still far from the rendering that we want to present to you at the Japan Expo, but we can already connect to the game, wait for an opponent and start a fight... We could say that the hard part is done (Regarding the PvP part), but we have learned that the hard part in a project was also finishing it. This 10% of work that remains to be done but which never seems to end...

Regarding the hypothetical schedule we have been giving you for some time, there is, for now, no change.


We have 2 big dates planned:

Beginning of July with the presentation of combat at the Japan Expo. This presentation of combat will be pretty basic and you will be able to play with pre-built decks on 2-3 different PvP maps. You will have the choice between 3 Xelor decks and 3 Iop decks.
November we will be running a Kickstarter oriented towards the boardgame. During this Kickstarter, our goal is to put a small pledge that will allow people who support us to get a beta key. We want to change the balance of the game months before it releases and we will take advantage of your feedback. There will be, at that moment, 5 Character Classes and 30 Sidekicks. We are preparing the project and it is a sacred piece that awaits us, the more we talk about it between us, the more I realize the adventure that it will be
The next step will depend on the time spent on point 2. But if everything goes well, we would like to release the Haven Dimension (creation and attack of dungeons, beginning of the solo part, PvP...) for mid next year. Regarding concerns of some players about a game that would be very mobile oriented, I would say that yes, at this stage the game will have mechanics of this type. We have chosen to divide the project into different parts and this is what seems to us the most simple, although of course, the
open world part is particularly important to us. This will be the biggest piece of the project. We always have it in mind, but as I explained above, it's really the heaviest part in terms of content. Maybe we'll have the first zone at the end of next year, but I do not think it's reasonable to bet on it too much. This feature will arrive at a later time. After a good return on the project, we quickly agreed that the most important thing for us was to release the game as soon as possible to benefit from your feedback. From there, we have worked on the priorities, and the schedule we propose seems most effective. Now, like everything I present here, assume that this is our plan of attack, but it may change. For the moment everything is going pretty well and I am very comfortable, but we are not immune to a bad shot.

Dofus Cube: The Name


I will start with the most painful/sensitive/terrible topic: the name of the game. And to explain what brings us to a name change, I will explain, in all transparency, how we got there. I say all transparency because you will understand, during these explanations, that there are sometimes vile marketing reasons that push honest creativity to take difficult decisions. It hurts but it is a fact. And, concerning us, these choices are often the result of past experiences (including: past failures).


In short, at the very base, know that the name I had in mind for this new project was different. I absolutely wanted this new game to be the culmination of our various projects, like Dofus/Wakfu, and not only video games. Almost more a platform than a game, the promise we made was to create a project that would allow us to centralize the different contents of our universe, our films/series/comics, into a big MMO. Without going into more details, the original name was Krosmoz World. Dofus and Wakfu being quite synonymous of epoch for me, the Krosmoz was more there for the universe aspect. And I was pretty used to it. Moreover, some work files still bear this name and when I see them, my little heart is moved, taken with a push of nostalgia... If we changed the name, it is following various findings more or less interesting. The most important of them was to want to benefit from the aura of our flagship game: Dofus (and this is despite the fact that Cube is happening after Wakfu, placing itself chronologically after Dofus). To be more precise, Cube is placed after Wakfu Season 4. In terms of narration, I would like to complete the adventures of the Brotherhood of the Tofu with a season 4 and then offer players an adventure in what remains of the World of Twelve. Difficult to go further without spoilers. Basically: Dofus for the marketing, but in terms of temporality, we are well after Wakfu. This is what brought us to Dofus Cube. But here, after a study, it turns out that the word Dofus is really not well received in the US (too close to the term doofus). I tried to resist, but in front of the obvious observation and the desire to have a game that has a real chance on the international market, it was necessary to follow the evidence. No more Dofus in the title then. We start from scratch. In our universe and our projects, the second strong word is Wakfu. So we thought about a title from the latter. Wakfu has a good image in the US through the broadcast of the series on Netflix and above all, does not mean anything special... So what? Wakfu Cube? Wakfu 2? In short, how to place a good title on our next game?

For the moment, and after endless discussions, we decided on:

Wakfu Heroes.

Yes, we can not be more simple, that's why we stopped on this title. Personally, I liked better:

Wakfu Rogue Waves

But this title had not excited people internally. However, it was probably the most connected to the game. Rogue Waves was related to the rogue waves that flood the world of our game. I liked the fact that the first and last word begin with a W (the letter W itself has the shape of a wave) and that the 3 words make 5 letters (one day I will explain to you how much I have a problem in my head and why all my children have 4 letter names... Besides, did you notice that Dofus and Wakfu both have 5 letters, do you think that it is a chance or a deficiency?). The rogue is also a character class and could give the impression that we were going to face waves of killers. In short, I saw a lot of signs that matched our desires and the project. But for now, internally, Wakfu Heroes seems to prevail thanks to its great simplicity.


In any case, we are always in doubt and your opinions are welcome. I hope I have summarized the constraints and issues, if you have any ideas, please, please. Maybe a small survey could help us...

New Website

I have told you about it before, Wakfu Heroes will fly on its own and leave my blog. This is good news in itself because your news will arrive with more regularity. Xyale joins us to support us on the subject and will manage the site and news as needed.

Xyale: The work started by Tot on his blog was intended to communicate with you, without taboos, without restraint, and to include you in the heart of the production by keeping you informed of the progress of the project and make you live its evolution at the same time as the team. This desire has not changed and it is in this same perspective that we will continue to exchange with you later. But as with any growing chick, it's time for Wakfu Heroes (Tot: you see, we're already starting to call it Wakfu Heroes) to leave the nest and build its own identity. The site that we are going to propose to you will allow us to begin a more concrete and official communication with the approach of the Kickstarter of the board game and the alpha of the video game. I can already tell you that we have great projects and great media to share with you, and we can not wait to get going! So as to not make you wait, we will publish a first light version of the site next month, and we will then expand it as the project progresses.


I take the message of our CM to make a small point on the excesses of some. Xyale had left us some time before, returning to my request to support us on Dofus Dungeons and now on Cube (this will remain a code name for the moment). Her leaving for a while is largely related to the misbehavior of some players. Our CMs are in front with you and it is sometimes a dangerous job. Still yesterday, I was treated as "fdp" on twitter. I decided to take the insults I received and laugh at them, but frankly, it is painful. I'll even give you my feelings about the people who behave like that behind a screen. I think there is nothing more cowardly. I came across kékés of this type who play it big hard behind the screen and are all sparkling IRL. And in addition to being cowardly, it is above all a sad stupidity. But, to bury the hatchet, I dedicate an Xelor spell to them (I will let you find it in the images below). All that to say on this blog, I love the relationship we have. I find you relevant, motivated and even messages that do not validate our directions are courteous. I would very much like us to keep this cordiality on the official website.
Thank you in advance.


Character Classes

In this part, I share with you the game design of Xelor that you will discover at the Japan Expo. I think I already told you that there would be 50 spells per class. We have laid a first base of damage (spread over 10 levels) but it is only the first approach (implied: there will not be a single figure that will remain :)).
Before you take a look, I must also explain a point of rule that is changing. Those who follow since the beginning had understood that the movement and the attack of a character (Heroes or Sidekicks) was done on the same turn. I repeat in case: Unlike our historical MMOs, you only have one action per character. Move + Attack. Well we are changing that for Ranged attacks. Cras and others will have more Range but will have to choose between hitting or moving.
Regarding the spells themselves, these are my working files. It may be that some comments or notes are obscure. On the official website we will display them more clearly:























And this is the arrival, for one of the first times on this blog, of little Sylvain. So, little Sylvain is a discreet guy who works on the FX. You've already had a glimpse of his talent in some videos. Here, his job is to give an identity to the FX of the game. He goes from the icons of Franho and Mojojo and continues on the style they put. The Xelor being a character related to the mechanisms, the choice was made to place a small futuristic side in its artistic direction. It is beautiful, anyway, to see these men merge with each other to give birth to a common artistic direction... And I do not know about you, but I like their babies:























Come on, guys, only more than 250 to do...



Ah Sidekicks... A vast subject... As Emilie would say. Since we are in a riot of effects (it's like being with Michael Bay) I take this opportunity to introduce the first Sidekicks. The difficulty of the project is to always keep in mind that the game must also be playable on the board. I present to you 5-6 Sidekicks. If it's too much for your little eyes, I advise you to rest them and continue next week (it will save you from ranting if I'm late :)):




















New Decorations

For their part, the decorators continue to advance on the different areas of the game whether it is the first Haven Dimension dungeon tests, interiors or PvP maps. We are starting to have decorations that look as well on big PC screens as on mobiles, and that, it is fucking cool (because it is fucking hard). So of course, on the computer, we will have many small animations and moods in addition, but overall, we are all very satisfied with the renderings. I let you discover them below:



































As you can see, we did not sleep. The renderings are precise, the game design is refined, and the code... The code is... The code is codified.
Nevertheless, I can not resist putting a little gif of my friend Echo who for some time is trying to replace Julith in my heart... She still has some way to go but frankly, she is struggling:



And as promised...
As promised, a small personal text. For fun before anything and then, by far (but really far) to give you a little message.



Given what happened in the last two months, we can talk about adventure. I will tell them to you for pleasure. Because it amuses me first of all, and because it's my blog and I have the right, even the duty, to tell the most beautiful stupid things that go through my head. I have often wondered why I felt this special and regular need to share my stories in this way. It must be my scriptwriter side. And it may be related to the fact that I do not write much... When I think about it, it goes back a long way... Almost to the beginning of Ankama for those who remember (and are still on this world)... Yet it does not seem to me that I lack friends... My wife knows perfectly on how to listen to my doubts and anxieties (it is one of those rare people who knows how to sleep with open eyes while letting out small sighs like "Hum", "hum hum" that give the deep feeling of being listened to).

Let's start with the trip we made with Kam to Japan in early April. It is perhaps at this moment that I let myself overflow. With Kam, we went to see Wizcorp for a week and continue to find partners for our movie "Dragon Princess". So clearly, on this specific subject, it is progressing well and if we could work with one of the two animation studios we met, I would be a happy man.


I returned on a Saturday, and Sunday in the night, we were robbed. But do not start spitting on Roubaix, the city that fears and all that. I would like to point out that in almost 20 years, this is the first time this has happened to us (I'm talking about personal burglary, in Ankama, it's another story). The next morning is pretty terrifying when you realize that strangers came into your house while you were sleeping, to take everything they could. But the surprise passed, I want to congratulate the authors. Indeed, despite the fact that they have not introduced themselves to me, to take my computer gear, consoles, tablets, phones of the whole family, I found them very "respectful" people. It must have been geeks because they took out some figurines from my shop windows to contemplate them before gently resting them on my desk. In addition the police explained to me that they had gloves. It's very classy, but to the point where they were, they could have used the sink to wash their hands, I would not have wanted more from them. Thank you so much, for not scratching this old Captain Marvel. Really, there was a certain delicacy in the way of doing among these burglars. I also thank myself for not having to fall on them in the middle of the night. In full jetlag at this time, I had to get up 4-5 times... It would still be boring to be beaten naked at home... In short, it is a rather traumatic experience, but as I learn to laugh at everything, I now see it as a fun event.

The conclusion of this is that they have taken, as I said above, all my computer gear (cameras, consoles, phones...) but most importantly, my computer... Finally, my computer. That on which all my work was. Fortunately, I save everything on the cloud and I have not lost anything. I just cross the fingers so that nothing is found on the net, starting with my scripts.
And the palm of the particular situation goes to my son who made me aware, once again of this strange world of geeks in which we live. I tell you. In the morning, the whole family is a little shocked. Apart from Hugo. Hugo, he has his head in the ass like every morning. We suspect that it is not going well and that he is affected, but hey, we do not see it on his face. When suddenly, it becomes almost white. His mother worries and asks him what's wrong... Well, you know that Hugo, he just realized that the burglars had taken his backup of Zelda with the Switch... The rest is fine, but for a geek, a real one, it was a pure blow.



It would be easy to see only the dark in these stories. But, any birth of a superhero is accompanied by a tragedy... And like any superhero, I won a super-power following this test, a real one. Know that now, as soon as you announce bad news, I have a point of pain that immediately arrives at the level of the belly. A bit like the sixth sense of Spider Man except that it warns me after the fact... I started to make a costume but I do not know yet how to use this gift...


So why do I tell you that? What is the reason for this unleashing of letters and words? Well, first of all, I kind of celebrate the fact that it's better. For lack of anything else, I pound my keyboard in a galvanizing frenzy. But that's not the main reason. The main reason friends is that by spending 1 month of not having computers at home and incidentally eyes to rest, I was forced and forced to calm down from work. So of course, one of the consequences is this absence of notes. But in the end, we do not care a bit about that. The real revelation is that by spending more time without being able to work from home, I realized how easy it is to not take advantage of those around us. And for several weeks, helped by burglars, rotten eyes and a month of May hole, I take advantage of the people I love (and the barbecue)... I realize that I always had a good reason to do it only half. Something to write, a very important appointment with Mr. Stuff, stress of something that does not work and lots of stuff that are chained to other things...
And for you who are addicted to work, computer, phone, social networks, shitty programs... I encourage you to get robbed and put a dirty finger in your eye to, like me, fully enjoy life.


Remember the days when this was a Dofus thread.


Back to Table of Contents.

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The conclusion of this is that they have taken, as I said above, all my computer gear (cameras, consoles, phones...) but most importantly, my computer... Finally, my computer. That on which all my work was. Fortunately, I save everything on the cloud and I have not lost anything. I just cross the fingers so that nothing is found on the net, starting with my scripts.


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Oh great, another Wakfu franchise. Not like that game had enough publicity already with the anime, the Xbox game, and now another game. Yay.


New update 2.47: Dofus is being renamed to "Wakfu Antique"

Krosmaga will be renamed to Wakfumaga

Dofus Pets = Wakfu Pets

Krozmaster = Wakfumaster


All Hail our Wakfu Overlords.








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I mean, I enjoyed the closed beta.

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I understand all the sassy comments and partly agree; Ankama's touch is pretty well-known at this point (for people who played their games atleast) and I personally don't expect much from this game anymore.


As I stated in one of my previous comments, at this point is pretty clear what their main-plan is/might be, but I'd be glad to be proven wrong: It reminds me of Krosmaster in many many ways...A huge focus on the boardgame aspect and then, later on, add some support for the other platforms aswell.

We all know how that went: For how much Krosmaster was a neat lil' boardgame, their desktop/mobile app wasn't the best nor that famous to begin with, and now that they wanted to make a true Dofus/Wakfu end-product (They even defined those 2 games as experiments for this "last" one) what are they doing? Basically Krosmaster 2.0, but giving the desktop/mobile app the artstyle used for their past games;


It seems pretty clear, especially from this post, that they are focusing a lot on the combat/PvP aspect (which still seems too simplistic with the whole 1 action per character thing), but not enough on what made the previous games great for many: A community-driven sandbox MMORPG with a complex combat system and many other ways to interact with other players and enjoy the world together: I wouldn't have played Wakfu all the time I did if it wasn't for my guildies and the fact that we could do something challenging together like a very tough dungeon or UB for example; Player-to-player interaction and activities are crucial not only for the life/longevity of the game itself, but for the "feel" the whole game is gonna have.

Personally speaking, I'm sick of the whole "competition comes first" ideal that many companies seem to apply nowadays for their online games...I (and I might not be alone on this one) want more "cooperation". That's what brings people together and makes for a great community and a great MMORPG. By nature of this game's genre, PvP will come automatically as long as it's properly balanced and implemented.



With that said, their artists are amazing and the game looks gorgeous, that's undeniable (except for that huge UI clearly designed for handheld devices...yuck! Hopefully we get a better/smaller one for the PC), but that's gonna carry them only so far...especially if you have to start buying packs/spending money for a chance of getting a good Sidekick and things like that.

As I mentioned previously, I personally don't want to be in my little hub-world, with my sidekicks, doing other people's "dungeons" (already seen in Mighty Quest for Epic Loot by Ubi) and doing PvP...I want to play with my buddies and work our way through a tough dungeon/fight, together.


I'm no game designer, and all my assumptions are just that...assumptions, and I repeat, I'd be glad to be proven wrong on all the stuff I said, but judging from what they showed up until now, it seems like this game won't be for me, probably.

I just wish they made a real Wakfu/Dofus 3.0: With an updated engine (Unity) and a whole new code to work on, they would definitely be able to build something grand and, most importantly, with little to no limitation (Java was a big ball-and-chain attached to their ankle).




One little thing I wanted to write before closing this whole post is referred to their said "marketing team"..."Dofus" is not a well-received word, too similar to "doofus" and so we changed it to make the game have a chance in the US market? Oh god...not to sound rude but that's pretty silly, especially as a company with a very well-known franchise...but at the end of the day, understandable.

It reminds me of the Subway's name story (the restaurant chain):



Initially it was called "Pete’s Super Submarines", later abbreviated in "Pete's submarines", but the radio in 1965 was pretty wonky so during their broadcasted ad the name sounded like "pizza marines", so they changed it again in Subway.



What bothers me is what they went for with the new name...Wakfu Heroes...really? Really marketing team? As if we didn't have enough "[Add random thing] Heroes". That's either yet another sign that they're gonna heavily focus on handhelds and the boardgame, or they just don't understand how this name is gonna automatically label this game as any other appstore mobile-game out there, nothing special (and it might as well be), and kill any interest in people that despise both those types of games and mobile gaming in general.


Please Ankama prove me wrong and release a great interesting and "complex" game, enjoyable solo and with friends; Don't go the mobile-way; Stop with the boardgame thing and focus on the game itself...the boardgame can come later if people actually like and get to know your game...

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