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Psycho-Pioneer Mage Service

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Hello guys, as u know i had not playing dofus for a long time and i'm back and i restarted to take mage orders.  But i'm just taking orders on high level items like catseye, vortex, qot and others.


Mage Options:


Over mage: Over 2-4% res    /   8-12 cri res (16 cri res on tf items)   /   70-120 vit   /   2 Crit   /   over mp red, dod or lock whatever you want.

Exo mage: AP, MP, Range, Summon (including another over stats if you want like 1 range 2% res)



Note: The stats i told above are varies by item. Maybe i can mage better stats or worse, it depends on item. So don't ask me for 4% res 10 dam inky veil lol. Also i'm taking orders to make profit, not for favour. So please don't offer me item's craft price. Lastly this is not troll post, don't ask me for impossible things. You can write everything on Dofus, thanks.



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I got a request on two items. Treadfast belt with 1 MP and a Rassler Ring with 1 range. Can you do that? You can PM me ingame to "Znip"

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