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Lock costumisable menu windows

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So the idea is to add in options (or anywhere) option to Lock/Unlock costumisable meno options (sorry for my crappy english, I don't know how to call it). It would help with some random movement of them by missclicks or maybe in bugs too (please...). That's it. All I wanted to say; nothing more to add. 

Here's an example of random movement of a window. It's annoying to move it back and then you must del with bugs; I can't move it on the right side becouse it jumps away to the left and it's covering the right side of chat bar (where you chose chat options, emoticons smiles and so on):


(btw if you have idea how to fix it, please feel free to share :> Thanks in advance)

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It's called GUI and for tldr people - make a checkbox to lock windows after you setup them.

I often move chat window if I missclick when I want to switch chat.

And bring the old chat.

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1 possible solution: pls bring bak pre 2.36 interface ty

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