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Emotes and positioning in fights

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Add the ability to use emotes and right-click on your character to change the direction you're facing thing in fights.

I would love to turn around and fart on my opponents in kollo before killing them.



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Lvl 200 (Omega 4x) osa.  Guild: Sunrising (probably relatively temporary?) kicked. -I'm currently inactive. - Alliance: Idk, but usually ends up being CYGNI/Cygnus. rip doesn't exist anymore lol 

With lv 140 rogue as an alt. On Echo (was Shika). Also a noob lv 8x Iop on Wakfu, member of Storm Troopers on Remington (if it still exists, haven't checked in a while)  kicked

Add me on steam (Sommanker) and Battle.net (Sommanker#2834) and Discord (Sommanker#1592). I play a multitude of other games.



Latest sig update: 23/03/20


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A cat has 9 lives, right? 7 left!

Set: 4/8 Items done, 0/9 Trophies done, 0/2 Dofus done, 0/4 Exos done.

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That's a pretty good idea, imagine all the white flags waving at kolo, the /spyglass before you hit an invisible sram, /Hi before you're about to do some mad cloudy turn dmg o god I want this so bad!

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Yes, that would be great.


Art by Kaitah

Leader of Heaven Knights and Team Rocket

Dofus Guides and Videos: Tumblr - Youtube - Twitch



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