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200 fisherman looking for best idol setup(solo,with highest bonus loot%)

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Hello boys :) I just get final with lvling fisherman,well I'm looking for help with get


custom idol's build for drop rare fishes :)

Build need to be "solo" using idols,for my enutrof. I want best one drop % bonus,or build which will be perfect for that job.

Waiting for you'r help :) If u can,answer me fast please :) 



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dunno what is the best score for that i run with some 415 score, because im too lazy to buy and find the right idols xD

else you can try use this http://1-dot-idolegen-1.appspot.com/idolegeneration/en to find best combo :)


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idols affect that? oO

Eniripsa Winged-one Pandawa Hubabuba Enutrof  Uncommon Rogue Cra Maiklnait
~*All professions 200*~


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They don't affect the fishing exactly, but the affect the chance of a protector dropping a rare fish. But since the PP boost is tied to how close you are to the enemies in level, a PP set is more effective if you're not around level 50.



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