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The good, the Iop, and the Castuc

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The good, the Iop, and the Castuc


Stronger than the magnificent seven but much meaner than a pack of enraged Boowolves, they're coming to the Beta servers this week! You'd better get ready, 'cause it's gonna get stingy* 

*Not that way! Actually, with more than 60,000 words, this next Update will keep you quite busy. So, if asked what you're doing in the coming days, tell the truth: "A Castuc robbed me of my life at high noon".


The Samurai



The Saboteur



Here's the google-translated version of the changelog:


Saharach Chapter 1:
The first chapter of a new extension is available: Saharach.
This extension includes two monster families, 2 dungeons (levels 80 and 130), 2 reviews research, quests, equipment and Success.
The two new areas are accessible from a boat in the port of Madrestam at coordinates 12 -6.


Quest elementary Dofus:
Adventurers who have completed the quests first four Dofus Primordiaux can talk to meriana to start a new series of quests related to Dofus Elementary. It is necessary to have the Dofus position to start the series.
This quest helps make the legendary cape Dofusteuse (including bonuses are improved) and a new level cap of 200.


A new focus system is available in the interface generation runes Smithmagic. It allows you to choose one of the effects present on the objects being broken and generate a greater amount of the corresponding rune (at the expense of all other runes normally generated).
Normal runes conversion malus to Pa and Ra runes are removed. It now takes only 3 normal runes to make a rune Pa and 3 Pa runes to make a rune Ra.
An article Devblog details the changes applied to the generation system of runes Smithmagic:
In the history of the maging interface, the colors used for the failures, successes and exotic effects are modified to improve readability.


When a contestant gives up a fight Kolossium, his next victory in Kolossium will now brings him no reward (no experience, no Kamas or Kolizétons). In the case of the registration file "solo", teammates of a fighter who dropped may drop without suffering the penalty and their fight will be counted as a single defeat. In addition, any missing fighter for 2 laps or more is considered abandoned and the registration file "solo", his teammates are also allowed to leave without penalty.
When a character abandons a fight Kolossium, the number of fights played today is now correctly incremented by 1, not 2.
Obtaining rewards that can be achieved against the Kolizétons in the store NPC Annabelle Huaire are now conditioned by dimension values (solo or team) minimum. This change can act on three points:
Ensure that characters with very low ratings can not get the best rewards from the Kolossium (protection mainly targeting Kolossium bots).
Encourage players to achieve a higher rating and reward by releasing their new rewards.
Decorrelate partially the value of the rewards of their price in Kolizétons (the rating criteria on obtaining rewards will reduce the number of characters capable of generating some rewards).
The Kolizétons can not be obtained against the Doploons from NPC Merchant temple (except for the Heroic server). This exchange was set up when the characters of some servers could fail to find enough Kolossium fights. It is no longer necessary since the addition of KIS.
The confirmation window of a combat drop correctly displays the duration of the penalty will be applied.
The message indicating the remaining penalty time after abandoning properly display seconds.
The Kolossium dimensions of a character are reset during a class change.


In combat preparation phase, unfold the "Timeline" no longer appear abnormally arrow indicating the character whose turn is underway.
In the interface options, the button to reset the interfaces correctly reset the fight changed interfaces.


A new introduction to the eternal quest harvest is added: it makes the link between meriana and Otomaï. This quest is optional, it is not necessary to complete in order to obtain the Ochre Dofus.
Quests Draconanthropie and Lets not drag your son (v Brâkmar) following the amendment of the bestiary Village Gisgoul, potions Gisgoul are given by meriana and Léthaline Sigisbul to allow NPCs to teleport directly into the tower Gisgoul and to avoid confrontation against high level monsters.


In the interface options, a group of options for tooltips added. It allows you to change the display time for some tooltips and the display mode of the theoretical jets.
In the "Details" tab of the interface for advanced features, an explanatory tooltip is now displayed in the overview of each feature.
In the real estate agency interface, search filters for 5 minimum deposit boxes and 5 rooms minimum added.
In the chat interface, a star icon now takes on the color of the active channel.
In the server selection interface, there are more useless gray rectangle displayed in the upper right.
In the interface identifier, the tooltip indicating that the Caps Lock key is active is visually improved.
The interfaces blocked for a delay of several seconds (important messages for example) are graphically improved.
In the fast interface equipment, there are more empty icons in the icon selection list.
In selling hotels in buying mode, in the central part, overflying empty lines no longer display the tooltip of a previously viewed object.
In the Friends interface, text to add a new friend are clarified and some graphical improvements are made.
In the social interface, the interface tabs that have no shortcut assigned do not display shortcut empty parentheses.
In the recycling of objects interface for nuggets (via alliance prisms), there is now more tooltip on empty text fields.
In the list of artisans, alignment wings and the paid status or not Artisan's benefits are now displayed correctly.
In chat interfaces, craftsmen list, friends, guild members and in the tooltip of the characters in battle, the player's status display (absent, etc.) is standardized.
In hotel interfaces sales during the sale of several lots of identical objects, the central window closes and a temporary tooltip shows that the sale was conducted.
In the interfaces used before arrival in play, the text "Pseudo Dofus" is replaced by "Pseudo account".
In the bestiary, resistances monsters now have a proper title.
On the character selection interface, the number of characters is displayed if there is only one character.
When the fast interface equipment is open, use loop with a quick equipment now displays a proper error message.
The ergonomics and appearance of the pseudonym select interface improved.
The display of the warning message in the interface titles and ornaments when the character has its PvP activated mode is improved.
The dedicated button to access the companion interface is removed. Access to this interface is now done via the context menu signs companions.
The mount interface is now available from the context menu of the frame.
In the external chat interface, the combat channel is again available outside of combat.
In the interface of the shop, the play button no longer appears das the browse interface of an article that changes the appearance of the character.
The graphical appearance is improved context menus.
The active tooltips when disconnection are properly closed properly after a reconnection.
Moving objects in inventories no longer appear tooltip.
Pinned tooltips can be all closed simultaneously with the keyboard shortcut "Shift + Esc" (changeable shortcut).
The tooltip pinned active (the last open or selected) is now surrounded by a border, it is that which will be closed after pressing the "Esc" key.
Click on a tooltip now displays the pinned above all others.
The main menu opens correctly over all interfaces, it is opened via the shortcut "Esc" or via the dedicated button.


World's map :
The performance of the world map interface are improved.
The icons are correctly displayed in search results.
The window is moved territories.
The tooltip help conquer territories is no longer cut in languages other than French.
The tooltip of the area flown displays correctly when Collector is present with other points of interest on the rollover map.
Use a landmark or a filter on points of interest more reduced the size of icons benchmarks.
The icons of landmarks displayed in tooltips areas no longer use shadows.
Move the map no longer appear tooltip.
In the mini map, the icon indicating the position of the character is not moving for performance reasons.
Right click on the world map, an option to center the view on the position of the character is added.


Guilds and alliances:
Guilds who have reached level 200 now have their experience gauge filled to the maximum.
In the directory, after a search guild or alliance by member name, the button to clear the search correctly displays the complete list of guilds or alliances.
In the directory, the guild name or alliance is now displayed as the default search filter.
In summary Collector collection interface, the height of objects of lines is increased.
In the mode conquer the world map, sorts of areas by name and date of vulnerability are added, the name of the alliance with the area is properly displayed when mousing.


The Muldos now all offer a bonus of 1 additional MP from level 100.


Objects and equipment:
The facilities available in loot from monsters now benefit from an increased probability of obtaining for characters whose level is close to that of objects.
Bonuses of Dofusteuse cape and her recipe is changed, the level passes to 200. The improvement effect is not retroactive, it is necessary to use a regenerating Orbe.
The revenue items whose ingredients have been modified during the recasting of Cania are changed to be more consistent: the ingredients that the level was too high or whose graduation rates have changed are replaced by other ingredients .


The Zaap the Haven Bag Wabbit now works correctly.
The characters now borrow a correct way to approach the coffers Havens-Bags.


The Osamodas Dopple can not give the fate of PM with "Canine".
Dragon red and black: the care and Dragofire Dragosoin are reduced.


In the first fight of the tutorial, 3 positions of various departures are now available. Default character is positioned on the center position.
DOtomaï on the island, the access stairway to the Canopy is replaced by a trap door.
On the edge of Brâkmar, 16/9 3 cards are added (they were missing).
The boxes supposedly inaccessible properly blocked at coordinates 1 -35.
A Kralove harvesting site located in - 84, -41 is moved because it was inaccessible.
The cards located at coordinates -32, 39, -33, 38 not display map change arrows that lead on any map.
The monsters of the subarea Gisgoul the devastated village are replaced by Bworks dungeon Bworker. The level of the sub-area and the associated success are changed.
Interactive elements visible on adjacent cards no longer appear as interactive.
The Glub enhancement potion correctly gives 10 Prospecting.


Sorry not sorry for the spam


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Thought they were bounties as well.. But now theres a teaser for the second monster.. Looks like the same monster family. So maybe a kanigrula size update with a new area and dungeon?

Camogie : 200 chance Rogue

Sandor : 200 int/agi Eliotrope

ღMarried to the most stylish and Awesome wife in Dofus, my lovely Siaღ


In memoriam: Camogie the strength cra.

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Possible, but aren't there too many monsters in one family then?

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22 minutes ago, Aurameroz said:

Possible, but aren't there too many monsters in one family then?

The video in the OP shows 7 in the family and Castucs have been a family in Wakfu for quite some time now.



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Onyxia Wipe Animation

Cause it STILL makes me smile.


Profession XP and Materials Calculator

Little program I wrote to help get through the grind.

No longer valid due to profession changes in v2.29

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Hmm, then it probably will be a new area :)

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Yeah i think it'll be a new area .. unless the "quest

for the elemental dofus" isn't linked to this part of the update

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4 hours ago, Topmaster said:

Yeah i think it'll be a new area .. unless the "quest

for the elemental dofus" isn't linked to this part of the update


get 120 lvl in wakfu and beat those monsters so we will unlock achiev in dofus aka "quest for elementl dofus"

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26 minutes ago, Horxy said:


get 120 lvl in wakfu and beat those monsters so we will unlock achiev in dofus aka "quest for elementl dofus"


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wow ankama actually making another content this year, is this real life

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So I was watching 2.37 on Twitch and we will get new lvl 70/120 area (desert island) and besides their gear, we will also get new omni ap hat and omni-effect-Dofusteuse cape (probably quest reward)





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Yes, those two are gonna be quest rewards for the new "Quest for the elemental Dofus" questline (which requires the 4 existing Dofus questlines, just like the original Dofusteuse required a couple Eggs to be crafted.

I'm in a dead-end relationship with the dead guild Rosalt.

Things I have left to kill for quests/achievements (25 quests left):

Solar | Bethel | 4 Bounties




Artwork by Pokii, Kaitah and Tawa

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Oh, and this sexy ornament is also a reward for that questline:


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I'm in a dead-end relationship with the dead guild Rosalt.

Things I have left to kill for quests/achievements (25 quests left):

Solar | Bethel | 4 Bounties




Artwork by Pokii, Kaitah and Tawa

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That ornament has 2 things wrong: Ochre looks like Ivory (it's supposed to be an Ochre) and they switched the elements for Emerald and Ochre (Emerald is air, depicting earth in this version, and Ochre is earth, depicting air in this version).

I'm in a dead-end relationship with the dead guild Rosalt.

Things I have left to kill for quests/achievements (25 quests left):

Solar | Bethel | 4 Bounties




Artwork by Pokii, Kaitah and Tawa

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1 hour ago, Jappar said:

Crimson/Emerald/Turq and...? Ochre or Ice?

it's orche at least cuz ice is not a primordial dofus laid by bolgrot (or what's his name) but given out to count by jiva, thus ice can't be there



( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)








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rip ochre is the only one i am too lazy to actually do, but thanks for answer anyway :]

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3 hours ago, Goatee said:

Oh, and this sexy ornament is also a reward for that questline:



of course right when I stop playing ankama finally releases a good-looking ornament ...

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Summary of Dofus Live from JOL : 



Google Translated:


The Update 2.37 is only the first chapter of this extension (expected in two chapters). -

This First chapter has three zones: a village, a level of zone 70 (Dunes bones), and a level of zone 120 (Territory Cacterre).

This area is accessible from the port of Madrestam but has a Zaap.

This chapter includes two new dungeons

  • (the Cemetery of mastodons, designed for adventurers level 80,
  • and the Cave of El Piko, designed for adventurers level 130),
  • two new families of monsters


Note that exist in this area a new means of transport, .(scaréoplanes similar to, unlockable by quest quest elementary Dofus)

This special collection will be cast in Meriana under several conditions:

  • be of minimum 160 level,
  • have 4 basic Dofus in its inventory,
  • and have completed the corresponding quests (so you can not not start this quest if you bought your Dofus!).

This Quest will have two major awards:

  • the Dofusteuse (the new version),
  • and a resource for to manufacture a new hat, Dorado.

Note that Dofusteuse is not changed retroactively

An ornament and a title (Friend of Dragons) also recognize the fulfillment of this quest .






The Ohwymi extension will offer several zones in the full version intended for characters of level 70 to 200.


You will discover Chapter 1 in this update (level 70 to 120).

2 new zones: 

  • After reaching the Port of Sarakech
  • you cross the Boney Dunes (level 70) and
  • the Castuc Territory (level 120). 


(In Chapter 2, two additional new zones (level 160 and 200) come to complete the Ohwymi extension).


  • More than 30 new quests (including a dozen specific Elemental Dofus quests)
  • 16 new desert monster resources
  • 2 new monster families
  • 2 dungeons and 2 wanted monsters
  • 4 new sets
  • 4 new weapons

As well as extra equipment specially designed for Elemental Dofus quests.

Edited by Pokiii
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