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Old chat

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Okay, since new update is ingame already I can ask for it here officially. @Izmar pls talk with Ankama crew or however it works to let us use old chat again. I never used this new one couse it's horrible for me, with old one I could set everything up anyhow I wanted, now it's crap that requires me to swap some options to talk/see fight messages etc and I don't like it  AT ALL. 

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I agree, please bring it back.


While it is unavailable though, for anyone who doesn't know, you can edit the four presets by right-clicking on them, allowing you to change what is displayed and what icon represents it - kinda like custom sets.

This is worse for changing what you can see on the fly though.

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With lv 140 rogue as an alt. On Echo (was Shika). Also a noob lv 8x Iop on Wakfu, member of Storm Troopers on Remington (if it still exists, haven't checked in a while)  kicked

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as much as i dislike the 2.0 chat setup its not really that hard to just have everything in the star except trade/recruit, have fight/general/info in sword, pms/group/guild in heart and trade/recruit in house. stay in star chat for everything except when u want to see only the stuff you assigned to sword/heart or to see /b and /r in house. works just like the old boxes for 1.x but just slightly more effort. I'd be more triggered and upset about the chat colour changes but people change those to whatever anyway




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i don't wanna share this post anymore
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