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Hello all, as you may know I use to have the best english alliance on server, it wasn't very big but with the guys we had we did achieve some good things.


Once again, I am here to offer recruitment into an English alliance.


Why am I back in an English Alliance?


  • I really need to see the English take more of a stand on this server, I stress out that some english people work really hard and have nothing to show off on the server.
  • I was continuously getting set back by being in other alliances, I would constantly die and die once I got to a new step of success on the server.
  • I prefer playing with my own kind! 



What are the benefits of joining my alliance?


  • You will play with some of the best english players on the server
  • We have a free TeamSpeak server that allows us to talk easily
  • We do have some bilingual people, so if you struggle on some words you could speak in another language
  • We have alot, alot of level 200s, we can defend prisms and perceptors.
  • We do PvP often, the only thing we lack is numbers, so please join!
  • We do help others in PvM, with crafting, and anything we can help with.


Can I bring my own guild into the alliance?


Of course you can, just message me and we'll talk about it!


Criteria you need to meet to join the alliance!


  • I can't stress out about this enough, you need TEAMSPEAK! Even if you aren't able to talk, please just listen, its so crucial you know what's going on in a PvP plan or something.
  • You need to be a player that doesn't quit after your first death, such a nightmare seeing this happen so often.




I am connected almost 12~ hours a day, message Crunchiee for an invite.


Anyone is welcome!


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I'm happy to see this coming from you Haxx. Finally a dream come true! I can live happily forever now just seeing this.

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Lock please forum mod, will make a new post


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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