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Walking on Feca Glyphs

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Imo, walking in and out of glyphs multiple times on the same turn takes too much of the turn time, especially when the ap/mp loss from blinding/burning glyph is recalculated( it's slow af).Also many times it doesn't correctly display the ap/mp you get back once you step out of the glyphs. Even if it does, the mp ap return after a short spike and take even more of the turn time. Maybe something can be done to make this process more fluid?

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Also I frequently mess up my turn because I walk into a srams trap and therefore have no time to move where I wanted to go... Maybe they can give us a little bit extra time for our turn for every glyph / trap we walk into

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classic internet. i never asked for more time. i'm just suggesting that the ap mp reduction and recalculation to be made smoother and not jerky like the way it is.

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more time (or better yet, the time doesnt go down until after the ap/mp changes are calculated) or smoother recalculation, the end result is the same, no need to be an ass about it lol

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