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It would be a different thing if the game had any content besides hunting for the monsters that would keep players busy. Also the changed spawns alongside the weird nearby feature seem to have made it less fun in general. I spent two evenings at a 3 pokestop lure spot and the rarest thing I saw during that time was a poliwag. Which isn't too bad, but it feels bad when the nights before the update the place had cool random spawns every now and then of stuff like Wigglytuff, Weepinbell, Scyther and Pinsirs. 


There's not a whole lot they can do at this point with less than 150 pokemon in the game, and they don't even show signs of fixing the one thing that actually made it fun. Then again, it's just a mobile game that was fun for a couple days. No loss there.

Quit? Break? Too lazy to log on?




Move to Zato. Build a wall. Make it great again. Make Solarians pay for the wall.


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just walking casually home and i met this guy 

this game is great lol went out hunting 2 nights in a row, it's great meeting random people at 4AM lol Clocked in at 26KMs yesterday, imma be able to run a marathon soon   TEAM BLU

mdr yesterday I pulled up on a random parking at 4AM with 4 friends (2 of my friends were vaping so it looked like we were hotboxing) The police showed up, I put my window down and they're like:

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The game itself doesn't need anything more then 150 pokemons, some stops and gyms to be a continuous succes. The social aspect of the gyms will keep enough people hooked. 


Besides that, the game has already created several iconic pokemon hotspots over here in the Netherlands: whereever there are a few stops and a gym located close together in a nice park or public place, it's a succes. In my hometown there is this park where one part of it has 3 stops and a gym. The stops have active lure's on it 24/7 and there are at least 100+ sitting and playing there, some of them continue the entire night. 


Foto's and videos of such places and the stuff that happens (1000 people literally running & sprinting for a spawned dragonite, etc.) go viral. I've been to that place with my sister once and it was hilarious. It was a great place to play, but seeing everbody else playing, interacting with each other and having a good time was the best part of it. 


These spots are created because of the popularity of the game, but they also feed and raise the popularity even more because a lot of people just go the park to witness the madness. It's like zaapsitting in real live, and we all know how many people are hooked onto zaapsitting in dofus ;)

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Service topic

Putting it another way, things can only go up, because ankama are clearly at rock bottom when it comes to customer support.

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18 minutes ago, koentjuh1 said:

It's like zaapsitting in real live, and we all know how many people are hooked onto zaapsitting in dofus ;)


Oh shit, I didn't even realize that. :O

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I'm in a dead-end relationship with the dead guild Rosalt.

Things I have left to kill for quests/achievements (25 quests left):

Solar | Bethel | 4 Bounties




Artwork by Pokii, Kaitah and Tawa

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Introducing Gen 2-


no idea if you're able to read the text as I'm uploading from a phone, but the main points to take from this are:


Once obtaining 50 different types of Pokemon and seeing 100 you'll be given the Gen 2 pokedex. 

Breeding will become available, to do so you need a different gender of the same Pokemon (I'm sure you know how and where this is going). 

Youll be able to obtain Gen 2 eggs from pokestops, you know they're gen 2 as they have a different shade of colour. 



I doubt this this will all be updated in one big patch, but more so what their plans are, kinda exciting..



Leader of Outer Hell.



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I saw that on reddit a week ago. I am pretty sure it is simply fan-made and nothing that niantic has annonced... Do you have any somewhat official source? 

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it's just fan speculation/suggestion. it's not official.

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Know what would be more exciting? Being able to track a fucking pokemon that shows up on the nearby radar. They might as well have just fucking removed the entire nearby menu since it serves absolutely no purpose anymore.


Also, yes, that one single update ruined the game for me. Walking around aimlessly isn't fun, the pokemon have spawn and despawn timers, meaning I have 5-15 minutes upon spawn to find it. If there's no way to track the god damn Nidoking, Venusaur, Blastoise, or Dragonite (All seen on nearby over the past week) then I just spent a large chunk of time running around in circles, aimlessly, so no gain/profit. It's incredibly painful.


That, and I've hatched 27 2km eggs, and I've literally gotten Rats, Spearow, Pidgey, Caterpie & weedle from 25 of them. 2 were Pikachus. Why in the fuck would they put the 98% spawn rate pokemon inside fucking eggs?! ANYTHING BUT THOSE WOULD BE FANTASTIC. ANYTHING!!! *grumbles* Halfway to lvl 22. Have 9 eggs in incubators now, maybe I'll get something half decent from 3 10km eggs and 6 5km eggs.

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I'm usually the first to toss out criticism when I see untapped potential in something, but the level of butthurt going on over the tracker and them quite rightly asking third-parties to stop abusing their service is on a whole different level.


The tracking was never especially good in the first place, and never led to me actually finding anything of worth. I had more fun with the game when I actually had no idea where stuff was, and was actually interested in going to places I'd never ventured before. When you find something good, it feels great, because it's a surprise, and there was no stress or worry in trying to track it down before it despawned.


The one thing I will complain about, ahead of time, is how they go about implementing additional Pokemon. I want to either hunt 100% in Kanto, or 100% in Johto, etc, without them being mixed together. If they just throw in 700+ Pokemon together randomly, without upping the spawn rate, it will be absolutely impossible to go after a specific Pokemon, because the chance of finding a Pidgey will suddenly be like, 1/21, rather than 1/3. You will end up with more variety, but less consistency for powering up and evolving. Of course it will be infinitely worse for the uncommon ones.

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The third party app being taken down is justified, knowing where nests spawn is just stupid and takes away from the game, but actually hunting the Pokemon is what I loved doing when it was active. I used the tracking system to find so many things during server up-time. Running through the woods to track down a Raichu, it was incredibly fun. If you see something rare pop up now, what are you going to do... Just continue walking down a normal path, no reason to venture off in the other direction. It takes so much away from the game

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The tracking system never worked for me...started playing in update .2 where the footprints where always on 3 and the radar wasnt turning green showing that u go in the right direction, so basicly it stay the same. I was hoping they would fix it cause it seems indeed a lot more fun to actually track them down then randomly hoping they pop up before your feet.

So basicly after more then a week catching mostly birds, rats, weedles and something else from time to time...interest in the game is dropping. Its still fun to sit on a spot with lure (cause of the meeting other weirdo's running around with a smartphone in their hand getting excited when something pops) or taking over a gym ... but the running around to find some nice stuffs *shruggs* ...guess i m toooo lazy for it after all


I guess if they dont find a way to fix the tracking, they loose a lot of players after a few weeks...

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The only surefire way to actually find rarer Pokemon is to sit at lure clusters with large amounts of people around. The current thought seems to be that more people playing in a certain area means that rarer Pokemon will spawn, coupled with unique terrain like parks and water possibly. For example there's a pier near me that's technically a park, and there's also an amusement park nearby, and it's generally a family destination at all times so there are tons of people by default outside of the large mob that indefinitely occupies the triple lure. Find local PoGo groups on FB to find the hotspots.

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Finally got myself a Porygon! Wooo :) And a sexy Ryhorn. I'm happy with tonight's slow drive :D

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