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Making the game more enjoyable for newcommers

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As you all know Dofus is quite a complex game and most of the players happen to be lvl 150+. I'm a lvl 86 Iop and I find it really hard to meet people who are my lvl. It's incredibly annoying to get leeched all the time, I wanna do the game content with a team that is close to my capacities, a team that will make the game enjoyable. It's definitely not fun to do a dungeon with a lvl 200 friend and see the boss being one shotted, I truly wanna experience the game. So i propose adding a new interface to search for teams to xp with or at least an interface that could connect players that are the same level so we can grow all togheter. There are the character pages on the dofus site but when i start searching for people there, the ones i would like to talk to are either not online or haven't logged on to Dofus in the past decade. So what do you say about making this game more enjoyable for us, the low levels and maybe dofus will start growing again.

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I always felt like they should have at least expanded that interface a little more.


Instead of making it so that you could only group up with people who are signed up to do certain dungeons, maybe if they had a feature where people could group up depending on what area they wanted to xp at (for example, if I wanted to xp at frigost and had nobody to xp with (foreveralone.jpg), then I'd simply sign up on the interface and see where other players are located and then I'd just group them and taraaaaaa, we'd go xping together).


Also while we're on that note of improving the team search option, they should add a little "description" feature so that people could type in what sort of things they're looking to do. For example, if I were to be signed up on the team search interface and I was in the jelly area and I wanted to drop certain jellies and not go there to xp, then I'd say something along the lines of  "LF players who want to drop red/blue/green jellies at the jelly area"


>Team search optimization techniques 101


Also I remember several people saying things like "Oh they should just make it so that people who actually use the team search feature get more rewards and stuff", Ankama said they don't agree with that idea simply because of the fact that it may be abusable in the long run. Iirc, you could just simply get your friends to register themselves onto the Team search system, 'link up with them' and then do the said dungeon to get more rewards, which is practically useless in the long run tbf'ed.


But yeah, the system we have right now is extremely narrow minded, like who the fuck wants to sign up with random players to do dungeons anyway gg



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Not enough sleep + studying because I procrastinate all day + seeing Imps Village Posts that make me procrastinate even more = Not enough energy to type properly in english gg
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Shre, maybe if they would upgrade the team search and make it more user friendly, as Ultimate-Sensation said, they would start using it again. Untill now my early game experience kinda sucked and i think that's one way to improve it.

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I agree it need works, always has. We told them that 5 years ago when they put it in the game. My point was that there is a team search that you and most other new players are completely unaware of. 


To Ultimate's comment about PuG's for dungs it happens all the time in other games. Does it suck sometimes? Sure, it's a PuG but you meet some really nice people and good players randomly too. I've met some of my best friends because they said "Hey, lets attack that horse thingy" one day or just randomly meeting people while out XPing. 

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The reality is that for most people Dofus isn't a game; it's a race. It's a race to get to 200, to scroll everything, to get exo mages and to make as much money as possible. A few months/years (at most) later these people will quit saying that they miss 1.29 (the fuck?). The first 199 levels weren't meant to be breezed through like most people do (this includes me, admittedly, since even I leeched most of my characters). 


I honestly think that they should drastically reduce the xp gained from Frigost and buff the xp/rewards gained from quests and dungeons. Yes, there will always be leechers but I think that eventually, people will get tired of the drag it takes to level quickly. 


Also, multi-accounting is another problem. Nowadays people don't have the time to stick around newcomers and help them out since they're probably either at kolo or they're hardcore-farming some dungeon.


So grab a pan, put some leechers and multi-accounters with a pinch of uninteresting quests/content, stir firmly and you have the current state of Dofus. 

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