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Echo Smackdown (the 1v1 PvP tournament) is now open for registration until Friday! Click Here

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Looking for Group!

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My roommate and I are looking for people to group with and play on Oto Mustam to be able to roam and do dungeons without fear of getting PVPed constantly.

I have a level 101 Eniripsa, my roommate has a level 109 Osamodas. We want to be able to do dungeons and level while moving in a group so that we can survive PVP and engage in PVP as well. We have a Discord server: https://discord.gg/waZ38HT We'd enjoy having some people to come hang out. <3

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You should try contacting Crunchiee while explaining yourself a little bit and see what he thinks about it. Never hurts to try asking :)

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Yes, contact him in game and explain who you are and your friend. State your case and see what happens.



Screenshot (317).png

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