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Alpha-...= Ogivol [Rushu]

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Hey guys.

As @Azaelya posted earlier. We have come across a perfect IP match between the account Alpha-Claws and another belonging to Ogivol, a prolific scammer known predominantly on Shika for netting potentially well over 1bk in illicitly gained Kamas. Below is the post we're basing this accusation on which links both accounts to Ogivol. 

Alpha has become a well known face on Rushu this year with numerous services being offered in exchange for Kamas. Some of which may require login information. While there's no way to gauge his intentions, nor can I tell you who to trust, please keep this information in mind when engaging with Alpha in future. Especially with his previous record, we don't like scammers in this community.  

You can find dedicated threads here and here which have buckets more information on this topic.

In light of this; the account Alpha-Claws and other affiliated accounts have been permanently banned from Imps Village.


Thank you.

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    Kikn | Blank ⚪

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Good to know, so wheres my title change.

:D ;o :3 ^_^ :P

[05:48] Rizzix: Save the best till last

[15:02] Mikaela attacks with Archetypal Bow. Critical Hit!

[15:02] Cadbury: -130 HP (dead).
[15:02] Coney is dead.


It ain't a party without yall bois

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I'm not telling you to not be cautious, and what comes to log-in credentials etc. You're just a dumbass if you give those to anyone in the first place.



My recent deal with Alpha went out smooth, though. The transaction started before he was revealed as Ogivol. I was supposed to receive some irl kamas for a little something something, we first did the trade with me receiving half the value in kamas and him receiving the item. I'd keep the kamas until I got the moneys. There were some problems with getting the irl kamas moving so we settled on going with the full price in kamas. I received the other half of the kamas today, and not an insignificantly small sum either. I'd do business with him again.

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Alpha-fuhrer in server rushu guild: one man one mission is a scammer, hes using trade channel saying this: Alpha-Fuhrer: leeching [Eye of Vortex] [Vortex (Focus)] lvl 199-200S only, pm me for price/info!//  I paid Alpha 15mill in order to get through Vortex. After i paid him, he ignored my PMs and has never taken me through dungen. He continues to post on /b offerring to provide leach for Vortex.


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