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403 - Forbidden after logging in

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Since forum upgrade, whenever I log in I get the 403 - Forbidden error message, but am logged in when I then go back to imps by other means. 

Anyone else with the same issue / can you guys fix it?

I didn't really know where to put this.


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Lvl 200 (Omega 40ish?) osa.  Guild: Sunrising (probably relatively temporary?) -I'm currently inactive. - Alliance: Idk, but usually ends up being CYGNI/Cygnus. With lv 140 rogue as an alt (I have others but all are sub 100 and never used). On Echo (was Shika).

Also a lv 8x Iop and 5x Feca on Wakfu, member of Storm Troopers on Remington (if it still exists, haven't checked in a while)  I have finally been kicked!

Add me on steam (Sommanker) and Battle.net (Sommanker#2834) and Discord (Sommanker#1592). I play a multitude of other games.



Latest sig update: 31/12/18 or 12/31/18 if you're an american.


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There will be numerous small bugs here and there until we can stabilise this update. It was rushed but required to secure information. In the short term you can avoid that by simply refreshing the page on the 403 screen.

If you find any additional bugs don't hesitate to make note of them. But remember we're all very busy working through this change, and these things will take time to iron out.

Just a reminder to everyone. Please make sure you've changed passwords on external sites which share the same email as Imps Village. Try to avoid dictionary words and use a combination of numbers and CAsEs. You can find out more about the reasons behind the update today here.



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    Kikn | Blank ⚪

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Thanks for the bug report! We're knocking them out as fast as we can :)

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