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2.35 adobe updater required? (mac)

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I already reinstalled same thing happens =.=

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Yep, same issue here.

Izmar/Ankama has been made aware of the issue.


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I installed version 22, then dofus installed 19, then I restarted the uplauncher and it worked, no idea why.

Edit: server still undergoing maintenance though when I try to log in, also there are still 2.34 loading screens :^)

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I deleted Adobe and redownloaded it, suddenly it worked :rolleyes:

#Dofus #Maintenance quelques soucis de déploiement (MAC notamment), résolution en cours. Nous devrions ouvrir vers 11h. Plus ou moins !
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This is why i havent updated adobe air on my mac in about a year. Always having issues

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