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Hey people!

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Hello guys!

I have recently started dofus and, more accurately, Oto Mustam and I am looking to meet people I

have only been playing solo so far and it's getting kinda rough lol. I feel I am doing fairly well as I am

nearly lvl 60 and have accumulated about half a million and some decent low level gear, but I would

like to join a guild/alliance or just make some friends 8) !

hit me up in game if you feel like it, my ankama name or wtv is HeavySquatter


edit: ROFLLLLL WOW I JUST DIED................way to jinx myself X_X LOOOLLLLLLLL

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My name is Frits and I just started playing otomustam to :)

Ive got a feca lvl 50 and a proffesion character. Maybe we could play together?

InGame name: The-Frits

Hit me up ;)

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