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Heroic Server Guide: From My Perspective

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Heroic Server: The Few, The Brave, The Proud

Written By: Bochi


Hello! Greetings Traveler! I will be adding on information on a daily basis! So if you clicked on this topic already, you just developed an open mind to greater challenges and dangers that lie ahead!

Have you tried playing the server in the past many years ago but gave up? Are you new to the server concept and thinking on whether to give it a shot? Look no further! :) I now present to you, my recent experiences and newly gained knowledge on here for the past few months!

I will be covering topics like:

- How to generate kamas through realistic methods without any fake nonsense,

- How to level properly through safe or dangerous methods.

- How to use a scout in multiple ways.

- Why make a scout/mule/check?

- How to know which classes to choose and which ones that stand out.

- How to get in contact with english speakers on the server.

- What you should try to establish during new character creations

- The 6th sense ability you develop that can mean life or death.

- Why you must have at least 2 accounts minimum and no less

- How deaths are a learning experience, despite how harsh they turn out to be.

- How pvp aggression works

- Why people invite you to their haven bag or group?

- The importance and underestimation of sidekicks

- Character Creations

This is not in any particular order!

There are also many other topics that I can't think on top of my head! We'll be going through them in greater detail so you will develop a comprehensive understanding of the topic inside out and apply them to the server with greater ease.

Character Creations - Step One:


So here we are at the character creation page. You are faced with a dilemma of creating that perfect team composition for your 2-8 man team. 17 unique, powerful, and diverse classes that all have something on the table to offer!

You first have to ask yourself these important questions:

1. Do I have a class that can dish out incredible damage?

2. Do I have a class that has the ability to heal my team during a fight?

3. Do I have a class that can manipulate or change position to its given surroundings?

4. Do I have a class that can create summons to distract and annoy my opponents?

5. Do I have a class that can protect others through various spells like sacrifice, rampart, plastron, toad, and living bag?

The reasons you want to ask yourself these questions so you can create a team that suits you and will let you accomplish a lot of content throughout your journey! REMEMBER that this is your core foundation you are building.

You probably want to make a check list and make sure that your team composition involves at LEAST 3 of the 5 choices listed above in order to have a realistic and smooth experience.

So let's crack down each class, one by one, shall we? :D

Iop (Reckless Warrior): The backbone of most pvm teams. Why? Because they are the most reliable at dealing high amounts of damage which means less enemies can hit you when there's less on the field. If you are new to the server, I highly suggest taking the agility/vitality route. The reason for this is the ability to kill things fast with AoE (Area of Effect) while being able to buff your team members all at the same given time! This helps you get fights done quicker early on and your team damage output is increased greatly by a tenfold. You're probably wondering, how is that the case? Well, we must understand that in the beginning. You either have no gear, a novice set, or a low level set which means not many stat points and will not effect your spell output greatly. Since divine sword gives +damages and stacks up to 2 times, we can give a hypothetical example of how this would work.

You have a earth spell that has 10 base damage. You have 100 strength points. The math as follows would be (10 + 10) or (10 x 2) which equals 20.

Now with +damages buff only. You have a earth spell that has 10 base damage. ( You have a spell that gives (16 + 16) or (16 x 2) which equals 32. Now you take your 10 base damage and combine it with the divine sword buffs making it (10 + 16 + 16) or (16 x 2 + 10) which equals 42.

From what we calculated, the damage was doubled at such an early time. Now you can imagine what it would be like with characteristic points also!

Now we move on to Sword of Judgement and Celestial Sword. I rarely see sword of judgement used even as an agility iop because it is so much better to use 4 ap to hit multiple targets through celestial sword than it would be to use sword of judgement. The heals and non line of sight are quite mediocre on SoJ, but you can still level it if needed.

Now, when you hit level 100 and start to feel confident. You have the choice of continuing with the build you have now, or change your build into strength for great coverage. I must warn you though, agility gear seems to be more cheaper than strength gear in the long run.

Strongest Class Synergies: Enutrof, Eliotrope, Osamodas, Eniripsa

Cra (Archer):

Sacrier (Berserker):

Eniripsa (Healer):

Osamodas (Creature Summoner)

Sram (Assassin)

Enutrof (Treasure Hunter)

Ecaflip (Unpredictable Fighter)

Foggernaut (Technomage)

Feca (Protector)

Huppermage (Elementalist Mage)

Masqueraider (Moody Warrior)

Pandawa (Aggressive Drinker)

Eliotrope ( Portal Creator)

Sadida (Sylvan Sorceror)

Rogue (Explosives Expert)

Xelor (Master of Time)

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