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Beginner/Intermediate Heroic Server Guide

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I wrote an incomplete/average one about 4-6 years ago, but most of it is highly outdated due to the constant updates and changes that the game went through. I am going to write my own new version of what I learned in the past month and a half in exquisite details, hope you will enjoy reading and embracing the content. I understand that there are already 2 highly knowledgeable and experienced authors; Raysns and Rumorz, who have wrote recent guides involving the server, but I also strongly believe that I can showcase another point of view in the lower tier gameplay of the server, perhaps just as equally high one day :)

Don't click the sig that I have as that is a very old guide in the past, unless you want to take a glance for fun.

Be warned that the information may be endless and at times overwhelming, but it will definitely be worth it in the end should you decide to make a possible commitment to the server and not just occasional game-play due to boredom.

Coming soon.

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