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by Rumorz

Now as many of you may already realize, this is one of my first efforts to help the English speaking community of Oto-Mustam(Heroic). My goal is to inform the uninformed by applying what I've learned from many years of game play on the server to an article accessible to all. As we all come to meet ends with the day to day tasks performed to make money, or gain experience. It seems the reaper is always lurking over your shoulder. So here I've listed many ways to die and how to try and counter them including the following:

-PVM(Insufficiently Geared)

With the increased use of Fire Foux dungeon, as a means of reaching desired levels without the hassle of getting aggressed. This dungeon has become more and more popular. People tend to go in and get the levels they need/or want, and realize how costly gear is. For most this issue can be eliminated by preparing the Kamas/Gear prior to achieving the desired level. Or whilst in-between your leeching sessions you are congregating your Kamas or gear with your professions. Main point being, if you get the level desired, but don't have the gear to support the PVM you were trying to achieve. What good was the leeching? If you get leeched to 199 on 4 characters but have insufficient gear to support the damage you need to dish out for LVL.800+ Monster groups. If you need a more vivid understanding of what this means, Please click the link below.


-PVM(Overwhelming Idols)

As you go to PVM you may realize that the experience and loot is decent, however no where as good as it would be if you were to implement the use of idols into your training. Its important to know the powers of your idols in contrast to what characters your using and how they can effect you in battle. For example, I value my rogue and his Bomb Glyphs that stretch over 6 blocks of range. But if I was to use a Great Payo, and get attracted into my own line. What good would the Payo have been to me. Maybe its not the best example but I think you get what I'm saying.

-PVM(Disconnection by DDOS)

This can be one of the most frustrating ways to die, and there are currently not many solutions to this besides watching who you connect to Communication lines(Skype, Oovoo, Teamspeak, etc.) with. Be sure to not give out your I.P. I do not have much experience in this area. But if anyone has any suggest please list below in the comments!

-PVM(Disconnection by Technical Difficulty)

A frustrating part of playing heroic is that your death could mean the loss of hours of game play, a ton of time and heart all put to waste. To avoid this you may want to reset your internet before you do anything super important. Or even take the in game precautions such as switching to Low Quality, 0 limit for infinite creature mode, and while in battle always utilizing Tactical mode and Creature mode during battles.

-Traveling Aggression

While Traveling you can encounter many difficulties. Getting from place to place without a scout. There is no way you will survive in the big world of Oto-Mustam without utilizing a scout. Scouts have saved my glutes, time and time again ever since I could remember. However there has been times when my scout has proved useless due to not paying attention to his screen. Where a group of people that has spotted you might ignore your scout all in all. And if you're not paying attention, could hide on your map while you're focused on your battle in PVM areas. Even in the case that your scout gets aggressed, you should log out before the fight ends. And pray to Lord Oto-mustam that there isn't a bot aggression outside of your fight. This now leads to one of the most important part of this Survival Guide.

Elaborate Scouting Sytem for PVM

What you all have been waiting for is finally here. This seems to be an issue throughout the whole community and I personally have found my own solution to the problem. As I try to protect my characters with my life. Assuming I could die at any time upon leaving Astrub I carefully plan ahead. FAR AHEAD. The higher the level, the more the gear, the more that is on the line.

Step 1:

The first key step to the elaborate scouting system is to rush to the area you are going to days prior for the achievements. With the new 'Information' System being a tell-all, and reliable way to get backstabbed by not only Friend listed informants. But snakes that may be in your guild. When you arrive to the area of training anyone that gets your information details will get the alerts. When you kill every type of monster of a subgroup there will be an alert, and when you complete dungeon achievements that will also send alerts. Heres an example of what an alert looks like to those that get your alerts, this was taken from in-game!

[10:02] Friend has unlocked the achievement [sand Dungeon].
[10:02] Friend has unlocked the achievement [beachsters].
[10:02] Friend has unlocked the achievement [sponge Mob (Duo)].
[10:02] Friend has unlocked the achievement [sponge Mob (Hermit)].
Point being, if you plan on getting some good experience and you have patience. You can camp several areas for days without being spotted. Now keep in mind that some areas are too small to farm for days by just simply logging out and logging back in until you've collected everything you wanted. Be it experience or materials, get what you need and go. Log on and off within whats considered Safe hours for your timezone. And always have other characters to play on while your characters are far off hidden somewhere.

*P.S (I hope you're in a guild that you can trust those whome surround you). And another side note, I'm not saying to not trust your friends or guild mates, however I am highly recommending to always stay conscious of who stays on your friends list. Especially while doing high risk things.

Step 2:

Which is kind of a branch off of #1 but lets be realistic. Right now you're probably asking your self "Well Rumorz, who can I trust!? How do I ensure that no one spots me?". Truth be told, I use a certain method to maneuver the world of Dofus. You can too if you just pay attention to detail! Its as simple as deleting ALL of your friends. Not some....not a few... ALL of them... Keep a notepad open, to type all the important friends in your list(it will not hurt anyone to delete them for a short time). However you don't want to go around pointing fingers when you end up dead do you? And see the funny thing about this was that, I had a guy I tried explaining this to over 3 separate accounts in a 2 day period. This unnamed fellow, was insisting that I add him back to his friends list. Yet we never talk, or do anything together. He doesn't even remotely speak/interact with me, and it still was important that I have him added. But he really insisted on 3 different occasions that I re add him. Even after I explained to him in fair detail that it was of personal matter, and that it was temporary! This is so so important that you follow this part of procedure. As I said it shouldn't hurt anyone that you've removed them from your friends list for a period of time. If it does bother them, then you should be a little bit concerned. Especially if you explain to them that its temporary and they show any signs of resentment. Adding them back after a long day/night of training can be tedious depending on your number of friends. It takes away all the chances of anyone trying to intercept your path or try to back stab you. And your good friends may question your paranoia, but just think it's best to be safe than sorry.

Step 3:

Now that you have eliminated the possibility of being a target for anyone thats decided they want to plot on you. You've made that decision for them, by taking away the ability to be spotted. Yet you still have the big fat world of Oto-Mustam to worry about. ATR alliance/REV/Easy/UST/CAM, and thats just to name a few. Who are out to kill you and will take advantage of making sure that you get got. Don't get got. Its all willy nilly while in the city of Astrub. But when you leave to go some where, and have followed steps 1 & 2. There still remains the possibility of being spotted at a zaap. Now this is more directed toward non LGN players. That I know are taking a good look into this. And don't have access to prisms to avoid spotting. The best advice to you is to rush on foot if the zaap has people at it. When they see someone come to the zaap they are most likely back on their tippy toes. Aroused with the possibility that a kill is coming. Its in your best interest to RUSH on foot. Avoiding zaaps and using Step 4, to ensure you get where you have to go as safely as possible.

Step 4:

The most elite scouting system of all that can only be flawed by the user. If you have more than two accounts this system will work best for you. Depending on how much you value your characters. You can rush one character at a time while rushing on foot. And using 3-4 of your own scouts. 2 that are two maps ahead of you and 1 thats traveling map to map with you. Theres so many combos I could think of and that I have used my self. But one scout just doesn't cut it anymore. By utilizing what we already know, like safe zones in your timezone to maneuver and with less worry of who is out hunting. But don't ever believe that you are safe 100%. Using this method is extremely useful when you pass LVL.130+ and your gear starts running you for about 20m+ a character. And so I was rushing to piglet dungeon a few weeks ago, thinking that everything was fine and dandy. I had a scout in front of me, and I already ran the scout to the dungeon and back. With player names and all, and somehow I rushed my osa a map ahead. I was right next to Scara dungeon. And mentally my mind was moving at a million miles per hour trying to make sure the second I see anything. That I click [X] and log out. As my eyes were scanning maps and I was switching clients frantically, I got to a map where I caught up with my scout. And thought to my self... I might just run my main in front for a map or two because obviously no one is there. Welp, I rushed my scout instead just because I was on the wrong client. And BAM! my scout was aggressed and I closed the client immediately. Now your asking yourself "Well Rumorz! How did your flawless system end up flawed?" The short answer would be, because I never said it was flawless. Check the first sentence nooblet. The longer short answer is that your path can be intercepted at any time! The worst part about this system I've ran is that your line of travel can be intercepted at any point. And so its important to just be on top of your game when it comes to clicking that [X] button.

Step 5:

While in fights you also need to have one scout outside, to ensure that when you get out of the fight you are not aggressed. The old tradition buck naked scout no longer ensures our safety. And sadly no scout truly ensures our safety. I've thought about it for a long time, and then I decided to try using a scout thats upgraded. This scout much like Scout 1.0(Buck Naked Level 1) is prepared for death. The most fearless part of your team should be your scout. Unless your level 200 with Frigrost 3 gear...But if you are reading this then you're probably part of the 99.8% of the people who have not even touched Frigrost 3. Including my self...That being said, you need to find a better way to scout your pvm. And this can be crucial to your own survival. The big trick is to create a scout thats not Scout 1.0 but the upgraded scout 2.0. Scout 2.0 is like buying a 2016 car compared to getting a used 1990 Volkswagen Jetta. Now a new 2016 car would be cool, however that old Jetta(scout 1.0) will get me from Point A to B just as effectively. Scout 2.0 has to be a more leveled or advanced character. Im talking level 30-40 with a prespic set on, or a nice low level cheap set(Not the whole set just Hat/Cape will do). This is to weed out the thirstiest PvP groups that come through on your training turf. Trying to knock you down and in their eyes, if they can pick off just one or two of your team mates. Then they have gotten the Dub Thats why its also important that if you are camping a area, to bring a second scout that remains unlogged so you can rush the map upon the fight ending after you've logged all your guys out. Make sure that you also remember while on the original scout to check Up,Up,Down,Down, Left,Right,Left,Right, B,A. Not really, but try to check the 4 surrounding maps before ending a fight in a higher risk area. This guide is to make sure that EVERY SINGLE TIME, MY BOYS ARE COMING OUT WITH THE DUB. To get the dub is to get you back to Astrub safely.


Death is almost inevitable, I mean its bound to happen. Everyone loses a character valuable to them if they are actually doing something with their Dofus life on Oto Mustam. I've actually along with my self, and many close friends have taken some huge losses lately. And a key part in here for those who maybe have forgotten, there are people that are out to screw you over. They are within your alliance, or else where close enough to see that you have died. When people know where you are and how you died. It had got to be the most messed up part is that when you ask people to go recuperate for you. And either they get there and "The mobs are gone" or they return to you with heaps of important things missing. Its important to note that when you die, 25% of your items or pods(We aren't sure yet but correct me please) are deleted. So taking that into account, before you die anywhere thats actually recoupable. You should leave your guild/alliance during the fight so that when you die you can tell some one that you trust to try and recoup. Upon death there will be a guild/alliance/friend/wide notice of your death and what area relayed in information chat. Its up to you on what to do in the moment that you see the reaper(I literally mean death it self like the skeleton man in the black hoody..) trying to reach out and grab your hand. But be weary that it's almost inevitable. It can be avoided with a teaspoon of luck, a spoonful of paranoia. And a big fat bowl of knowledge, found here in my guide.

Thanks for reading this article and please PM me in game for questions or any suggestions for new Articles!

And the last part of my article consist of...

Quotes from the Harbinger

These are quotes from good friends of mine providing the most pretentious aspects of Oto-Mustam from their own unique perspectives.

It may be called permadeath, but it's only permanent if you're unprepared”-Anonymous


“Don’t die”-Rays (198)


“The most valuable lessons are the ones you gain from dying so it's usually better to not just rush FF(FireFoux) or spend a lot of kamas on your characters to begin with. What I usually prefer is to have 5 accounts (everything from 3 and up should be fine), then level up from 30 and upwards outside Astrub to learn how the server works and to gain experience in staying outside Astrub. Most beginners go in the Astrub trap where they just stay in Astrub with a character until they get like 100+ and as soon as they leave Astrub they die due to lack of experience. It takes time to get to know the server, but as soon as you learn how to get around here, leveling up and gaining kamas is super easy. That's why i love this server, you just dont have to play much to get good, you just have to learn the server. -Ignore (199)

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Pretty detailed so far with a great outline. Now you need to expand in other areas in explicit details like all the possible money making methods, how to pvp in a group setting (including slow internet), what other places that are valuable in training for each level sector 1-20, 20-40, 40-60, 60-80, 80-100, 100-120, 120-140, 140-160, 160-180, 180-200 etc. because you stated above that we shouldn't just do ff and actually learn more about the server, how to level each profession efficiently, which guilds to join for new/returning players due to the lack of English guilds around, how to capitalize using a merchant in astrub, which areas in the world of dofus is best to pvp for each level bracket: 50-75, 75-100, 100-125, 125-150, 150-175, 175-200 etc.

Keep up the good work!

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