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Status of Rushu

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Some of you may know me and some of you may not. My name is Slow-death or now as Slowness, and I've been playing this game on and off for way too long. I'm currently on rosal but have been considering a server change for a while now seeing as my core group of friends has stopped playing and/or server changed sometime during my breaks. I have a couple questions that I'd love some insight on!

How is the economy? Does stuff actually sell?

How is kolo? and how is 1 v 1 pvp?

Any old rosalians on Rushu I might recognize?


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Moving from Rosal to Rushu is an excellent opportunity to improve your gaming experience,from every point of view...imho

Here on Rushu there is a big community of players who came from Rosal,I'm sure you know many of them.....i remember you on Rosal ;)

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Stuff sells relatively fast, except for AP/MP Exos, which can take a while unless you are giving it away cheap, as there are masses of exos. Though the economy is just fine.

Kolo is very active and so is 1v1 compared to other international servers. We've got a few people, who are wings on at -1,0 every day, such as myself.

I hope to see you on Rushu!

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Everything else is fine but if u try to sell anything for any price that isn't retardedly low it will take you 6 months to sell 10 items or more prob

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