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Kurisu Okabe

Moon - Koko mechanics and stuff

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Upon death the bodies remain for SIX, that's right, 6 beautiful turns. This is important later.

Kokoloss - 4 range slashy slash, 1 range -mp/range bashy bash, 4 mp, tank mob. They can self buff a significant resist and block. They gain one level of a state that gives them 10% FD and 1 AP per level of the state and they gain it whenever they block.

Psykoko - little evil monsters. They pull everyone who is linear and within 4 cells of them (3 empty spaces between you and this psycho koko). They gain FD and crit every time they crit and they can self buff 3 mp. They aoe in front of them in a conical 1-3 shape. They hit. Like a boss. Yes, you heard me. Imagine having miniature robowls running around. Furthermore, they take reduced damage in close combat. The actual definition of close combat, not the challenge one. Thankfully, they are dumber than bricks.

Kokoleric - the other mob that gives people migraines. Upon turn start they hit everything within 4 cells of them, regardless of your invisibility (take that srams!). Aside from this, all their attacks are linear, require los, and their default range is 6 (they can buff range). They push 4 cells (3 empty cells between your start position and wherever they push you). The push range seems to be less than 6 (3 i believe). They can infinitely revive allies and have enis' invigorating word (the 4 ap heal), except theirs is pretty much no ap (1 or 2). And it heals a billion hp. They also have a teleport (it's on a 2 or 3 turn cooldown). If you lock them but don't stabilize them, they'll probably teleport. Then revive psykokos which murder you, or other clerics so that there are 3, that's right, 3 clerics in a row. They also take reduced damage if there are no allies within 4 cells of them and heal for one half of all damage allies within 4 cells of them receive. Have fun.

Other notes: Sadist mark bugs here. The clerics will die, their allies will get damaged, and then the clerics will revive and you'll probably regret your life decisions. Or at least your wakfu ones.

Feca's PA has been known to bug and cause fecas to no longer block los. It's rare, but it happens. Armor also bugs here and sometimes either doesn't stack or just completely disappears.

Boss mechanics: He can not be picked up or teleported, but he can be pushed or pulled. He will reduce the crit of anyone he can reach to 0. This attack of his has a range of 7, but requires los. He has a 3 range aoe whip. He does an iop's wrath shape earthquake that reduces resist by 200 (?) on turn start. If there are no people within 2 cells of him on his turn start, he also drops a giant aoe nuke somewhere that will probably kill you. He has absolutely no lock, so anyone can dodge him freely, but has 500ish dodge I believe. At the start of battle, he will summon 2 kokonuts, they will have timers above their heads. They roll 2 cells, then the timer ticks down 1. If it reaches 0, they blow up in iop's wrath shape for something like 14000 fixed damage. To make the boss vulnerable, one of these guys has to blow up on boss. These nuts can not be moved whatsoever, but you can change the direction they roll in by hitting them (they roll in the direction of whoever hit them). If rolling will cause them to roll onto a -ap glyph, they dont roll, so be wary of the edges. After boss has been made vulnerable, he will summon a random mob on his turn start. If there is only one kokonut left on the field, those who do not end within 5 cells of the boss will get hit for quite a lot of damage. It might not kill you, just leave you near death. After the first wave of his kokonuts have gone boom, he will start summoning 3 more kokonuts and 3 more each time they've all gone boom.

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