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Just lvling my enu :) great oaf, muta, ultram, aroumb, ougaa, proxima Was actually really easy, mainly because of the ultram bug, 20+ mp panda every turn ftw (for anyone who doesn't know: if you s

Swaggy ornament alert! Initially I was recording to review fights, but the last fights were on potato laptop instead of proper computer (and that couldn't handle recording). So no video. But once

Finally maged a better exo today and could duo.... First on english community servers I guess? [21:40] Ferish has unlocked the achievement [Vortex (Duo)]. [21:40] Avesta has unlocked the achieveme

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This was a grind ... the Spirits quest was the most challenging thing about this ornament (my multiple deaths to Founoroshi Duo notwithstanding). Thanks to @Uther-Idea for AFKing in front of Damadrya's Bamboo Grove for me!



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Some highlights of my Ilyzaelle adventures.


Servi Duo/Focus/Score:




Tal full achieve:




Our efforts to get level 200 as a small guild:




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On 2/22/2021 at 9:25 PM, Veldin said:

The next one will be even better



This concludes the final chapter. 8x20K


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