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Gear advice needed

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Hey everyone,

I am looking to update my sets, but I'm kind of stuck at choosing parts.

I need a set for a 199 enutrof (or a lvl 200 is fine too; he will be end game soon) and a level 200 eliotrope.

Enutrof is chance/mp rape/prospecting (general mp rape/drop but sill usefull in fight enutrof)

eliotrope is omni; with prior on chance.

My third char is a lvl 200 omni panda, in case that would change the set ideas ;)

Anyone can help? thanks


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Oh didn't see that topic existed. My bad :)

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All good man! Got all kinds of stickies to help people out. Just makes it easier to search if someone is looking for the same thing you requested already. :)

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