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As promised, the results are in!

Well done to our two winners:

General: xDirewolves - 124 / 140 possible points


Themed: Seyif - 113 / 140


Each of you have won early access for the Huppermage on the 9th of January and also an additional Haven Bag room! However, given the current circumstances, it's likely there will be some delay in these being issued; which I'm sure you will understand.

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    Kikn | Blank ⚪

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Wow! Thank you so much! I absolute didnt expected to win as the others did a great job with their Haven Bag.

Im fine with waiting :) better be safe!

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Proud Member in the dead guild Rosalt and Second in Command of Infinity

Int Eni 199 - Cha Panda 199 - Omni Cra 200 - Agi Sac 200 - Str Iop 200 - Int Elio 17x

Thank You Tawa ^ & Liann v for the art!


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Woop Woop didn't think I had a chance ! Thanks a lot ! It's lovely, I wanted that early access so bad :D

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Update : It's been now a week and I haven't received the extra room for my Heaven's bag. I only got the Huppermage code from Izmar. Can the organizers of this contest enlighten me on when I will get my prize please ? Thanks


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