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Haven Bag Contest!

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[Competition is now closed]


Welcome to the biggest and baggest Haven Bag contest yet, brought to you by Imps Village!

With thanks to Ankama; we're able to offer two lucky winners pre-access to the Huppermage class on the 9th of January 2016, as well as a free additional Haven Bag room from us for a little extra Kwismass cheer.

So what do I have to do?
There are two categories, you may enter each one once:

- Best general Haven Bag,
As simple as it sounds. Produce the best looking bag you possibly can, however you see fit.

- Best themed Haven Bag,
For this category we're asking you arrange your bag as one of the following options, the most imaginative and considered designs are preferred.

- 'Love nest'

- Villains lair

- Boutique Clothing Store

Use of multiple characters as props, i.e customers and so on is permitted and may count in your favour!

How are the winners going to be chosen?
There are two stages to this process, the first is totally down to you guys- we will be counting 'likes' on entries to choose our finalists. The top four up voted entries from each category, that's general and themed, will go through to the finals (making a total of eight overall).
Once we have our finalists it will be down to the Moderation team at Imps to decide the two competition winners.

You are allowed to enter both categories, meaning you have two chances to win! However; because of the voting system it's important that when entering you do so in two separate posts for each category, so that member votes can be differentiated.

Finally... to enter,
post a screenshot of your Haven Bag in this topic using the following format (posts which contain more than one entry will be disqualified):

Character name / nickname: (this will be the account that receives prizes, should you win)

Category I'm entering: (general or themed)


Additional comments: (if there's anything in your bag you feel noteworthy etc. Feel free to provide a back story for your design)


Competition starts: Closed

The final date for admissions will be on: December 27th

The final date for member votes to be counted will be: December 30th
(any votes made after this date will not be counted)
We will reveal our two winners on: January 4th

We reserve the right to remove any entries which are seen to be inflammatory or unfit. Our usual rules on content apply. Liking your own post will not constitute a vote.

Thank you, and a Merry Kwismass season from all of us at Imps Village!


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S> likes 500k each - not like this won't happen lol.

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this contest isn't fair.. clearly I am the most popular person on imps and will be voted for all

Edited by Persona

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I guess this is a good way to get more people onto imps who won't read any of the guidelines and it'll be back to moderating every single post every day.

I guess good luck to all who participate!

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Good luck to all the entrants! Oh yeah... I still need to tally the votes from the OF haven bag contest.

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Professional (Youbelieve) is in Amakna. Guild Blank, alliance [Alpha]

- 'Love nest'


Frequently visited by every single member in our alliance.
I forgot to clean up the paper tissues and the jelly on the table is definitely not for eating.



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[18:02] XxLordRobxX (Ztoor) is in Haven Bags. Guild Critical Failure, alliance [Meow]

Category I'm entering: Boutique Clothing Store


Welcome to Store Ztoor - Panties and Mo(o)re! Please excuse us for all pink panties have been sold out. A special offer this weekend includes a Tanuk pet with each purchase. Hope to see you soon!

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Hi everyone ! Here is my entry for the contest, I'm posting my participation in the "Villain's Lair" category B-)


PS : I'm planning on taking over the world of 12 with my Heaven's bag setup ! hehe

Edited by Seyif

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fozenhive-plate12 (Baehive) is in Kwismas Island. Guild The Fellowship, alliance [Guard]
Category - Boutique Clothing Store90czfq.png

"It was a typical day at the Allisters Royal Clothing store, until a sword wielding maniac busted in attempting to rob the place"

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Hello everyone :)

Have a great holiday season all !

And thanks a lot for organizing this fun competition :)

b0hemia (Omega-Osa) is in Haven Bags.

server: zato; guild/ alliance/ none; I'm thinking to make a come back after a break, but I was kindof hoping to find a more welcoming atmosphere, it is almost Christmas, after all ... but meh ... maybe I'll win this, to make up for the fact that prolly I'll be playing alone, lol.

The theme, as is prolly obvious from all this pinkish everywhere, is "Love nest"; all I miss is a Cupid statue, with his pink bow :rolleyes:

Tyvm for taking the time to read my post and for viewing my Haven Bag ^_^

And even more tyvm if you vote for me, I'll even invite you in my HB and sing you a carol if you vote me :P

PS: If you visit my HB, and if nature calls, pls be careful, as I forgot to put a candle in the room I use both for toilet and for the central heating machine, that works with wood; you might end up putting your precious rear literally on fire :lol:

[EDIT:] I finally found a nice welcoming guild to have my osa and my enu :) They're Guardian's Legacy, and they're awesome ! So I won't be playing alone for Christmas anymore :wub:


Edited by Bohemia

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Welcome Bohemia, best of luck! :)

Remember all of you can still enter once more for the best general bag category, should you wish. Which doesn't require a specific theme. Let's get a few more entries in here!

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Thanks a lot for the welcome and for the good luck wishes :rolleyes:

b0hemia (Omega-Osa) is in Haven Bags.

This entry is for: Best general Haven Bag category.

I designed this showroom as an Antiques Shop, I hope you girls & guys like it :rolleyes:

‚ÄčIt might look a bit crowded at first sight, but it is one of those shops where you really have to dig up for the best deal, where you got lots of old stuff in the shop, but the treasures are hidden among stuff or maybe lesser value. It is the pleasure of having looked and finally discovering the thing/s you weren't even daring to dream to find in that shop. And if you want to take a lil break from your treasure hunt, you can spend few minutes at the small cafeteria corner that always has fresh brewed coffee. Enjoy your visit :rolleyes:


Edited by Bohemia

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FireAquaElec (Sorcery)

Category - General Themed

I've always enjoyed playing the Mage-themed Classes xD can you not tell?

Welcome to 7th Haven !

Are ye in need of magickal items?


I gots ye a fancy hat crafted from a wand , a rod and a book . Don't ask me how c:

I also gots a pink soul gem that turns ye into a magical grill ! Yes , you've read that right a magical grill ! It also comes with a grilly musical transformation animation cutscene that prevents yer enemies from attacking you until yer done transforming c:

That slayhound is the rarest of its breed it's a hybrid ... A slayhound with the head of a slayhound , and the body of a slayhound c:

Ye like that broom? It can clean the house on it's own ... it can flood it as well ... beware it doesn't die , it multiplies c:

I also own a powerful metaria for rent that once covered the world of twelve with holy life magic to protect it from a giant asteroid , but ye better return it , the last person who rented it died and I had to retrieve it from a place filled with ancient coralators , poor gal c:

Spell scrolls that add -a,-ga and -ja suffixes to your spells but doesnt increase your damage whatsoever ... and many moooore !

I have EVERYTHING a mage needs !

You ask , we deliver !

(Delivery won't be available for now)


Edited by Sorcery

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Hi there again :)

I just made a thread about your contest, on the dofus forums, hoping someone from Zato will win & bring the pre-access to the Huppermage class to Zato, I hope it is ok ? ^_^


I'd love to see more people participating, and see more Haven Bag creations (hopefully, most of them will be from zato people :P ) .

I have a question:

Would it be ok to post my entries to the contest there too, to show them as example, so people can see how easy peasy it is to participate, or maybe get some ideas from them ?

Tyvm in advance for your reply.

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Sorry for the late reply, but yeah that would be fine.

- With the low level of entries so far it's likely only four finalists will go through, there's still time to enter though!

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Name: Direwolves (Sywe)

Category: best General haven Bah

Welcome to my home. Where you enter in through my little front garden. You can leave your bags and jackets in the front room as we have our delicious dinner in the big room! :)


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Name: Place (Theboss115)

Category: Best General Have bag

Welcome to the biggest and best casino this side of The world of 12. Where you come drink, eat, game and get presents!!

1mk entry fee. Small blind is 5mk (Increasing by 1mk every 4 hands)!


PS. Need someone to play piano!

Edited by Ununpentium

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Category: Best general haven bag.

Soiah (Otto-Lpzig), Rosal.


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Name: anjulica

Category: 'Love Nest'


My Butler welcomes you!


Perfect time for a hot drink + Bailey's when I come in from a cold day out (you'd be cold if you had to wear a bikini everywhere!)


Over to the bar for pre-dinner drinks


Dinner & wine


Hmmm...I really do suck at "this type" of poker, as you can see by the pile of items to the right of me.


Music & Dancing



Starting to feel tuckered out


Time for bed -- nonono, you wouldn't want to stay with me overnight -- I'd eat all your chocolate. My Butler will show you out


Time to cuddle up for the night!


Disclaimer: anjulica is not responsible for her actions if "naughty anj" happens to surface. "Naughty anj" is currently locked up in the gold chest with her lingerie, but she has been known to escape frequently. Please use caution when approaching her, or she may try to kiss you. You can recognize this fugitive, as she often runs through Amakna in her pink lingerie.

Edited by anjulica

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had some fun making this so I guess I'll join with it for best general haven bag



Just a nice place to relax a little. You can have a drink, eat something or participate in some friendly gambling.

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Hi everyone :) I'm a bit late to this, been on my holiday break ^^ but i'm back and just in time !

Character name / nickname: Celestial-Sun / Queenofchaos27

Category I'm entering: General

i designed a little quaint Kwismas Shop for all your shopping needs! Theres sweets, stocking stuffers, pre-wrapped gifts, wine and glasses, and even a gift wrap station! Don't forget to visit the tree farm and pick up the perfect tree for you & your family ^^ -- and there is even fresh firewood for those who like to be warm and toasty by the fire^^

For the little ones, Santa is due to visit, read a story and give out gifts make sure to speak to the shop keeper "Celestial-Sun" for the times! Merry Dofusxmas!


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Hello people of dofus,

Nickname is: Tofupie. Char. name is : tofupie. because that is what happens when you let izmar pick your nickname ;)

category: General

So this is the Court were Maiya the bandit panda was judged for scamming pieoffate the young iop. After her lawyer failed to prove her innocent Maiya decided to cross arms accepting her fate.


All the thanks goes to Arianne and my friend who helped me in organising the picture.

In case of an image failure: http://i.imgur.com/5yt2031.pnguse this url to open the picture in the internet tab

"Sorry for the late submission"

Edited by Tofupie

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[15:16] Hatatitla (Konteineris) is in Haven Bags. Guild Thanatos, alliance [iNT]

Category: General

The Pirate King is absent :(


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And that's a wrap! You've now got until the 30th to vote through likes for your top four entries from each category.

Thanks to those who took part! I hope you all had a great Christmas.

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