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Coming back after a long hiatus. Need some help with my Cra build/spells!

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Hi all,

Don't know if this is the right place to post this. Would like some of your opinions on what spells would be most useful for a 185 int/agi cra.

I currently have

Lvl 6: Dispersing, Magic, Burning, Distant, Bat's Eye, Powerful, Tormenting

Lvl 5: Frozen Arrow, Explosive Shot, Bow Skill

I have 49 points left over now after some resets of the spells and am considering what to pump them into.

The main reason why I haven't leveled some of the key Agi spells are because I got resets on them and not sure how they have changed, as well as the fact I did not really fully utilise spells like Absorptive previously anyway.

Skills to consider: Retreat, Frozen (Lvl 6?), Critical Shooting, Plaguing, Absorptive

For Weapon Skill, I will probably only consider that when I get an actual weapon I would like to use. For now, I am just using a weapon that gives AP.

Thanks in advance for any advice you guys can give! :) Any advice for a returning player would be great as well.

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Level 6: Dispersing Arrow, Frozen Arrow, Burning Arrow, Bat's Eye, Powerful Shooting, Tormenting Arrow, Explosive Arrow, Lashing Arrow, Retreat Arrow, Absorptive Arrow.

Level 5: Magic Arrow, Distant Shooting, Bow Skill (you need 190+ for this to be level 6)

Level 3: Cawwot (at least level 3. Preferably level 5 if you can scroll SP with scrolls)

Do not level yet: Weapon Skill (useless with Zoth Axe), Plaguing Arrow (only if you can afford to buy SP scrolls).

Happy to help, good luck!

P.S. Welcome to Imps :)

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