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KROSMOZ - Letter to the community

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No idea if this will end up with an official english translation, but for now here is a google translate which I will try to tighten up when I get some time Should seem like it isn't written by Laoshi now. In essence it's a letter about what is planned for all the different Ankama Products over the next few months.

KROSMOZ - Letter to the community

Want communication


Still want more communication

YES !! So here's a toast?!?!

Hello everyone,
Here for some time now that we have been thinking about a way to better communicate with you on all issues and projects related to the Krosmoz. We were looking to find a way for you to participate in our reflections to better gather your opinions and ideas. The real big difference from when we started is that today, you are very numerous and listening to everyone is an impossible challenge ...
That does not excuse anything but it is a real challenge. Whatever our thoughts, our desires, our way to share things with you, they never do and never will unanimously because many will always feel "left out".
Based on this fact without appeal, we have been looking for a few months for a way to remedy that.
I'm not saying that we will find the perfect solution right away, but we will offer you many things hoping that it will eventually work.
In this context, from 2016, we will propose a Krosmoz newsletter dealing with all themes (games, projects, comics ...) related to the Krosmoz. You will get to know everything or just to focus on projects that interest you.
We must take this message as the first fruits of what we want to implement next year.
And what I write to you today is to emphasize again a crucial point of our vision. We have been trying to share with you for many years and I think we will talk never enough.
At Ankama our will is to create (through the Krosmoz) an evolving universe. Many of you are clinging exclusively to the game and do not want to hear about what's around. I can understand that. However, our vision / want / need is a working UNIVERSE, not just a game. The game is important, but we believe it is the overall work that is most important.
Only we, I think, work this way in the entertainment world. We are independent, which sometimes makes things very complicated, but it also has the advantage of allowing us to push our artistic vision to the end without concession.
Be aware of how far the teams for 10 years. DOFUS and WAKFU MMO, despite changes that do not always please you, have become huge in terms of content. Animation department teams delivered three seasons of cartoons that today are considered the very best in France. And there is a film that is about to release on the big screen in the coming months.
I know that deep down, most of you are proud of what we do and support us but I assure you that the violent and repeated attacks on forums tend to weaken our resolve.
Our Community Managers are on the front lines daily to talk with you and work to your expectations. They will continue this everyday because what you hear is a priority, whatever you may think. We have large defects and our communication is sometimes inadequate. Of course, you have the right to largely blame us ... But do it with the right words please.
This letter aims to put things straight and offer you a new operation in 2016, but we'll get that if everyone (you / us) plays along.
The idea is to tell you about everything, without limits, and let you participate in the possible choice of the next updates.
To initiate this new communication format, I asked the teams to make a point on their respective projects. So you will receive a big flood of information, but if you make the effort to read everything, you will know as much as us on all on which we work.
I will end this letter with a link on different forums to gather your ideas and desires, and to have the best possible exchange between us.
Your Community Managers will join me here to comment on our future events and be at your side each day. Feel free to share with them.
Happy reading and I am happy to share,
DOFUS MMO - Update of December 8th, 2015
Haven Bags
We have announced yesterday the release of Haven Bags. A dev blog has been posted to go into the details of this new feature. Reading your comments on forums, I identified a majority of people are satisfied and others have a few questions.
If I summarize what I've seen, you have questions about the background compared to WAKFU and their usefulness in relation to houses. Others would have preferred new PVM content or class reworks.
The BACKGROUND compared to WAKFU: the God Enutrof is the creator of the Havens-Bags. They were once offered in the age of DOFUS but all were much later destroyed after the Chaos of Ogrest. He donated them again in the days of WAKFU to help the inhabitants of the World of Twelve to survive various disasters. See you in game for more details about their presence.
I also picked up on a few messages pointing to the Eliotropes as an example of errors in consistency. I have already announced for certain that they were not a "spin" and you will have proof of that soon. I can not give any spoilers on the subject, but I would like you all to be aware that we sometimes work on projects which take place over several years. We know where we are going in terms of the storyline, but enforcement can then take considerable time. The Eliotropes were created as part of upcoming major events. You will have all the answers in 2016.
The InterServer Kolossium or KIS
You have been waiting for it for a while and it was supposed to be our big feature of December. Nothing tells us that this will not be the case but we have serious doubts. And it is for this reason that we have not announced it. The KIS is currently in alpha testing and a patch of improvement is expected this week. Depending on its effectiveness, we will make it available (or not) during the December update. We must remain vigilant and ensure that all features work just as well as in the classic Kolossium. In any case, I beg you to believe that we will do everything to make it available as quickly as possible.
The Huppermages
The class is finished and was built in conjunction with the DOFUS film. It is very important for the successful continuation of our animation studio and we naturally have scheduled the update around its release. The new class, but also new PVM areas will berriving early this year. December seems a little empty because we have shifted outputs to the end of January / early February to be fitting with the release of the film.
This class will be offered to those attending the film première and will be accessible to all players after a few months.
The Haven Bags will be available in the 2.32 Update on 8 December.
HS have safe storage space, a zaap and a lottery system to win prizes every day.
Discover Haven Bags in video! https://youtu.be/ZsyxvWRB5OY
Huppermage class will be available on the Beta server from 27 November.
The class will be available in preview from 9 January 2016.
Discover Huppermages video! https://youtu.be/AurEAOIg-KM
A word from [XyaLe]
We have heard your concerns about the arrival of Haven Bags in DOFUS with a background perspective, and we understand it. However, we always made sure to be consistent with ourselves, even if we have to do this with rare adjustments. The world of Krosmoz is extremely rich and we are very proud of it, and it is important for us to continue to develop without limiting our potential transmedia content.
Also be sure that all the DOFUS team, and even beyond, is fully aware of the importance that KIS is in your eyes and the extent of your expectations. It does not feel under pressure at all, no no!
Regarding Huppermages, we want to offer various events and contests so that the class can be unlocked through your activities around the game. We believe there will also be ways for the EN/international community. It is important for us that you do not feel neglected because of the borders that separate you from these previews, more so when you were the first to want to discover the film in the cinema.
We also have the desire to get involved as much as possible in our current news and make a suitable information relay for the community. We would particularly focus on the relationships we have with our YouTubers, Fansites and more broadly with the players invested in our universe. It is in this perspective that we have organized the Community Day on 26 November, where ten players can come and test the Huppermage in a preview and run a livestream from our premises.
Finally, beyond the updates of the game, we think it is also crucial to offer activities to diversify your daily time on DOFUS; animations we imagine coming to you in the game, on the forums, social networks and even IRL. In this sense, we will invite you shortly to participate in a competitive event that we have been preparing in secret for several weeks and, I hope, will contribute to the development of eSports in DOFUS.
DOFUS TOUCH is tablet porting of DOFUS. However, there are some differences with the desktop version:
There is no synchronization with existing servers.
We will launch the game on an older version (the 2.14).
The UI is reviewed for the tablet format.
There will be 15 classes (so no Eliotrope nor Huppermage).
A new economic model will be in place, specific to the tablet. There will be no subscription system and we will integrate a new currency: the Goultines. Whether the items in markets or items in the shop, everything will be purchasable in Kamas or Goultines (valid reservation in Apple's business model). We will give more details soon regarding this model and balance in play.
The game will be released in the first half of 2016 and thereafter our goal is to create as many links as possible with current MMO release.
DOFUS TOUCH will unfortunately not be playable on phones. The ergonomics of the actual game does not allow it.
A word from [XyaLe]
We are aware of problems encountered by our Beta Testers that are currently due to decreased activity of some players, and we are agreed on the need to develop this core of players to offer a profitable gaming experience to the Closed Beta. The team in charge of the project is actively working on the version of DOFUS Touch on Android, to allow wider deployment of play and invite more players without environmental restrictions.
Despite the horrors of the day before, we had the honour to present the movie premiere to some of you at the International Film Festival of Arras on Saturday. Thank you to everyone who made the trip. It was a great time spent with you and we will do everything to recreate it and as promised, come to you throughout France.
The next event is in Paris on 22 November at the PIFFF (Paris International Fantastic Film Festival) with gifts at the exit of the room.
There is a big event on 9 and 10 January at Kinepolis Lomme. We expect a small convention.
We will inform you as soon as possible all preview dates to be held in early January to 3 February.
Find all the information related to the film on the dedicated website http://www.dofus-le-film.com/fr, on Facebook and on Twitter.
As a bonus, a small comic strip:
A word from [Poupik]
We have often happened to embark on projects without knowing how to do it: this was the case in launching the first volume of the manga DOFUS, producing the first episodes of the WAKFU TV series and wanting to start our own tabletop game. With the film, we reach another level. This is something totally new. To give you an idea, it is like being on top of a cliff ready to jump into the void, to say that the jump is going to be crazy, you will love the moment but we do not know well where it will land. That is what we now are experiencing, and that's why we want you to experience it with us.
Tot often says it but it's thanks to you that we are here today. And it will be thanks to you that this film works. We need you to be our ambassadors, to know the universe around you. Also we want to tell you right away, over the next few weeks you will be put to work: whether on social networks (Facebook, Twitter or Youtube) or through all the community meetings that we are putting in place. Our goal is to come your way, make you happy and make us happy. Because sessions like last Saturday in Arras, make us feel a world of good.
And since we need you, we also want to thank you for the support and carry the film by offering the Huppermages: in the previews to start and then the movie. We are also considering a system that allows all people going to see the film at its release February 3 to come away with the new class.
We are putting in place beautiful things, a beautiful partnership and you will know more soon. It has been in the works for several months and we look forward for when you can see the new baby!
WAKFU will be entitled to a nice update in December.
On the program, you will discover the school of Huppermages, an system to transfer characters account to account and chapter 3 of the Quest of Nations.
See a first screenshot below:
But there is a more important issue we need to talk. Many of you seem to want the change of all servers into free to play. However, when we actually discuss it, apart from what we read on the forums, we find that you are also likely not to want this change.
We propose instead to relaunch a survey and decide once and for all on the subject, if you find that convenient.
The team is in the process of restructuring and we will announce our first big news of January to present the different members.
A word from [Recssen]
You have repeatedly expressed on the forums with the release of Heroes to notify us of your desire to have an system to transfer characters between accounts. Your expectations have been heard and the idea was raised internally so that such a service, answering any of your needs, could emerge. This will be now done with this new system.
The difference between the economic model of the Aerafal and Dathura servers is a very important subject for you and there were also many discussionsinternally and it was not on your side. As Tot stated, the switch to free to play for all servers is a decision that would involve a change that not everyone wants necessarily. This final survey will be definitively fixed and then we will take the appropriate decision.
The WAKFU team is currently undergoing restructuring, which involves many changes. Despite this period of change, we continue anyway to accompany you every day. Your comments are read, heard, synthesized and discussed internally. Decisions are made on many topics and even if we might appear as having a lack of communication at times, we always try to surprise you with new listings, as with the Huppermages right now for example.
School of Huppermages, transfer of characters and Chapter 3 of Nations in December.
Consideration of whether to make the FR server free to play.
I can also confirm that there will be a season 3 of WAKFU. I can not talk about our partners at the moment, but it is with great pleasure that I find once more the Brotherhood of the TOFU for new adventures. It's Fabrice Nzinzi that ensures the realization and I decided to take responsibility for only the writing and I am particularly pleased to work on this new season because, for once, we can create a real soap opera, from A to Z Get ready, pre-production suggests it will be very very big.
This new season will be launched late next year and we will work on links with the WAKFU MMO.
Similarly, we will make use of our next news to present the team. But already I can provide you some visuals that I find quite striking. The team took a few ideas from the film and is returning to season 3 in force. I think it is not the end of our surprises.
Release of Season 3 in 2016.
It will comprise of only 13 episodes of 26 minutes and will be extended if successful.
Krosmaster is gracefully out of its beta and is invited onto Steam. The game begins to find its community and we look forward to release it on tablet to be able to play it in our beds or the bathroom ... Early in February, you can experience an extension related to the film. The basic Krosmaster Arena box will be replaced by a new box in which you can discover a more basic coverage. The characters will be integrated simultaneously into the video game.
A TV show is also in discussion with some channels. We hope to give you more information about this project by the end of the year.
A word from [Dewit]
The release of Krosmaster Arena on Steam was a great moment for us, and many players have discovered the game since that time. Do not hesitate to use all the tools that Steam offers to talk about Krosmaster around you: the more you do the more we will be visible and the more the community will grow, and let us better focus the game!
Next highlight: Championship of France on 28 and 29 November. Find all the info here. http://www.krosmaster.com/fr/actualites/news/443836-cdf-lieu-terrain-jeu
The game is scheduled to be release on tablet during the first half 2016.
Some time ago, we told you about the latest addition to the family in which you play as the 12 gods of Krosmoz: KROSMAGA.
Its development is moving fast, and after being introduced recently on the Essen show in Germany, we expect to introduce an Alpha Test in December in France. On this occasion, we will select a few thousand players to have a first look.
Krosmaga is also going to be available for PC / MAC / tablet and just like with Krosmaster, it will include the different monsters and heroes of the Krosmoz.
But a small video is better than big speeches, I invite you to discover two fights to get an idea:
Thank you to all the brave who took the time to read this fat pad to the end. Again, compared to what I wanted to say earlier, it is only a first base. Our goal is to offer you something far more flexible and successful in 2016.
In the meantime, I invite you to join us on the respective forums to discuss and exchange thoughts on different topics.
There should be forum links here but I'm assuming you can all find those yourself.
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Sounds like they are really going to take into account what we want, and give us a chance to vote on what will come next.

I'm very critical towards Ankama and the way they do things. This is good news, and I'm all for it.

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WAKFU will be entitled to a nice update in December.
On the program, you will discover the school of Huppermages, an system to transfer characters account to account and chapter 3 of the Quest of Nations.
See a first screenshot below:

Is this what I think it is or is this a mistranslation




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Is this what I think it is or is this a mistranslation

It's what you think it is. Over on Wakfu we have a system known as the Hero system. It allows us to us other characters on the same account all on one client. A lot of the players voiced that it made their alts, that they've worked hard on over the last few years useless. With a system like this we'll be able to move characters on to our main account, so we can then have a giant team while only logging one client.



Llama: 200 Chance Panda

Zelda: 199 Strength Foggernaut

Katara: 194 Agility Cra

Shampoo: 199 Res whore Feca
Gallifrey: 175 Profession Feca

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Wakfu "MMO"

Avaricia XelorInhutil EnuMutilate SramIracunda EniOrgullosa IopLujuria ElioEnvidioso PandaGulattony Eca

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It's what you think it is. Over on Wakfu we have a system known as the Hero system. It allows us to us other characters on the same account all on one client. A lot of the players voiced that it made their alts, that they've worked hard on over the last few years useless. With a system like this we'll be able to move characters on to our main account, so we can then have a giant team while only logging one client.

Would love this on dofus but oh well ankama aint no charity.

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We're expecting the EN translation later today, or possibly tomorrow. Sorry for posting the French first, the orders came straight from Tot himself.

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Would love this on dofus but oh well ankama aint no charity.

I just read on the Official Forums that they are looking into the account to account character transfers for Dofus. This may mean they are also looking into this Hero System Wakfu has. I sure hope so! I don't see why one can have it an another can not. Other than it may cost them some money on account subscriptions, but would get some money back via the charge it would cost to change account anyway.

We can dream.

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Mr-Bing - 200 Feca                                              Atlas - 200 Feca                                      Balu - 200 Ouginak

Mr-Yahoo - 199 Masq

Mr-Jeeves - 193 Sac






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