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Farmer/Alchemist Taking Order

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Hello guys, :wub: :wub:

Im taking order for :

Farmer Category

Hp Bread

Cereal Bread +130 Hp

Rye Bread +110Hp

Briochette +70hp

Carasau +30 Hp

Energy Bread

City Bread +330 Energy

Fougasse +90 energy

Alchemist Category

Potion Of Old Age

Smithmagic Potion

Consumable Stuff

Ghetto Raid Potion +150 Energy

Health Flask +50Hp


All prices for Item Mention above will be Same as Market.

The Only Different is I give another 20% of order bonus for each 500 Order of consumable item/bread energy and per 10 smithmagic potion.

Pm begger-alt for more information.Have fun guys.

I will check this post weekly. Last Update 26/10/2015 10:16pm Malaysia Time.

~Solar's loyal player~. :wub: :wub:

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