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im new at oto mustam and i so loved the gameplay and stuffs. on how market is still very very live. :D

i've had alot of experience on pvp/pvm on other servers and i used to run team of 12 lvl 200s.. but then i quitted a year ago and i just came back. sold 8 chars with all gears and now im left with 4... in rushu server.. but i feel like its market is extremely bad and no thrills at all, so i tried oto mustam and its really cool :D i just love everything haha

just 1 thing i dont like : too many different language i cant understand, even i died many times at 50+ with sets, i feel the "fun" i wanna feel

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What's your IGN? I'm looking to restart on it as well. I have a team of 8 around 80s or so.

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