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Guests having difficulty making imps accounts

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Hi there,

I few of my guildies mentioned to me that they've been trying to create impsvillage accounts, so they can post on the forum.

However, they keep getting error 504. One of them mentioned that they've tried to create an account as far back as 2 years ago.

Any ideas as to why this is happening?



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I presume this is one of those you're talking about? As you can see their account is there, just not activated.


They should have received an email asking them to validate their account even after being directed to the 504 page which would allow them access to the forums, ask them to check their inbox / spam folder for the address they used and follow the instructions there where they'll be prompted to sign in with the details they entered originally.

If they didn't receive anything then they can still be manually activated, you'll need to contact an admin for that. *cough* Dacheat *cough*.

(I've just run a test on creating an account, all working fine despite the 504 error, bugs.. bugs everywhere.)

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