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Streaming Guide - Tips and Tricks how to stream Dofus

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Since I have been streaming Dofus for over a year I have gained a lot of experience and now I am going to share this. The point of this guide is that you got an idea how to stream Dofus. if your internet can handle it. If it even fits for you! Any questions can be asked in this thread which I will try to answer.

This guide is based on Twitch & OBS

RIP English Grammar??



What is streaming and what kinds of streamers are out there.

Streaming is basically that you play a game and show it to the world live. What kind of stream you want to go for is up to you. There are many kinds of streams. Which go from professional gamers to trolls. Championships streamed like LCS (League of Legends) get a lot of views, since well everyone would like to see a tournament! There is also streamers that are actors. They create a personality different then themself and yes these people get attention aswell. Streamers often stream cause they enjoy it. Ofcourse some enjoy the money they get, like Sodapoppin who get a lot of money and has told few times he enjoy the money that he get. But still he loves the community he have. Without your own loyal viewers you won't get far. So if you like it for the community or the money thats what you decide, there are no rules made about this! So with this lets start to find out if you fit for the job to become a streamer!

What you need

A decent computer - For Dofus you don't need a beast of a computer, you can stream Dofus with a laptop. Dofus use about 1GB RAM. I haven't really checked how much in total you need to stream, but you can always just try to check if your Computer can handle it.

A good upload speed - This is important for streams. You need around atleast 2Mbps to stream Dofus in a decent quality. You can test your uploadspeed obviously on www.speedtest.net You could stream with 0.2Mbps but the quality would be quite bad and you need to impress your audience with your personality a lot then.

Streaming Program - To stream you will need a program that captures your game. I'm experienced with OBS (Open Broadcasert Software).

Account at stream website - Twitch is at the moment the best pick to start your streaming experience. Without an account you have no place to show the game you are streaming.

Setting up twitch account

If you didn't knew the website is: www.twitch.tv

Here you create a free account. Pick a good username as your watchers will be using that to contact you. You can still change your username and possibly wise to do this for security reasons.

Now let's go to settings!


You will get on to this page:

You can change your Display name, you will find your mail. And can add a small Bio on your profile. Don't worry about the Bio, a lot of people aren't reading that! A profile picture would be wise to get. Atleast get a different one then the default. Maybe somethign that represent you. A logo would work well for this.


We move on to Channel & Videos. The most important points here are:

Video Player Banner: The picture that is visible when you are offline. You could add a small text into it telling viewers to follow you. Usernames for social media is very handy aswell. So they can find you everywhere and contact you easier. Keep it simple and not too busy. The picture isn't clickable or anything so you cant use it as a link.

Mature Content: Do read the tearms of Service from Twitch. if anyone catch you doing something inappropriate and you haven't checked this you can get in trouble. Which you don't want. If you like to drink alcohol a lot while streaming, be sure to check this!

Archive Broadcasts: Check this! So your broadcasts are saved when you are done. They will not be saved forever. So Highlight your streams if you want to keep it. Having past broadcasts visible on your profile helps to get followers. Viewers can see that you are streaming an will be looking forward to see more.

Opt out of globally banned words filter: It's very wise to check ' Require a verified email to speak. ' For Dofus it isn't a huge problem, but if you feel like streaming a bigger known game you can get bots/trolls in your channel that will be spamming your channel. With links that you absolute do not want. You could also check the first one here, but thats all up to you if you want to keep your viewers some freedom or not.



For the other tabs there aren't a lot of things that is very important for your stream, but you can always check it out!

Panels on your Profile!

With this I mean the information shown under your stream video! Lots of viewers will check this and see it. Here you can shown anything you want. Rules, PC specs, even advertising, sponsor etc. You could go wild, simple anything. Having the most important stuff at the top is a smart move though.

Here is a small example how I have done it. This is just half of my panels.


How to setup OBS

It might get tricky now as OBS is the most important part to get your stream in a decent quality for your setup.

OBS looks like this when you start it up. (Without the scenes and sources items.


Now go to Settings > Settings. In in this Window go to ' Encoding' .

Here you setup your encoder type, bitrate, quality and audio encoding. From another forum I have learned this:

" If you have the Intel Quick Sync or Nvidia NVENC options available use one of those instead of the x264 option which encodes directly on CPU and can easily bog your computer to a standstill if your computer already lacks horsepower to begin with or if wrong settings are selected. " [/size]

Max Bitrate is important here. This has to sync a bit with your uploadspeed. I personally have around 4Mbps. Which would mean I could set my bitrate up to 4000. But Twitch does not allow such a high bitrate. (it accept to 3500, correct me if I'm wrong). But for Dofus, since its a 2D game you will have enough with a bitrate of 2000.

So if you have like a Uploadspeed of 1.5mbps you should setup your Max Bitrate around 1500. if you go higher you could lag on your stream, which you don't want.

I have never touched ' Audio Encoding' so I suggest to just keep it like that. OBS sometimes tells you if you need to change things or not.


Broadcast Settings

Here we setup how and where we want to stream to. We connect OBS with our Twitch account. So go to ' Mode' and click ' Livestream' .

Streaming Service would be ' Twitch'

FMS URL is the palce closest to your home.

Play Path/Stream Key: You need to paste your stream key that you can get on your twitch account in here. Do not share this key with others unless you really trust them. This is the key that lets you stream with the program on your channel. You can find your stream key under ' Dashboard > Streamkey'

Rest of these settings, you can play around with or keep it default.


Off we go to ' Video' tab in the settings.

For the Base Resolution you need your screen resolution that you are going to stream. I only use one screen so I never had to even touch this.

Resolution Downscale: Here is what you need to decide on. Lets say you have a 1920x1080p screen. You could stream in this resolution and have 1080p streams. But here is the twist: As a new streamer and when you have viewers most people won't be able to see your stream. You need to think about the downloadspeed your viewers have. Viewers cannot change the quality of your stream when you are a non-partnered or have a low viewers list. This options for viewers only comes when you get further into streaming and have a big viewers list.

So if you want peopel to watch your stream downscale to like 1280x720 which makes your stream 720p. It's good quality still for Dofus and more people can watch it. Some viewers might still complain that the stream is lagging, but that could be their downloadspeed being low.

Your FPS you could set how you like. FPS is ' Frames per Second' for those that do not know. So if you lower it, you will be losing frames. Again Dofus is a 2D game, with not the best graphics compared to newer games so even 30FPS would be enough. If you don't have a huge uploadspeed and a simple PC I suggest to keep this low. It will be easier to stream for you then.


Audio settings:

Pretty simple, pick the Desktop Audio Device that you are using for our stream and if you do commentary pick the right Microphone! Keep the rest of the settings on default, no need to touch this.


The rest I personally don't know or tested a lot with it. If OBS is showing something in red, read it through. It's often something about the settings that can be changed for the better for you. Just hit the button to change it for you and you are almost ready to stream!


When your settings are saved, close the window and check out the scenes section.

Right click on the white space under ' Scenes' and add a scene!

Now you can add sources in the block next to it. Right click on there and you will see these options.


Window Capture: Capture only the window that you are picking. I

Monitor Capture: Captures your whole monitor so anything that you do on that screen will be visible for the viewers.

Image: Adds an image on the stream.

Image Slide show: Well.. a slide show of images!

Text: Adds a text onto the stream

CLR Browser: More advanced things, and used for plugins.

Video Capture Device: As it says for other Capture devices. Can be like wedcams, elgato etc.

Game Capture: Works great for fullscreen games, but kinda messy to work with.

Video: Plugin I downloaded to get videos being played on the stream.

To capture Dofus you can use the ' Window Capture' or ' Monitor Capture' . Here is a few things to think about:

Multiaccount view:

To show all of your account you need to use ' Monitor Capture'. OBS and Dofus doesn't work well together when it comes to Window Capture and multi account. You cannot use different sources of Window Capture for each of your account and have yoru stream be all smooth. It freezes now and then and will be buggy as hell. So if you want to show all your account you should use ' Monitor Capture'

if any of the other streamers have found a different way that doesn't let you use monitor capture for multi account please do share!

Windows Tab + Dofus = OBS issues

Also if you use a program like Windows tabs and you capture Dofus with ' Window Capture' you need to seperate the window you want to show on stream. If you don't it will be frozen on stream if you play on another window.

I am still testing out several things to find the best settings for Dofus and how to capture it. With time I will share it again.

Window Capture Setup

Since im using this one I will show you how it looks like!

First things first: Open up Dofus and login on the character you want to stream! For me it is my main sacrier.

When you open the Window Capture you should see udner the drop down list the name of your character. If not hit ' Refresh' .

You would wantto check ' inner window' It's prettier and looks more clean.

I suggest to also check ' Capture mouse cursor' it looks just really weird to have your mouse visible on stream. Its confusing and it looks like stuff happens so randomly then. It could be handy to have it invisible at certain times, maybe for like viewing things or not. The rest of this are more advanced which I will write down another time. For now you can hit ok and it should be visible on your sources list!

Hit on ' preview stream' to check if everything looks good enough for you! And if it does, you have the base to actually stream now!


While being LIVE

Now that you are live we have a few things that we need open next to our game. The dashboard! Here a small picture what everything is used for: Click on image for bigger size.

On the dashboard you will be able to check the important things. Your chat where you can timeout peopel for a short time if they misbehave. Ban people etc. Or just read and make a conversation. Under settings you can also pop it out if you like that more.

The title of your broadcast can be changed anytime. make it interesting, fancy, your way! But hold the focus on the game you are playing.

Under ' Playing' you absolute want to pick the game you are streaming. So you will be listed under that game and everyone can find you better!

Next to that you can see how many people are watching you, total views and followers. :) All pretty neat to see. Also a small preview of your stream. Be sure to MUTE this! Or you will create an echo on your stream.


More notes:

Start of stream: Make some kind of intro or like a countdown for teh stream starting. So like you go live, but in like 5min you actually start playing and do commentary. This is recommend because followers can come in your channel then. And have a few minutes before it actually start, they dont miss anything. Followers (if checked) get a mail when you go online. And intro also helps with the delay, that when you start talking it isnt like cutoff or something.

Delay: Every streamer has a delay. Which means when you read the chat and respond over the stream they will not hear it right away. A few to sometimes a minute later. It depends on your stream. I have seen really big delays and have I no idea how that is made with normal settings. But just be aware of it.

Watch chat: How fun streaming can be, there are trolls outside. They can PM you with links, spam etc. Watch out for them! Ignore them right away and ban them. You don't want them on your stream.

Privacy: This is so so important. Do not show your Skype on stream! EVER. People can find your IP easily with your skypename. Do not share it! Don't show your streamkey, your IP. Emails etc. if you stream on Monitor capture you have to be super carefull that you arent streaming something that hackers can use to DDOS you or hack you. Please read this reddit thread: FOR YOUR SAFETY

Music playing: You can play any song you want on your stream. But after stream it might get muted. Which is cause of copyright. If you really dont ant anything muted get some rights somewhere and you can always appeal against it. But in general I wouldn't worry about it, since past broadcast gets dleted after weeks anyway.

18+ Content: Wanna have a fun stream and drink? Please confirm your channel as 18+ or you can get a strike. This is twitch rules. Girls be careful what you wear. Boys dont go shirtless on cam. :P There is a lot more stuff[/size]

Read the rules! I know we all love to skip rules, but if you want to get far with streaming do read them. There are quite some things you want to know there. Its in general a quick read. Dont copy others, No racism, dont stream unreleased games etc etc. :)

Social Networking

Your channel wont get that far if you don't advertise. It's ofcourse possible but its a bit easier and actually fun! With social networking you can also make some friends, Create a community.

Twitter: When you start streaming you can tweet with a tag like this ' #DOFUS ' or just use ' dofus' a tag will be clickable on twitter to find more tweets of that word. (Obviously). You can also mention ' @ DOFUS_EN ' which is controlled by Izmar herself. She will get a notifcation and might retweet your tweet. Which will be seen by many other people then! Just what you want. Here and example of an old tweet I did:


Watch other Dofus Streamers! This really depends on the streamers, but try and communicate with other streamers. There is the abiliy to ' host' other streamers. So when you create some contact with other streamers and become friends you are building up your social network. If you feel like hosting others just go to your chat and type ' /host username ' and to stop hosting use ' /unhost ' in your chat. Your followers will see who you are hosting on their own following page like on the image below.

And ofcourse on your own channel. Hosting is only possible when you are offline! :)

If the streamer dont like it that you tell that you stream too, just stop and respect his/her opinion.


Ingame Advertising: You are a streamer so just have a go and advertise ingame that you are streaming Dofus. Alliance chat you could do, but I recommend doing it just a few times. Dont annoy them, it's not an advertise chat. You could also use recruitment chat. Again don't make it too boring, keep it natural as you are. Show your link and lets hope for people to come! :)

Youtube: You can widen your network to make a Youtube Channel. And upload your highlight or records on the channel. Its an extra thing, but if it helps, maybe just a bit!

More information coming!

This was a lot of writing and I still have some more to cover up. Like actualy tips and tricks, handy stuff. Which I will work on later and if the demand is high enough for it. Feel free to share your own settings and experience if you want to! :)

!!! I cant express how much I want you to explore by yourself as well !!!

You learn more by exploring and get experience

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Proud Member in the dead guild Rosalt and Second in Command of Infinity

Int Eni 199 - Cha Panda 199 - Omni Cra 200 - Agi Sac 200 - Str Iop 200 - Int Elio 17x

Thank You Tawa ^ & Liann v for the art!


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Wow thank you so much for this info, when I have time. I'll stream for fun!

Up to 4 (700x400) images, up to 4 URLs, up to 6 lines with an approximate total size of 700x400 for the entire signature.

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This looks great. Makes me want to try streaming too, haha! Though it's not like I actually play games.....

MD93GlO - Imgur.png

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Thanks :) I also may give this a try soon!

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How did you get all your borders and artwork uploaded etc?

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How did you get all your borders and artwork uploaded etc?

Thats called an overlay. :) (if you mean that on my stream xD )

They are added in OBS as an image. With the resolution that I'm streaming on (or else its messed up on stream). Any images can be added to make your stream look pretty. :)

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Proud Member in the dead guild Rosalt and Second in Command of Infinity

Int Eni 199 - Cha Panda 199 - Omni Cra 200 - Agi Sac 200 - Str Iop 200 - Int Elio 17x

Thank You Tawa ^ & Liann v for the art!


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How did you get all your borders and artwork uploaded etc?

If you're talking about the artwork+the borders that are on the stream then they're known as "overlays" and all you need to do is to browse for your overlay by right clicking on the sources section and adding an image (which is your overlay). You can then resize it (by clicking on "edit scene") so that it fits your entire screen, eventually It should look something like this:


To add your gameplay + webcam on the stream, make sure that when you add the new source windows for both the webcam+the gameplay, that they're both UNDER the "image" overlay (you can do this by right clicking on the new sources and changing their order so that they're under the image overlay). You should end up seeing something like this eventually:



Woops, Dire already answered your question, oh well lol.

I guess the images should help as well :')

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Added a few more things about while being live and social networking. :) Will add more later again.

Edited by xDirewolves


Proud Member in the dead guild Rosalt and Second in Command of Infinity

Int Eni 199 - Cha Panda 199 - Omni Cra 200 - Agi Sac 200 - Str Iop 200 - Int Elio 17x

Thank You Tawa ^ & Liann v for the art!


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Amazing. Great info and tips ty so much!

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Cheers for this mate!


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