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Newbie attempting Water/Fire Xelor

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So I played a lot of dofus. I did play wakfu during beta, although i am told that the system is much changed since the beta. So I created an xelor and heard that water/fire combo is the way to go.

I have no clues what stats for each characteristics i should level.

I also have no real understanding of how to maximize potential of xelor.

Also, if anyone here on Nox can show me the way around a bit, that would be great!

Wakfu IGN: Time-Beast (Nox Server)

edit: So, im on my own, solo pretty much with help of sidekick knight, grinded up 1 to 26 in a couple of days and currently at zinit island with the ogrests dungeon in progress. Pretty much stalled in leveling water spells, working on fire now a bit. Had points in overall damage, resists, initiative, crits, and Major one AP. Currently wearing 7/8 gob set without the headgear, which is not in auction house -.- and not dropping at all from tons of gobballs i grinded XD

edit 2: joined a guild, got some people to help me with some xp, so now im lvl 47. got full gob set, also have cloudy set, infernal set, crobak set. No idea what to wear for water/fire gears, heard that keener amulet is good for the ap. this post is starting to be a little more like a blog..... -.-

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