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Dofus Discord Chat Server

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If anyone is bored until the merge is finished, hop in the chat and start meeting new people from Echo.

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Just to let everybody know, the DOFUS discord server is still around after 2 years and a half and we're as active as ever!


We even survived the really over powered April Fools prank that went wrong and wild 

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) .


Make sure you join the DOFUS discord server if you're bored as fook as we have really interesting convos over there (even if you do not play DOFUS, as we have an #off-chamber section for off-topic discussions).


The discord server currently has text and voice channels for the following communities:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Portuguese and Brazilian

If you'd like to setup your own Dofus discord community over there then make sure you hit @Seyif or @Gravestorm up or let any Dofus Discord moderator know. Please note you do need to prove that you can get the community to be active and all. For example, if you'd like to setup a Korean community, you gotta make sure that you get a lot of Korean  people over on discord so that the text channel is actually active and all. Otherwise you'll end up talking to yourself and you'll look weird af.


Therefore the key to all of this is to actually spread the word. Let your home-boys and home-girls know about this discord server as we'd really love to expand it even more! 


PS: I want more Arabian people over there so that we can create a new world order. If you're arabian af and you talk Arabic af then come over to Discord and hit your boy "Saif" up.  Spread the word يا ولاد ال جحب!


The link to the discord channel is: www.discord.me/dofus







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Fancy update happened, everything's sorted now (can still mute and hide separate channels/categories).





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Discord released a limited time update, so we'll celebrate it with a competition, the prize pool is ~20mk.

You need to roll your own name when writing @someone in specific channels to get the prize:

5 entries if in #not-safe

1 entry if in #safe

0,5 entries if in #jail

Other channels are not participating in the event.


Note that getting 5 entries is risky as Moderators can send you to #jail until the event is over if you spam like a machine gun in #not-safe (decent spam is tolerated, it's all about if you want to risk or play it safe), for each person sent to #jail a Moderator will get 1 entry, anyone can be a Moderator by asking, so you may choose that route as well.





Edited by Gravestorm

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1 hour left.

Finished, final results:image.png.426d489b5e4e38d166d7d77b06bda596.png

Edited by Gravestorm
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Where am i :(

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