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Three v Three PvP! Prove your team's might at Ecaflipus Arena for kama prizes!

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(I dunno if enough high level-Remingtonians are active enough here on Imps for this to be worth posting here, but I figured there's no harm in doing so, so here we go!)

Hello Remingtonians! A lot of pvp happens down the steps of the Almanax Temple, but duels are boring, and now that the pvp arenas have arrived I'm more interested than ever in watching some group pvp. So! I'll be hosting a pvp tournament for teams of three, with a prize of four million kamas per member on the winning team. Hopefully that's enough to get people interested!

I will be recording the fights (most likely) and posting them up on Youtube, so show your best!
Before we get to signing up, I'd like to say just a couple things that will not be allowed, and some things that will be allowed.

No double classes. No team may contain two Fecas, two Eniripsas, two Xelors, etcetera.

•Though this will probably be a controversial decision, since I'm expecting not too many participants, multi-boxing *will* be allowed. Of course, I'd love to see players working together, but strategy is strategy no matter how many players are on one team, and since I'd like to see a decent number of teams in the tournament, I've decided to allow this. Feel free to discuss below if you feel this should be changed - it's not set in stone yet.

•If someone on your team cannot make it to a match for any reason, you will be allowed to either find a replacement or postpone your match once. If you choose to find a replacement for the missing member, your replacement must be the same class as the missing member.

I considered restricting certain classes from being together on the same team, but in the end I decided that I don't know enough about all 16 classes in the new system to be able to make careful and balanced decisions as to which classes should be 'pillar' classes, so instead I've decided that the teams of three can be composed of any combinations of the classes, except for double classes.

And finally, the last rule: all matches will be held in the brand new Ecaflipus Arenas! The choice of arena will be left up to the two teams that are participating in the match, and if they cannot come to an agreement for a stage, then it will be randomly selected using a random number generator.

Because I'm unsure of how many participants we'll be getting, it's a bit difficult to create level brackets and provide prizes for all the groups. Instead I've decided to allow all levels into this tournament. Obviously, groups of high levels will dominate, and I'm sure the final matches will be composed entirely of high level teams. However, if you're a lower level team and you're just looking for some fun pvp matchups, feel free to sign up anyways!

So! Bring your friends for some epic pvp matchups, come spectate! If you'd like to sign up, one member of the participating team must simply fill in the following form and I'll add your team to the main post. For now, the signups will remain open until Monday, June 20th, and further details will be provided then. I may extend the deadline depending on how many people are in by then. Here's the form:

Team Name:
Classes on the team:
Character names of participants:
Levels of participants:

Looking forward to seeing and recording some epic fights!

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Avatar was drawn by the wonderful Zoeduhu! Thanks Zo <3



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Ofc brock likes this cuz he's probably the only person in rushu that plays anymore, but Good luck and beat brocks ass please :D





                                                                     Мвк | Мвзук | Нагмоптс | Мопкзу-ж | Milkz | Xelion | Inky-Veil

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mistake games

Edited by dima4ka

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