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Good day guys,

Since the new update most of you have probably tried the new Idol system and have noticed that there are times when before attacking the mob exp shown is X and after the fight is over the exp becomes Y, even though you haven't done a single challenge, in which case X is suppose to be equal to Y (idols are put correctly meaning there are no group ones when, for instance, i'm fighting with 4 chars against 3 mobs, so you can count that option out.). So my question is, is there a miscalculation or is there some other ankama math going on?

Thanks in advance,

Emoogi ^_^

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Noticed it also and my guess is it's a bug in the mob XP preview value.

I've seen 130,000,000 XP at the preview and then got only 104,000,000 XP at the end of the fight. I was sad :(

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If you have a log at the changelog for today's maint you'll notice that this issue should be fixed

*hint I posted it in the thread about the update*

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