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[Spontaneous Candidature] Superman and Nev

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Hi everyone,

You will definitly see it, I am a French player. My name is Wilson i'm from Grenoble, a small city near to the Alps.

I didn't played for about 3 years, and I recently found the existence of alliances... In my opinion, it seems to be very attractive !

I didn't want to join an French alliance, these "Frog-eaters" are too young and boring.. They don't value a good friendship as English people.

I found your alliance attractive by his name, and the low number of member.

I spoke with the leader Crunchiee, he answered my questions very kindly.

My characters are divided in two accounts:

1) Superman, level 48 (died at level 129) / Ni (lumberjack level 114 / miner level 102 and blacksmith level 76

2) Aggro, bowlady level 46 (Died at level 125) / Nev "the worker" (farmer level 100, tailor 176, etc..)

I'll be glad to join your Alliance and Guild,

speak english during game is very fun, and i'll be happy to help people.

Thank you for your attention,

Best regards,


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