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Tutorial: How to replace your DOFUS 2.0 music with the DOFUS 1.29 ones!

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I lol'd so much at that comment. French players have been using this for ages ( the official name for this is called "MISA MOD" , from the same creator of the different Dofus themes ).

Click Here.

Dofus actually had a plugin section in the options for the longest time aswell, not sure why they left it out nowadays, but people still make mods for Dofus and they're all allowed by Ankama ( seen a market addon somewhere aswell ).

So no, this does NOT risk you losing your account.

Well since this thread was sorta revived, i read the whole thing and saw that there are mods for dofus?

If that is the case, where and how do i use mods on dofus?

edit: plugin section for those confused about my word choice of mods.

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They're not really mods, they're plugins that Ankama themselves are working on, so no you can't get banned for using them.

It's a feature that they're still working on, so it's not out yet.

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now do alot of of think ever WILL come out.....

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Hey guys... it's been like nearly 2 years, holy fuck.


Anyways I kind of made a new updated version of the video (with better mic quality this time) and I decided to cover a wide range of topics in the video.


In particular, I covered the following topics in the new video:

1.) How to get DOFUS on steam

2.) How to play DOFUS 1.29 audio ingame instead of DOFUS 2.0

3.) Discord and general cool things about it.


I tried doing a lot during a 20 minute window time frame. Please take note that the actual Dofus 1.29 STEAM tutorial for the music is DIFFERENT than the tutorial that was posted two years ago, so you may as well have a glance at this if you're seriously lost and don't know what to do :').


Either way, thanks a lot guys, within like 1 year and 9 months, the tutorial I posted managed to get 850 views (with extremely shitty tags added) and got 15 thumbs up, even though that may not sound like a lot, it did catch me by surprise haha.


Anywho, enjoy the new video, lemme know if you need help with anything!




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