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Newbie Starting Wakfu

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Hey guys,

So I decided to try wakfu because why not. I started an eca, and just was looking for some guidance since the game really doesn't provide a whole lot of information as to how to start.

What to fight, what set to go after, how to get said set, ect.

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Do some begginer quests first to undersatnd the game mechanics a bit, u will level to +10 pretty easy also quests will give u some set parts and a pet, once u level to 15 choose the nation and go level there. Once i reached 20 lvl i used gobbal set and leveled my team in gobbal dungeon first, then went to celestial gobbal at 34 lvl now my team is 50-47 lvl.

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Welcome to Wakfu!

If you're on the Remington server, I play a Xelor & an Eliotrope under the names Lozenge and Zaapman. Feel free to give me a shout, if you catch me online, if you fancy a chat and/or need some info.

I'd quite strongly recommend making a second character. All of the content gets easier to open up if you have another char to play with. The xp is, like dofus, is better with a second char too - which'll help you get through those irritating early levels.


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Hey there, neat to see some more Dofus folk giving Wakfu a shot. I'll also extend an offer to help ya out if you're playing on remington - you can catch me playing under the names of Tone Lund or Kjola. I can also toss you an invite to a large-ish, old and active guild, The Brurs! I can answer most questions you have so long as they don't relate to Eliotropes, Osamodas, or Masqueraiders <_<

And yeah, as Loz said, dual-boxing does help quite a bit with most things. Hope to see you around!

EDIT: As for sets, much like in Dofus the Gobball Set is a pretty solid set to use for quite awhile, as it's the earliest way to have an extra AP. The Gobball and Tofu sets are some of the only (if not the only) two sets with set bonuses, so past that you need not worry about equipping full sets, and just need to worry about each item's individual sets. As for how to acquire the gobball set, it drops with relatively high frequency from gobballs (of course). I recommend just running the gobball dungeon a few times - whatever you don't drop you can get with tokens from the dungeon machine.

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