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Tri-Build Xelor Assistance

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Hey guys,

I'm considering turning my Sram into a Xelor.

Whilst I love the huge raw and burst damage of my Sram, I've found that the cookie cutter "run up and smash stuff like an iop" way of playing bores my quickly.

I've always enjoyed playing Wakfu Xelors and I love tribuilds. My problem, however, is that I'm not entirely sure how to incorporate a tri-element build into the Xelor gameplay. The Air/Fire combo is an incredible damage output - but I feel that 99% of Wakfu players (and myself) overlook everything else a xelor can do because of this. Much like Srams' and their traps.

I also haven't played one properly for quite some time.

I'm not really looking for PvP, just loving PvM at the moment.

So my questions to you guys are:

  • What are the top spells and specs for me to be using?
  • If you have any experience with tri-element xelors, how have you found them?
  • What sort of gear should I look for?

Thanks in advance for any advice.


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