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[Guide] Orionolle's Guide to the Tribrid Eniripsa (Wakfu)

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Healers - that's the first thing that comes to mind when someone thinks of an Eniripsa. Avid studiers of language, their gentle words can heal the deepest wounds - some have even been known to raise the dead with their whispers.

Eniripsas are assets to any group of fighters, but not only for their knowledge of ancient tongues...
The concoctions of Eniripsa alchemists are feared by those who have encountered them, and rightly so. The best can brew burning acids and debilitating toxins on the fly, in the midst of battle, tossing them at enemies to harm and incapacitate them.
Others have mastered Fire magic, allowing them to turn the corpses of enemies into fearsome weapons, and blessing their allies for slaying their enemies. They can use the same Fire magic to heal their allies at the drop of a hat.

I posted this guide on the official forums as well, but I decided to post it here on IV as well for those of you who primarily use IV, and whoever might stumble across it!

The format of this guide is heavily influenced (very heavily) by the format that Infiniteus uses for his guide. That said, here's something that might look familiar to all you tri-srams.


"Sup pork."
[Table of Contents]

[YTB] Why Tribrid?
[APT1] Aptitudes
[sPE2] Specialties
[ELS3] Elemental Spell
[NIT5] Niches and Tricks
[EQU6]Notes on Equipment
[Fin0] Conclusion


[Why Tribrid?] (YTB )

I was originally a Fire/Air Eniripsa, but as I got into harder and harder encounters with my teammates, I ran into situations where it would have been really nice to have either an AoE heal or a no LoS heal, or where I could reach my ally with all my MP, but then I could only heal them with Refund Mark. The water branch offered both an AoE heal and a no LoS heal, and I convinced myself that giving up one Air spell and going through the trouble of finding proper equipment was more than worth having those two spells in my toolkit.

With water and fire, the option opens up to do the most efficient single-target direct healing combo the Eniripsa can do, Fortifying Word/UR/Sadistx2.

Air has the most damage/AP efficient spell in the Eniripsas toolkit, Psykosis Flask, and an interesting effect for AoE, Link of Pain.

Having all three elements also allows you to do your single most efficient single-target damage combo, (UR Fortifying Psykosisx2 Sadistx2) for a clean 400 base damage at level 170, which is nice when you need the whole team bursting the boss.




You want to max out General Resistances before anything else here. After that, you can opt to put 5 points into health regeneration, or simply dump everything into %HP. I go for the latter option because 20% extra HP is quite a hefty amount, and works well with your passive Constitution.



Distribute your points between all four Damage + Resistance categories. Dont touch the Health + Resistance categories.



Here I recommend dumping your points into+3 Dodge. The reason I have mine in Initiative here is because I play with other people who have high initiative, and the starting team is determined by whichever team has the highest average initiative. Even then, Im considering going back to +dodge or doing some kind of half/half setup, since dodging whenever is very useful.

In the end, I recommend dodge.

Max out %Crit chance (20 points)

Crit damage, heals, or Block are all valid options after crit chance, due to the fact that crit damage does *not* modify your heal on a crit heal.


AP at level 25

MP+Damage at level 75

At 125, you can take Range+Damage or +10% Final Damage. Range provides more utility as the range of Transcendence and Eniraiser will be affected, but +10% Final Damage will give your heals and attacks even more oomph. I personally recommend range.

175 Whichever you didnt take at 125 OR Final Reduction.


I recommend leveling your specialties in this order feel free to play with the order as you see fit, however.

1. Massacuring Marks
2. Master Propagator
3. Unnatural Remedies
4. Eniraiser
5. Absorption
6. Constitution
7. Transcendence
8. Regenerationif you want.
9. Coney (level 6)
10. Dump remaining points into Expert Healer

You may choose to level Expert Healer early on if you wish the 40% heal bonus is more significant at lower levels, and practically unnoticeable at higher levels. The reason I dont level Coney to 9 is that it would require 5 more points than are available by level 170, and there is no point in leveling Coney to 7 or 8. When the cap gets increased again, I will likely redirect the points from Expert Healer into Coney for the reduced AP cost and increased Range at level 9.

Passive Specialties

Absorption Ever since the September 9th update, this passive has become pretty sweet. You have all these teammates regenerating missing health per turn, and you absorb 10% of each of those. It adds up! What initially interested me in this passive, though, is that it essentially translates into 10% final reduction for any teammates in range of your Absorption aura they heal for 10% of any damage they take. Not a priority specialty, though.

Expert Healer +40% heals. Not much to say here. Its a tiny, insignificant at higher levels boost, but a boost nonetheless.

Massacuring Marks Amazing. It turns enemies into bombs that go off when they die bombs that heal allies and harm enemies. This combined with Sadist Mark is an absolutely *huge* heal. Close-Combat allies will love you for it. This passive also provides +20% fire damage on the death of a marked enemy, up to 100%, which is always good. If I could only level one Passive Specialty, this would be it.

Constitution Provides you and your teammates 200% of your level in HP. At level 170, thats 340 HP not much. What makes this specialty worth it (and only just) is that the HP bonus is then modified by your individual teammates statted HP bonuses. So, for a teammate with +100% bonus HP, youre actually giving them 680 HP, a much nicer bonus.

Master Propagator We really just take this for the extra 100% air damage youll gain in combat from it the extra propagator stacks are nice if you want to bust out Link of Pain or Lethargy, but those moments will be few and far between.

Active Specialties

Unnatural Remedies You're going to be using this a lot. Literally the only reason you level it is to get rid of that nasty MP cost, because it really hurts when your main healing spell, your only AoE heal, and your most efficient attack spell all cost MP to cast. Also provides a small boost to heals and damage.

Transcendence Neat spell, and though its very situational, it can be a lifesaver. Makes yourself or an ally invulnerable to everything for a turn. Literally everything. Death tiles, poison, mp removal, none of it will affect them. It also makes them unlockable, and makes them not block Line of Sight. It also, however, makes them lose all their AP for a turn. If you want to cast it on yourself, you have to do it at the start of your turn.

Coney Coneys heals dont scale very well at all. The only reason he gets levels is for the casting range and reduced cost having a meatshield on the field can be useful to redirect monster pathing (or have them waste AP hitting it). Coney is particularly useful in the Xelorium Past dungeon to take the Revival damage and to make Crolks vulnerable.

Regeneration I actually havent tested this spell properly yet. At max level it will, at the start of your turn, heal a targeted ally for slightly over half a Sadist mark, and subtract 2 AP from you. The effect is permanent until you cast it on yourself, unbewitching it from your ally and getting your AP back. I imagine it could be useful for having a guaranteed heal on an ally you know will be out of range, but it isnt the *most* ap/damage efficient heal. The only reason we level this is because we have the points for it.

Eniraiser Ah, here we go. Your revival spell. You can revive allies. What, are you not sold yet? To be honest, actually, Xelors revival spell is arguably better than yours (though in the case of Xelor, if the Xelor dies so does whoever he/she revived), but the Eniripsa revival spell is more than just a revival spell. Eniraiser can unbewitch negative effects from a teammate, most notably things like Stunned or any negative effects which make it impossible for a character to move, as well as the final damage reductions at Flaxhid. You can target yourself with it for this very purpose. Important active specialty.


Water: Invigorating Word, Fortifying Word

Air: Psykosis Flask, Pain Flask,

Fire: Sadist Mark, Refund Mark.


Invigorating Word A useful bounce AoE heal thats fairly flexible to cast. Not much to say here!

Fortifying Word A no LoS heal with fantastic range. Youre going to be using this heal a lot, since allies (especially close combat allies) will often be out of line of sight. Also, it saves you the trouble of casting UR on yourself to heal someone. Im a lazy Eniripsa.


Fear Flask Good spell. Dont level it, ever, but keep it on your spellbar. Its probably the least efficient pushing/moving skill in the game, but you have a pushing skill, and thats more than some classes can say. Ill talk a little more about this spell later. (Section 5)

Psykosis Flask Youd have to be *psykotik* not to level this spell! Terrible jokes aside, Psykosis Flask has a fantastic Damage/AP ratio. At level 160 it has 48 base damage for the low cost of 1 AP and 1 MP, and that is the only reason youre leveling this the secondary effect is pretty useless. It has a cast/turn limit of 2, but even with that it is a fantastic spell.

Pain Flask Not the best damage/AP ratio, but its 2AP cost makes it convenient to work into combos, and its secondary effect, placed correctly, can be extremely effective.

Infected Flask Average damage/AP ratio. The secondary effect isnt amazing, but it can be useful it is, after all, free damage. I dont find the 5AP cost works very well with UR-weaving, so I would recommend against it.

Lethargy Flask Good Damage/AP ratio, and in an AoE to boot. However, you need the WP for Fortifying word (and one cast of transcendence), so this spell doesnt really work for us.

Sadist Mark Do I have to comment about this one? It provides a *huge* heal when an enemy dies, it has good damage/AP, it cant be range-reduced (or increased, but 5 isnt bad), and makes for great direct heals when in UR mode.


Trademark Traid Mark Good for its WP return. If you have Wakfu-Point hungry teammates, tell them to stop being such fatties. Also, you may want to level this spell if thats the case.

Hamle Mark Big range and MP return (a huge one at that), but this spells upsides end there. Unless youre running with a super-awesome Earth Enutrof, dont level this.

Refund Mark Mmm, Refund Mark. It says it costs 6AP, but thats a lie. Sort of. This spell has good damage/AP, but it doesnt really start to shine until you get it past level 100 (on that note, feel free to swap this out for another fire spell until then.) At that point, youll recover 3AP when you kill an enemy using this spell, making it *extremely* AP efficient. It only gets better as you go on at 145, youll recover 4-5 AP, which is amazing.

Rebirth Mark Probably the coolest effect in the Eniripsa toolkit, and you dont even have to level it to take advantage of it. Keep it somewhere on your spell bar by using a revived mob to deal damage, you can extend the 2AP cost of this spell into much more damage than you could with 2 AP spent any other way.

[ideal Gear Setup](EQU6)

Helmet - Wa Wabbit's Cwown - A/F/W
Epaulettes - Thoughts - A/F/W
Ring 1 - Golden Keychain - A/F/W
Ring 2 - Sprecious - A/F/W
Main Hand - Tigus Shushu - A/F/W
Off-Hand - Breath of Life - A/F/W
Belt - Beltinterest - A/F/W
Boots - Passing Boots - A/F/W
Breastplate - Withered Breastplate - F/W
Amulet - The Eternal* - F/W
Cloak - The Apothecloakery - A/F/W

Your ideal gear build includes two dual-element pieces of gear rolled to fire/water, both for more or less the same reason - they both allow you to have an extra range, which as a healer is going to be far more important and useful than your air damage. Your air spells generally make up a relatively smaller amount of your base damage each turn, unless no one needs heals and enemies don't need marks, so even with the 200% deficit you see here between air and water/fire, you won't notice a large decrease in your damage output when you need to damage, and your healing should be top-notch.

If your team composition includes a strong secondary healer, you opted to take infected flask, or both, you can roll either the Withered BP or The Eternal to water/air instead of fire/water.

*Also, I realize The Eternal is something many, many players can't currently acquire (myself included), so a Wa Wamulet will fill that amulet slot.

[Niches and Tricks](NIT5)

Just going to list little miscellaneous tidbits of information here. Some are obvious!

Eniraiser is the only hard counter to a Fecas Perfect Armor in PvP. It will unbewitch it.

Fear Flask can be cost efficient by proxy. That 3AP can be worth it when spent to push an enemy next to another enemy or ally so that they get hurt/healed.

Sadist Mark is the only mark that will work on a summon, and just about anything else, including gems in Enurado. It will not trigger Massacuring Marks, but you will get healed for killing a Sadist-marked summon.

(more to come)


Guide still under construction! The essentials are complete and thats why Ive posted it, but in the coming days Ill keep sprucing up the guide!

Happy Wakfu-ing, and dont be shy, Ankabox me with any questions you have!

Edited by Orionolle
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Love it. Definitely gonna follow this when I get to the stage that I can afford another tri gear set.

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That looks very interesting, actually. I don't play anywhere near enough wakfu to ever get to the stage where I can use most of that advice, but it was educational! Thanks. :D

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Quick correction: I meant Refund Mark and Sadist Mark, not Rebirth and Sadist. Edited to make that clear.

Glad you got something out of the guide guys!

Edited by Orionolle

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Updated to include the ideal gear setup for your very own tribrid Eniripsa! Happy healing.

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