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Equipment threads (Low-Epic level etc)

Time to make some kamas or perhaps get rid of some old junk that's just taking up your pods! This is definitely the place to do it! Please make sure to follow these guidelines in order to assure your topic is not deleted. When making a thread it is best to follow a general template so that other people can easily browse, please use the abbreviations listed below in order to simplify thread titles.


  • Always make sure you're using the correct server forum and category. (i.e., Rushu -> Mid Level Equipment)
  • Provide your in-game name in your post.
  • Provide a general time of play, if possible, so customers can better contact you.
  • Be sure to mark your thread title correctly. Refer to the list below.
  • Sellers should always include the stats of their equipment if applicable.
  • Always include a sale price or an offering price. We understand it can be hard to price exactly what you'll pay for equipment with varying statistics.. therefore a price range will suffice.

- We ask for prices to be posted so that these forums can provide as a reference to future sellers / buyers as well as working as an active trading area.

B > Buying
S > Selling
T > Trading
A > Auctioning
PC > Price Check

(Please note Moderators may adjust titles to fit these specifications)

Other Rules

  • Exchange of Non-Dofus items is strictly forbidden. (i.e., swapping an item from Runescape with Dofus)
  • Purchasing in-game items with real money is strictly forbidden.
  • Inter-server trades are forbidden unless one party states that they will purchase a server transfer in order to complete the transaction.
  • In other words, inter-server trades are allowed provided that both parties agree to carry out their exchange on one server. If this is the case, please make note of this on your post.
  • Account trading is strictly forbidden.
  • Begging for items is not allowed.
  • Please stick to sales. General discussion of items can be taken to the other forums.
  • Excessive bumping may result in your topic being locked. Please only bump the topic when necessary.

If you're intending to move an item through the official server transfer system.. and are posting an advert on the server it will be on, you must specify the date of transfer and any extra costs that may incur.


B > Toady
Hi, I am looking to buy a toady with 30 or more agi. I am offering 50kk. Please leave a post or message me in game (I usually play 8 PM - 11:30 PM EST).

IGN: Unicorns-Arereal

Closing a Topic

Once you have completed your sale/purchase please follow these guidelines in order to correctly close your topic.

  • Edit your topic title to include [CLOSED].
  • Edit your original post to note that the topic will be closed.
  • Contact a moderator by clicking the Report button in your original post and sending us a message such as "Finished my sale, can you please lock my topic?"

Do not delete the topic name, or the topic content. We want to keep all topics so people can browse the forums for general price ranges on items.


B > Toady [CLOSED]
Hi, I am looking to buy a toady with 30 or more agi. I am offering 50kk. Please leave a post or message me in game (I usually play 8 PM - 11:30 PM EST).

IGN: Unicorns-Arereal

EDIT: Item bought!! Thanks!

Repeatedly ignoring these rules will cause a warning point being issued. Continued problems may result in auto removal of offending threads or the right to post being suspended.

À goupil endormi rien ne tombe en la gueule.

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